Saturday, December 18, 2010

* Here is K3VR - BRIAN CROW's take on this, as reported on the web site he edits (notice I didn't say owns).

14275 Saga Provokes 1,000 Word E-Rant by Laura Smith

The topic of the week centers around an email sent by the FCC's Laura L. Smith. Said email was republished at least 5 times by Todd Daugherty and Mark Morgan.

Since the email has been widely republished… [ß Admit it, initially by YOU, Psycho!] Ms. Smith's email is now firmly in the public domain. [ß Brian’s ‘circle jerk’ SOP and poor attempt at deflecting a charge of Defamation.]

On March 3rd, Mark Morgan reported he had been in almost continuous contact with Laura Smith. Morgan wrote "the letter may or may not be a fake apeartnnt the the letter was realesed to the net while LS herself is away from the office and her computer. I have from LS accepting then dening and now a not so fast I will get back to you on Sat." [ß Your point, Psycho?]

What's in Ms. Smith's email?

It's a lengthy email, at 1,000 words and seven paragraphs, and it outlines the new FCC Counsel's views in colorful language [ß I like her colourful language!], which may offend some readers. [ß But obviously not Coprophiliacs like you, Brian.]

The upshot of the email is that Laura Smith is PISSED (her words). According to published accounts, on March 3rd, Smith told two U.S. licensees that she had "just about reached the end of her rope with all the players" in what she called "this little drama."

Referring to Canadian, Karol Madera's speech, she told the licensees that the FCC regulates obscenity . ". . but general cursing and references to body parts… does not necessarily rise to the level of obscene speech." She continued, "Likewise, calling the President names and making general anti-American comments… while a sure sign of a lack of sensitivity… does not rise to the level of obscene or hate speech either." [ß Bravo, Laura!]

Ms. Smith also opined that speech which is "ugly (as Karol is quite often want [SIC] to spout)" would be protected speech in the U.S. [ß You’re a FRAUD Brian. What Laura said in the immediate context was: “It means ALL speech -- the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly (as Karol is quite often wont to spout)….” Either that, or you damaged your brain, Brian—from the bottom—because of too much pounding on Riley’s cock.]

One reader had harsh words regarding the email. "Ms. Smith needs to review the FCC's website outlining what is obscene, indecent, and profane". The reader (an FCC licensee and a Washington, D.C. attorney who has testified on FCC matters before Congress) went on to provide several legal citations describing how profanity, indecency, and obscenity have historically been forbidden via amateur radio, and the broadcast media. [ß Was this your Keith ‘HARMONICA’ W7DXX whose Remote Internet Base you occasionally anon. use to QRM me? Also, don’t anon. ‘he said/she said’ about it, ~Glenn HAUSER DX LD fashion, Dimmi: cite it!]

He continued, "Children as young as 7 years old routinely [ß Routinely? Define “routinely”!] obtain their amateur licenses, and Laura Smith is either remiss in performing due diligence before making these irresponsible remarks, or, she's an idiot. [ß Bravo, Brian!] If she can't, or won't acknowledge that Madera's language is, at a minimum, usually indecent and profane [ß Again, define “usually”.], she ought to hang up her shingle and go back to being a lobbyist."

Smith made a few pointed [ß Define “pointed”.] remarks about Madera's "act" as she called it, writing, "I have requested that Karol tone down his act..." and she accurately described his on-air incitement, writing, "he is TRYING to incite you..." Smith promised her American readers, "he will/has not responded favorably to my request. He is going to continue the act." [ß Don’t know about “the act”, but Laura is right: I will continue, as is MY Canadian RIGHT.]

As for the numerous unknown individuals [ß The Muse is NOT amused!] in apparent violation of part 97, she wrote, "I have just about had it with the juvenile antics on the part of the American licensees." She also implied that, Americans are all being led around by Madera, whom she referred to as "a master manipulator." [ß That’s Karol VE7KFM—or “Sir”—to you, Puke.]

One commentator wrote, "Ironically, comically, Smith failed to include herself in the list of those who appear to be easily manipulated. She's already made an ass herself of herself, and she's only been involved for a month. What's next?" [ß YOU’RE NEXT, Psycho….]

As Ms. Smith vented her frustration, she wrote, "...playing bulletins and tapes of a deceased licensee, sound effects, endless playing of music, and general pre-pubescent behavior that quite a number of folks engage in on a daily basis at 14.275 needs to stop and needs to stop right now!"

We agree, although, a week later, at the time of this writing. It continues.... [ß Yes, it continues by your “anonymous” co-conspirators, inter alia your Bob EVANS WX4QN (the former WD4AWO) who repeatedly QRM’ed me on 14.275 MHz late on 8 Mar ’09.]

Ms. Smith continued in the same vein, throughout all 7 paragraphs of excited rhetoric. Unfortunately [ß “Unfortunately”? This has been the best thing to happen to the ARS since before ‘Rot’ Riley!], Ms. Smith unloaded her exasperation on two licensees, who were not the target of her obvious frustration. [ß Huhh? Non sequitur.] Apparently, her targets were Karol Madera, and, "the whole bunch of you." [ß Gentle reader: that’s what you get from sucking ‘Rot’ Riley’s cock for too long.]

Ms. Smith's main point was emphasized by the use of all caps, which is generally regarded as the e-version of shouting:


Although she was only addressing two licensees, and we must stress again that neither licensee is the subject of current enforcement activity [ß Your source/mole?], she seemed to be writing for a wider audience.

"Can you tell I'm pissed?" Smith wrote. [ß We know already, above, and in e-shouting at that, Brian! So, why are you repeating this? After all ‘7 year-old children licencees’ could be reading this, HI.] "If you haven't yet figured it out let me clue you in here -- this behavior either stops now or everyone involved will find themselves on the receiving end of enforcement letters. This is an absolute disgrace -- I know kindergarteners that have shown a higher degree of maturity than the whole bunch of you!!"

We are not sure who "everyone involved" may be [ß It’s YOU and your Fucktards, Psycho.], or what kind of "enforcement letters" would be sent to "a whole bunch" of people, for violations of the unknown "lack of maturity" rule [ß Wait for it….], which has apparently been violated, but if we find out, you'll be the first to know.

Come to think of it, we've been waiting 3 years for the FCC to act on the license of Glenn Baxter, K1MAN, who received an affirmed Forfeiture in the amount of $21,000 on March 29, 2006, this after Baxter was finally fined, regarding complaints which the FCC had received since 1984.… [ß GL in the KKKontest!]

Insulting rhetoric, displaced anger, and feminine histrionics aside (but enough about Laura's email) we wish Laura Smith luck in her quest. Tracking down and writing "enforcement letters" to "a whole bunch" of anonymous Americans (?) licensed or not, will be a daunting task. [ß You seem to know a lot about this ‘bunch of anonymous Americans, licensed or not’. Why is that, Psycho?]

What are people saying about Laura Smith's email? [ß Are they your “human people” again, Psycho? (This was an ‘inside joke’ with Dr. PIPES.) Also, what’s with your anon. ‘he said/she said’ w/o names, from afar, on a cloaked website ‘as if’ by someone else ‘shtick’, Brian? Regardless, we’ll immediately take it to the (American) Bank, HI.]

We've received numerous comments (some frankly unprintable) [ß Print and be damned!] regarding what 9 out of 10 readers are calling "a complete lack of professionalism" and worse, with all that entails. [ß Lovely imitation, Psycho. Next time don’t forget the © thingy.]

Several attorneys [ß Much better than your usual “lots”, Dimmi.] wrote to comment that Ms. Smith is grossly in error regarding Part 97, as it applies to Madera's operation, were he a citizen of the United States. This is a moot point. Ms. Smith accurately observed that she has no jurisdiction in Canada, and any remarks made about Karol Madera, are obviously, her personal opinions. [ß Not so. She wrote qua SCARE.]

Some of our readers have stated their intention to send Ms. Smith's email to Dr. Kent Nilsson, FCC Inspector General, and to Kris Monteith, Chief of the FCC Enforcement Bureau, and others, including their Congressional Representatives, asking if Ms. Smith's hire truly represents the best interests of the people of the United States. [ß See earlier iterations, above, for what I think of this THREAT.]

Yet another reader wrote, "Surely Ms. Smith, has discovered the best way to ensure her own job security, while simultaneously spending hundreds of manhours [ß You’re sexist, PIG, HI.], and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, trying to track down countless anonymous individuals who engage in jamming out of pure frustration. [ß Convince them to engage you in muted circle jerks off-air/off the Internet instead.]

They jam a Canadian who spends an inordinate amount of time insulting what he calls the Excited States, while calling on al Qaida to slaughter Americans with roadside bombs." [ß Where does the quote begin, Dimmi?]

Others wrote to ask whether Ms. Smith was completely and properly vetted for the job; why the FCC hired someone with no experience in amateur radio matters, and; if Ms. Smith's hiring (at $200,000 ++) including salary and benefits, is really an appropriate use of taxpayer money, in this time of national fiscal crisis. [ß See earlier iteration, above, for what I think of this.]

For our part, Ms. Smith's good intentions notwithstanding [ß Brian: ‘not long ago I didn’t know how to spell ‘not-with-standing’ but now I “usually” suck cock on my knees’.], we fear Ms. Smith is destined to become even more frustrated. [ß Nowhere near as “frustrated” as you are, as this diatribe inter alia patently evidences.]

The lack of resources for amateur radio enforcement, and what the GAO called the "bureaucratic ineffectiveness" of the FCC, in general, along with the ingenuity of those jamming Madera's transmissions, and the sheer number of those engaged in civil disobedience, will all serve to make Ms. Smith's task a daunting one. [ß Wait for it, Psycho….]

K3VRN1FN in Fred ‘Hypocrite’ LLOYD AA7BQ’s “We don’t want your opinions here” on 9 Mar ‘09

Sunday, December 12, 2010

# K3VR BRIAN CROW, 4781 North Congress Avenue, Suite 262, Boynton Beach, FL, 33426

N3XBU SUSANNAH CROW, 4781 North Congress Avenue, Suite 262, Boynton Beach, FL, 33426


N9OGL.COM - previously registered by DFG 4781 N Congress #262 Boynton Bch, Florida 33426 but now marked as available. belongs to Brian Crow, as his own post below proves (from
* RE: Rampant Rules Violations on 14.275
by K3VR on November 20, 2006

KFM has a report? That's hilarious! Call Riley Hollingsworth and he'll tell you point blank that KFM is the problem on 14.275! And if you haven't seen this page about KFM, you should look at it before counting KFM as one of your friends, or as a source of legitimate information. KFM is MAN's co-host as well as a fraud and a liar.

73, [ß URL changed slightly to highlight the obvious/protect the innocent/expose the FRAUDulent Guilty party.]

The post immediately above, in which K3VR uses as his signature, is archived by at

Guess Todd Daugherty, N9OGL, was right all along. Crow will, of course, try to remove that post, but we have many additional archived proofs held in reserve.

Mr. Schwartz unequivocally ID’ing who owns/controls the website ‘as if mine’ on NIMbusters 15 Nov ‘10
* RE: Rampant Rules Violations on 14.275
by K3VR on November 20, 2006

KFM has a report? That's hilarious! Call Riley Hollingsworth and he'll tell you point blank that KFM is the problem on 14.275! And if you haven't seen this page about KFM, you should look at it before counting KFM as one of your friends, or as a source of legitimate information. KFM is MAN's co-host as well as a fraud and a liar.

73, [ß URL changed slightly to highlight the obvious/protect the innocent/expose the FRAUDulent Guilty party.]

The post immediately above, in which K3VR uses as his signature, is archived by at

Guess Todd Daugherty, N9OGL, was right all along. Crow will, of course, try to remove that post, but we have many additional archived proofs held in reserve.

Mr. Schwartz unequivocally ID’ing who owns/controls the website ‘as if mine’ on NIMbusters 15 Nov ‘10

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


crow can be found on the ham baord asking to be reported as a pedophile

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I think the "fuss" over K1MAN is due to what I call the iceberg effect….
It's not just the $21,000 NAL the FCC issued [ß How is their Collection Department doing, Brian?]….
It's much more. We're not talking about one frequency. We're talking about 3890, 3975, and 14275. Quite often, Baxter occupied these frequencies 24 hours at a time. However, there's much more!
There is the constant defamation of other hams [ß We know, Brian, only you are allowed to defame.];
threats of lawsuits against people who have complained to the FCC [ß Ditto, Brian?];
there is his calling Riley Hollingsworth a corrupt and sleazy politician [ß History proved this True and more, Brian.]
(Riley's a good guy and a decent ham) [ß Shouldn’t the English formulary be ‘decent guy’ and ‘good ham’, Dimmi?].
There are the so-called Felony Affidavit Complaints sent to the Justice Department…. [ß Are you complaining because K1MAN didn’t Cc you at the Gettysburg bath-house?]
Maybe the fuss is partly because Baxter published an essay that called over 100 hams members of the Nazi party [ß I know that fairness is NOT your forte, Brian, but it was the “American Amateur Nazi Party” (AANP)].
Maybe people are angry that his transmissions wiped out two different groups of Boy Scouts who were working their Jamboree on the Air [ß Not true, Brian, at least as far as the group on 14.275 MHz was concerned—I know—I tried to warn them, on-air, in real-time, that they were responding to your ‘put up job’, a.k.a. FRAUDulent rebroadcasts of K1MAN.].
It's possible people don't like Baxter [ß Where does it say in your silly Part 97 that you have to be liked?] because he used his IARN "peace corp foundation" to solicit donations from hams, then used those donations to supply radio equipment to someone many have called a terrorist [ß Many?]….
Yes, 10,000 people died, possibly more [ß Do I hear 10,001 ‘QeerZ’ Petition fashion?].
Military analysts have reported that without the radio equipment Baxter supplied [ß Military analysts & CB radios?], the revolution would have been snuffed out in a very short time, with very little loss of life [ß Sure it would, Brian.].
The man was Francis Ona. He died of malaria last summer. [ß How convenient for you, Dimmi.]
He never participated in any peace talks [ß So? And was that with or w/o Condi’s pre-conditions?] and his followers continued to stockpile weapons until he died [ß But, but… stay on the radio topic: did they continue to stockpile K1MAN’s 24 Channel CB’s, Brian?].
He declared himself King of the island and for the last 15 years of his life he remained holed up in the mine [ß Some terrorist! Reminds me of “USAma”, but that came later, right, Brian?].
Maybe the "fuss" is because Baxter donated equipment to a Muslim Warlord in Somalia [ß Would it have been OK if the Warlord was a Protestant?] named Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed. The Colonel was backed by Ethiopean [sic] Communists [ß That’s “Ethiopian”, Brian. Also, check the Historical facts in your paean, Dimmi. Actually, he was backed by your Right Wing Whackos, Brian. HA, Ha, ha.].
The Colonel kept the donated radio equipment [ß He “kept” the CB radios? Send in the Rangers, again!] in his prison where he reportedly used it to broadcast propaganda [ß Is that anything like the loops, etc., continuously heard on 14.275 MHz recently?] and to direct the movement of his "troops," if you can call 15 year old boys with machine guns in pickup trucks, terrorizing the locals, "troops." [ß Brian, but what about your 15 year-old “boys”: Kyle ‘What-The-Fuck’ VE6WTF, etc.; and you directing your “troops”, “terrorizing the locals” on and around 14.275 MHz?]
The Colonel refused to acknowledge legal elections held by Somali elders. Not unusual [ß Brian, ever hear of the 2000 US Presidential Election “stolen” in FL?].
Lots [sic] of folks have declared themselves President for Life [ß Is that like your J. Edgar ‘Faggot’ Hoover: “Director For Life” of the FBI?].
Glenn Baxter was a part of all of that [ß Sure he was, Brian, but only if you say so.]….
The movie BlackHawk Down and the dragging of our dead troops through the streets, all took place in Somalia [ß Close Brian, but no cigar. The troops came 1st, the killing/dragging came a distant 2nd—by your self-same15 year-old “boys”, above—and the movie, which did not ‘take place’ in Somalia, was a very inconsequential 3rd. But the incitement/guilt by distant association and less, was nice, Brian—if irrational.]….
There are many, many hams who don't want K1MAN in our fraternity [ß Don’t TAZE/snitch on me ‘Bro’!].
Judging by the activity in the ULS, I'm going to predict that you'll see a lot [sic] more threads on QRZ celebrating the issuance of a Forfeiture Order for K1MAN [ß But when will the FCC collect on this FRAUD, Brian?].
I'll be one of the guys celebrating, but then... I know the whole story [ß We know that you know everything, Brian—after all, you were present at its FRAUDulent creation, on your knees, sucking off Riley in the Gettysburg bath-house.].
73, K3VR

Psycho Brian “Foreign Policy Brief” to Condi ‘Douchebag’ RICE via Tom N1FM/n1sob ~mid-Jun ‘05
Please read this cc sent also to your isp at
Attached you will find a series of emails which I specifically requested this user NOT to send to me. Apparently, he thinks he is above the law and does not understand the gravity of sending unsolicited mail [ß Does this “law” apply to you too, Brian, or just to others?], particularly when that request has been made to NOT SEND ANY MORE MAIL.
It also appears he is illegally using the address/domain to do so. [ß GL in the Contest!] He is a very bad example of a fire fighter [ß Non sequitur?] but even less of a law “abbider.” I am sure this is not the intnet [sic] of your domain and should be made aware.orwarded Message [ Download File ] X-Apparently-To: via; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 14:32:27 -0800

Brian as “George Orwell”, now Internet COP, posting from pissing/snitching to Tom 16 Dec ‘07

ve7kfm A popular variation of felching and snowballing. A "ve7kfm" is a homosexual practice that originated in the gay bath houses on the outskirts of Victoria, BC, in Canada, near the area adjacent to Tillicum Mall. To participate in a "ve7kfm" one man administers an enema to another man and several men then drink the product of the expulsion. The practice is differentiated from regular felching in that the fluid is sucked from the anus with a straw and (ideally) the fluid should consist of at least 7 ounces of chilled sperm, preferably from multiple African males (gay or straight). The name is derived from the recipe -- a "very easy 7 ounce enema of kind friendly males" shortened to ve7kfm. ToeJoe and Junior shared a ve7kfm with Karol and Gordy and a good time was had by all. Source: Tor Heyerdahl, Elyria, OH [ß Brian ‘Psycho’ CROW in Hyper Homo-Sexual mode.]

‘No More Trolls’, Elyria, OH [a.k.a. Brian] in K3VR TOPIX, linking to this/his vile submission on 29 Dec ‘07

It's time that you [Todd N9OGL] and Mark Morgan, kb9rqz, are both dealt with because of the bad publicity your [sic] each giving to ham radio. You'll go down first, and then we'll take care of kb9rqz. He has been making false reports about hams he doesn't like to law enforcement [ß deja vue Brian?], and mounting denial of service attacks [ß ditto—remember Mark, Todd & Yahoo! Brian?] on usenet groups. Those actions go to character as well as being feloneous [sic] activities. RH is following Mark's activities closely. [Ja Vohl, Mein Fuhrer! Alles in Ordnung! Sieg Heil!]

Brian CROW K3VR’s HAMereekan Hubris in “FCC All For Deployment of Broadband…..NOT!!!!” on N9OGL Forum 23 Jan ‘08

The jammers (albeit illegal) are creative though. I've heard country music, white noise, military marches, even heard the National Anthem once!
The thing that cracks me up the most is the Klown who returns to the same frequency (+/- 3 kHZ) over and over and over again, only to weep and sob that he's being jammed.

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR still slurping on Riley’s Dayton swill in “What's 14.275 Mhz all about???” on 10 Mar ‘08

Friday, September 3, 2010

I happen to believe jamming Canadian Boy Scouts degrades international good will. [ß But, a US Gang jamming a lone Canadian is not only OK, but actually sanctioned by the FCC, for which see Brian’s posts ~Jul ’08 below.]

Brian ‘Hypocrite CROW’ K3VR in “QRZ Criticized Over Refusal to List K1MAN” on 4 Nov ‘04

If you care about the hobby, don't just turn the dial! [But, Riley says “Turn the Big Knob”…. I’m confused….]

“Brian” the ‘Professional FCC Snitch’ NOT in sync with Riley, in “The K1MAN Controversy” on 21 Nov ‘04

Check out if you haven't yet heard K1MAN's apparent violations regarding pecuniary interest and obscenity. I recorded these files personally, and there are lots more where those came from.

Brian ‘Radio COP’ CROW K3VR in “K1MAN: Time for a Startegy” on 9 Dec ‘04

You believe Glenn Baxter?
Tell me Frank, are you from this planet?

Brian ‘Sarcastic CROW’ K3VR [the only comment] in “FCC K1MAN Station Inspection Results” on 10 Dec ‘04

I like Newsline and ARRL Audio News. Unfortunately they're packaged as part of the K1MAN bulletin.
So, I go to the internet to listen to them, and I report the apparent violations I hear in the Glenn Baxter portions, to the FCC.

Brian ‘Stasi/Snitch CROW’ K3VR in “Are K1MAN Bulletins Useful?” on 10 Dec ‘04

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brian K3VR wrote:
Do you guys know anyone who has been severely injured as a result of high voltage? [ß No ‘Brain’, it’s perfectly safe to touch the ‘tit’ on top of the final tube, while energized, preferably with a moist finger.]

Brian ‘Radio Expert CROW’ K3VR in “[AMPS] RE: RF Burns” on ~17 Apr ‘99

In keeping with the Flame War theme of this post….
Maybe we can have a contest and try to find which character fits which persona on the list.
Oh and to keep it relevant, didn’t every Medieval Court have its jester?
Brian ‘Joker De CROW’ K3VR playing with personae & engaging in ‘Flame Wars’ on 11 Feb ‘01

Pretty funny stuff. Grown men bleating like sheep at each other from the safety of their own homes across an international border. When my kids get out of hand I say girls, girls, and make them take a time out in separate chairs in the kitchen. Do we really want Riley to preside over a couple fruits bitch slapping each other over ham radio?? I'd bet he has more important matters to contend with.
My question, "Who Cares?" [ß It’s obvious after 6+ years—see below & elsewhere—that YOU do, Psycho!]
My next question, "Did anyone really read that blowhard's 10,000 word rant?
For those with a sense of humor, check out:

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Reader,
Does ND8V occasionally lose it on the air? Yep. Is he likely to grace the cover of QST as 2003's most courteous operator? Nope. Does that mean VE7KFM's whiny tale of woe and QRM is true? Not at all. [ß non sequiturs…]
Karol (VE7KFM) Madera's phone number is [deleted], in case you'd like to call him about the libelous and defamatory article he posted here…. [Note ‘Psycho’s characteristic populist MO and STALKING (the number refers).]

Brian ‘The FRAUDulent CROW’ K3VR masquerading as OFFICIALOBSERVER [!] in “The Life of Riley” on 4 Oct ‘03

Should have mentioned in the previous thread, I gave up ham radio due to the bickering and backstabbing of some hams. A hobby should be enjoyable! [ß Yeah, right! See Ed in his “Ruining the Hobby for me…” and related.]

Brian FRAUDulently posting as VE9PMI in “The Life of Riley” on 14 Oct ‘03

As I mentioned in the post prior to the one above...

I_gave_up_ham_radio. I guess that's why my old call doesn't show up in the database anymore. Let me write it again so even the dumbest polak can understand it. I_gave_up_ham_radio.

I do like to listen though. I mostly gave it up due to horses asses like George and Karol. I understand they are both Polish, but to me that's still no excuse for the incredible display of stupidity I've seen displayed here and heard on the air. [Assuming, for the sake of argument: Is “stupidity” illegal?]

One of the members of the group on 14.275 was good enough to send me an audio file with the VE7 station saying "America Deserved 9/11!"

It was particularly disgusting to hear it repeated on tape. [ß OK Lying Bastard(s) Brian/Joe: Lets hear the tape!!!]

I still say he ought to be horse whipped!

Joe McGuire
67 Central Ave
Grand Bay, Westfield NB E5K 2N1
Canada [Then the entire “The Life of Riley” thread went ‘POOF’….]

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We all need to play by the same rules…. if you believe that repeated wilful interference…. are detrimental to the hobby, by all means, drop me a line and include your name, callsign, and signature. [ß Does this apply to you/your thugs too, Brian, or just to your latest targets?]

Brian CROW K3VR posted 23 times [!] in his “Petition to Deny Renewal to K1MAN” on 15 Jun ‘05

K1MAN, by his own actions, has made himself a very public figure. [ß Only if you say so, Brian.] As a public figure, he's been widely discussed [ß Read: Libelled—mainly by Brian.] by his fellow hams here [ß Where he had no access.], on QRZ [ß Where he had no access/was banned.], and elsewhere on the internet, on amateur radio [ß Where he was jammed by Brian & his “14.275 Mafia”.], in court rooms, discussed by his employers [ß Often due to FRAUDulent complaints by Brian.], his neighbors [ß Ditto.], discussed by the FCC [ß Ditto.], at CBS [ß Ditto.], and by the Department of Justice [ß Ditto.].

Brian ‘Snitch’ CROW’ K3VR in his “Petition to Deny Renewal to K1MAN” on 16 Jun ‘05

Come to think of it though, doesn't deliberate interference, broadcasting, pecuniary interest, lack of control, and failure to file required information, hurt the service and therefore all hams in general? [ß “Projecting” again, Brian?]

Imagine if Hams were allowed to retain their licenses after committing all those offenses time and time again. [ß You must be ‘imagining’ your KZ8O/nd8v again.] Imagine if hams who had received 4 NAL's and not changed their operating habits were allowed to retain their licenses. Wouldn't Amateur Enforcement become a joke? [ß Become???]

If Amateur Enforcement begins to be perceived as a joke, and the FCC is considered powerless to enforce the rules, how long would it be before Amateur Radio started to sound like CB radio in the 70's and 80's [ß You/yours have already made it so, Psycho.]

Brian CROW’ K3VR looking in the mirror, in his “Petition to Deny Renewal to K1MAN” on 16 Jun ‘05

Friday, August 27, 2010

It hurts the proud reputation of Amateur Radio, it lessens the enjoyment of brothers and sisters in the service, it leaves a negative perception in the minds of the public and the media, and foreign hams are astounded by the rudeness and lack of grace they hear emanating from our country. [ß Hey, Brian, how about your Fat Mikee ND8V/kz8o ?]

Brian ‘Hypocrite CROW’ K3VR preaching in his “Petition to Deny Renewal to K1MAN” on 16 Jun ‘05

The best way to support the petition to deny license renewal to K1MAN is for US and foreign hams to send me a QSL card, or a postcard, saying:

"Based on K1MAN's FCC NAL, I do not believe his license renewal is in the public interest." [ß Based on your FRAUDulently inspired ‘circle jerk’? Give your head a shake, Dimmi—the other head!]

SIGNED, JOHN Q HAM (callsign)

Send me a card and I'll make sure the FCC gets your message!

73, K3VR

Brian ‘Apparent’ CROW K3VR in his “Petition to Deny Renewal to K1MAN” on 17 Jun ‘05

Brian L. Crow (K3VR) is an educational consultant and an amateur radio operator. He has been repeatedly injured within the context of K1MAN’s transmitted bulletin, on Baxter's website, in Baxter’s AARA newsletter, and in email distributed by Baxter. The FCC has also documented Baxter’s interference to Mr. Crow’s communications. [ß What about your repeated admissions in writing, further below, that you/yours routinely/repeatedly interfere with Karol VE7KFM? Does that count, Psycho?]

Brian ‘Educational Insultant’ CROW K3VR in his FCC “PETITION TO DENY” 25 Jul ‘05

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mr. Crow derives a portion of his income from providing counseling to troubled families. [ß And Jesus wept!]

Brian ‘Compassionate Psycho Counselor’ CROW K3VR in his FCC “PETITION TO DENY” 25 Jul ‘05

It's been really nice tuning into 14275, 3890, 3975 and just listening to others having a nice leisurely qso without suddenly hearing some buffoon rant and rave about corruption in the FCC or the ARRL or having a distorted tape recording stomping on someone elses communications.
I never realized just how nasty and mean-spirited those transmissions were until they were absent for a couple of months.
Baxter hasn't called someone a moron, or a Nazi, or a cheap and corrupt politician on the air in a long time. I sure hope the FCC makes this respite permanent.
73, K3VR
Brian ‘It’s been nice’ K3VR in “FCC Sets aside…K1MAN License…” on 10 Sep ‘05

His "legal position" Ha Ha Ha - now that's a good one! [ß Actually, Brian, it was/is!]
A very interesting page about Baxter's located here: [ß Disclosure SVP, Psycho!] [ß Note & compare end of URL to ripway, below.]
73, K3VR

Glenn’s license is “good” ~forever Psycho, in “FCC Sets aside…K1MAN License…” on 10 Sep ‘05

Baxter's "bulletin" has been notably absent from 75 and 20 meters since early summer. This is reminiscent of 1999 when the FCC was taking an active interest in Baxter's activities. Baxter disappeared for a period of two years, and later resumed his activities after the FCC turned its attention elsewhere. Baxter has claimed he was teaching high school, and he actually sued the FCC, allegedly for suggesting they had something to do with taking him off the air. Baxter lost the suit.
An interesting website documenting Baxter's career in amateur radio can be found here: [ß Disclosure SVP, Psycho!] [ß Note & compare end of URL to picturewizard, above.]

73 and GL de K3VR

Brian CROW K3VR citing his own early ‘circle jerk’ in “Goodbye K1MAN” on 11 Oct ‘05
This is a true story. [ß We know, Brian. But is the story true?] I corresponded with Senator Schneider about this myself. However, I doubt the Maine Senate will actually do anything about censuring Baxter, or creating a law preventing people from using Legislative sentiments in advertising.

Psycho K3VR in his “Maine Senator Considers Scratching Her Cunt…” on eHAM 18 Nov ‘05

What Does Baxter Think? [ß After my critique that even Glenn may not know, changed to “What Does Baxter Say?” HI.]

Brian ‘Clairvoyant CROW’ K3VR in “Glenn Baxter k1man” on ~mid-Dec ‘05

Madera can often be heard on 14.275 mHz offering anyone and everyone an essay which attempts to explain his various unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. [ß OK…. If they were substantiated, Brian, they would NOT be theories!]

Brian ‘Dimmi CROW’ K3VR in “Glenn Baxter k1man” on ~mid-Dec ‘05

Dear Glenn,
I understand you plan to air your "bulletin" again on a random basis, plus or minus QRM. That's great. I want to let you know that my station, K3VR, is now in experimental beacon mode, and will remain so, twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, for the next several weeks (at least) on 14.275 mHz, USB.
I hope I can trust you to operate a minimum of 3 kHz above or below my experimental beacon which will remain on 14.275 mHz for the forseeable [sic] future. Interference to the beacon would tend to skew research results and would also be a disservice to those interested in the project.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Brian CROW K3VR to Glenn K1MAN on Jon K1TP’s [no friend of mine] As The World Turns website ~6 Feb ‘06

Monday, August 23, 2010


The beacon transmitter is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and transmits on 14,275 mHz USB. Please report episodes of deliberate interference to the low power beacon to the FCC, Industry Canada, or other appropriate licensing bureau.

Brian ‘Perverse Hypocrite’ CROW K3VR trolling for queers in his “Hap Holly on K1MAN” on eHAM 6 Feb ‘06

Any operation that's legal is ok in my book. [ß That’s mighty “white” of you, Tonto.] What I get peeved about is blatantly illegal operation. [ß Defined by Psycho Brian, of course!] There has been a strategy in place to deal with K1MAN since December 2002. As far as I can tell, it's working just fine. Use your radio legally, and if K1MAN interferes, file a complaint with the Commission…. [ß Can we do that too if you/your goons interfere, Psycho?]
And speaking of illegal operation, there are lots of genuine documents, commentary, and tons of interesting facts and sound clips on the page below... [ß Disclosure SVP, again, Psycho!]
Check it out!!

Psycho Brian CROW K3VR in “K1MAN: Time for a Strategy” on 16 Feb ‘06

I think the Southgate ARC Webmaster commented on the accuracy of that article about Karol. [ß I agree, for a very rare change, Brian!]

Brian in his ‘Maine Senator Considers Scratching Her Cunt’ on 16 Feb ‘06

If you're interested in "thinking" don't ask for a boring and biased article written by an amateur! [ß Why not ask for “THE LIFE of RILEY”? This is amateur radio after all! And, can we apply similar sentiments to you/yours, or in keeping w/ HAMereekan exceptionalism, does it only pertain to your targets/victims?] Why would you want to read a piece of trash authored by someone who identifies as Al Qaeda Control [ß Only if you say so, Brian. And, for the sake of argument, isn’t ID’ing better than not ID’ing at all, as you/yours are wont to do?], or someone who has physically threatened the US Ambassador to Canada? I know I sure wouldn't bother. [ß Until you learn the true definition of “physically”, never mind the legal definition of “threatened”, in the context and/or otherwise, you SHOULD NOT allow your quick fingers to do the “thinking” for you, Psycho.]

Brian K3VR replying to a now deleted post [!] about Bias, in his “Petition to Deny Renewal to K1MAN” on 18 Jan ‘06

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am so sick of the BS on 14275 and 14313... it's time for me to do something for this hobby... the wrong hornet's nest has been stirred! A few hams seem to think they own the frequency and have abused it for years... some have already been warned by the FCC but continue to make a mockery of our hobby. It is time for Riley to be flooded with honest reports of who is abusing the rules and regulations of amateur radio. Please start a log of call signs, dates, times, and if you have the capability, record the jamming, harassment, qso's, etc. Please forward your information to me and more importantly, Riley Hollingsworth at the FCC. Enough is enough... let's get rid of the Lids that just don't seem to get it. The Lids that give us all a black eye have to go! If Riley receives enough "honest" information... no need to make anything up, these guys fuck up on a regular basis... something will be done! [ß Jon’s ‘Finest Hour’/Epiphany: “honest reports”… “no need to make anything up”…. Wow, imagine!]

Jon K1TP pissed off/seeing the light, after threats of lawsuits by Brian ‘Psycho’ CROW K3VR & Co., on ATWT 18 Feb ‘06

Brian – K3VR - get info on reporting interference, radio mods, emergency preparedness and much more.

Brian ‘Stazi’ CROW K3VR in “The AM Window: Stuff: AMers on the Web” [ß not to be confused with on-air] < 26 Feb ‘06

Sometimes an ugly, possibly rabid, stray dog comes along and leaves a large package in the middle of a well-traveled trail. The mess draws lots of flies. It's unpleasant, it stinks, it's unsightly, and many unsuspecting joggers inadvertently step in it.

The park represents our ham bands. The miscreants make the mess. The jammers are the flies the mess attracts. [ß Brian subliminally talking about himself and his “miscreants” and “jammers”.]

Brian ‘Coprophiliac’ CROW K3VR in “Glenn Baxter, K1MAN Fined $21,000” on 15 Apr ‘06

I sent you a decision someone sent me from the DC Circuit that was just handed down a couple of weeks ago about the red light rule. Looks like the Commission will be going back to the drawing board (again) to figure out how to collect forfeitures and such.

Brian ‘Jail-House Lawyer’ CROW K3VR in “Glenn Baxter, K1MAN Fined $21,000” on 23 Apr ‘06

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Did anyone notice the bogus court case Baxter published on his website? [ß You mean the same one YOU sent to Lee W6EM/4 as “the Truth”, some 44 days earlier, immediately above, Dimmi?] He's been sending it via email also. [ß It looks like Glenn sent it to YOU!] Something about the Red Light Rule being overturned and the FCC attorneys all being sick on the day they taught law, etc.

Brian ‘Eating CROW’ K3VR in “Glenn Baxter, K1MAN Fined $21,000” on 7 Jun ‘06

Minister Maxime Bernier is particularly helpful. [ß Brian, Julie COUILLARD has been much more helpful, HI….]

Brian K3VR ‘dropping names’ [but, like with Kevin STROM, below, now barely knows him] in “Intruders…” on 6 Jul ‘06

Karol F. Madera of [stalking address deleted], threatened the US Ambassador to Canada, wishes Americans roadside bombs, asked for a sniper rifle to be shipped to his residence. He's still at large and still making threats. Why? [ß Because in MY Canada ‘sucking RCMP cock’ is not enough, Brian.]

“nemodorry” a.k.a. ‘Psycho Brian’ K3VR in “Karol Madera Canadian Terrorist?” on YouTUBE 10 Aug ‘06

· Jerry [VE3IKJ],
I have spoken to all Americans who use 14.275 on 20 meters. [sic] [ß Brian obviously is a patent LIAR!]
VE7KFM, N9VTB, and VE2ZAQ are NOT welcome because they promote hatred. [ß Must be, since Brian says so!]
All other Polish people are welcome as friends at all times! [ß Yeah, right! Listen to Mad Mikee’s “Pollack” slurs!]
Any Canadian citizen interested in stopping Karol Madera's hate propaganda should file a complaint with RCMP. [ß Any wonder that they’re shooting Americans around the World?]

Secret, ‘behind the scenes’ e-mail from Brian K3VR to Jerry VE3IKJ—and supposedly 20 other Poles—10 Oct ‘06

· Bogdan,
The ve7 site doesn't belong to me. [ß LIAR!] I asked a lot [sic] of Polish folks if Karol represented Polish hams and you said no. A lot [sic] of people said no. About a hundred, maybe a few more than a hundred. [ß LIAR!]
I forwarded your email to my distribution list of 319 people [ß LIAR!] and what happened next - who knows? [ß LIAR! Liar! Your latex pants are on fire, Brian!]
It's on the ve7 website…. Send email to and ask them to take it off. Unlike Karol, I think they're fair people and they will do what you ask…. [ß LIAR!] I can understand why you don't want to be involved. I don't want to be involved either! [ß LIAR! For ample proof of which, simply read the rest of this page.]

Brian ‘The Fraudulent CROW’ K3VR disingenuously replying to Bogdan’s pitiful Polish plaint 19 Oct ‘06

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Manager] muttered something about feeling threatened, and… hung up on [Brian CROW K3VR] who questioned his commitment to upholding Canadian law. [Bravo Jimbo!]

Brian CROW K3VR reporting on a brutally short tele-conversation he had with a Manager at Industry Canada <19 Oct ‘06

· Mr. Laursen made it perfectly clear, to myself and others, that not only is he UNCONCERNED about Mr. Madera's… speech, he intends to do NOTHING about the aforementioned [sic]. He also told me he regards my concern as "of no interest" to him and a "put up job" whatever that means. [ß It means you’re a FRAUD, Brian.]

Brian CROW K3VR’s to mon cher ami, Maxime [a.k.a. Minister of Industry—who told him to mange la merde] <19 Oct ‘06

· All that is required is that Industry Canada revoke Mr. Madera's license to transmit…. [ß Nice try, Psycho.]

With deep respect and best wishes
A decent radio amateur from USA

Brian’s sucking salutation to mon cher ami, Maxime [you’re many things, Psycho, but “decent” is not one of them] <19 Oct ‘06

Jim Laursen [the Manager at IC] called the complaints a "put up job" and said he was "unconcerned"… and… went so far as to say he planned to "do nothing" in the [Karol] Madera case.

Brian CROW K3VR reporting on a seminal tele-conversation he had with a Manager at Industry Canada <19 Oct ‘06

Started by Man - Last post by Man Where is the best place to make a complaint about discrimination and homophobia, etc? See for reference MAN [You’re ~there, Brian. But, you’re no MAN.]

Brian ‘The Faggot CROW’ K3VR posting as [girlie] “MAN” [sic] on the bath-house door 24 Oct ’06

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Speaking of RG8U -- did you know KFM was actually listed on QRZ as RG8U's qsl manager for awhile? He was on the air in July bragging that he was listed as this bogus station's qsl manager, collecting greenbacks, and bragging about sending his libelous 56 page essay out to unsuspecting people who were duped into contacting the bogus station. [ß By Belden RG8U a.k.a. Brian in Karaoke mode, from Coax, Moldova!]

Brian ‘Borat’ CROW K3VR’s mischief misfired [!] in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 7 Nov ‘06

His “investigative report” reads like a recipe concocted by a manic drag queen on crank:

One pound nonsensical ranting
Two cups A+B=Z
One cup paranoia
One tablespoon childish petulance
One half tablespoon poor me
One bunch homoerotic innuendo
Sprinkle liberally with racial and ethnic slurs
Half-bake mixture until thoroughly boring
Serve with hypocrisy, lies, and defamation

Brian CROW K3VR’s Early Elements of ‘Coprophiliac’ Style in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 8 Nov ‘06

The similarities between Adolf Hitler and Karol Madera are strikingly obvious. I have no doubt that's why people have played Hitler's speeches and Nazi war marches when Madera is on the air. It's a sad state of affairs when this kind of hatred, racism, and discrimination is allowed to propagate over amateur radio.

Brian ‘Neo-NAZI CROW’ K3VR phase shifting/projecting in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 8 Nov ‘06

KFM's just another turd in the punch bowl.

Brian ‘Anal Retentive’ CROW K3VR’s potty obsession in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 13 Nov ‘06

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

This Bond is another dreamy dish I'd like to wrap my arms around and snuggle with. His eyes make me feel all tingly and warm inside!! More, more, more! [Susannah, get tested for STD’s & HIV/Aids.]

Brian ‘The Closet Faggot CROW’ K3VR posting as “Karol Madera” on “Daniel Craig makes his 007 debut…” 18 Nov ‘06

Submitted by Jean Lacroix (Japan) [ß Origin disclosed by Dr. PIPES after he realized that he had been ‘had’ by Brian!]

Bonjour Daniel, [ß Brian’s typical fawning familiarity breeds contempt, Dr. PIPES. You shouldn’t allow it.]
Thank you for bringing light to the matière. [ß Brian: Le propre mot ici est “subjet”, imbécile….]
All the best from France. [ß But, but… you sent it via Japan…. What gives, Brian?]

Jean Gilbert Lacroix [ß ‘Spoof’ on the then Commandant RMC, whence he got a serious rebuff on 17 Nov ’06 [ß NB]
Paris [ß Paris, France—or was that Paris, Ontario—or Paris, Japan?]

Brian ‘Psycho Mimic’ CROW K3VR’s attempted revenge on a General [!] in “Islamophobe” on 18 Nov ’06 [ß NB]

KFM has a report? That's hilarious! Call Riley Hollingsworth and he'll tell you point blank that KFM is the problem on 14.275! [ß Proof that sucking cock is bad for mental health.]

Brian K3VR to Bill N1RIK in “Rampant Rules Violations on 14.275” on 20 Nov ‘06

The worst LIDS from the old 313 days have gravitated to 14.275 in order to help VE7KFM ruin the frequency. [ß Huhh? By QRM’ing HIM?]

Brian ‘180 Degrees Reversed’ CROW K3VR in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 29 Nov ‘06

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

VE7KFM joined the K1MAN show on late in 2005. He first attracted my attention when he physically threatened the US Ambassador to Canada. [ß Sure he did…. But only if your re-define “physically” and “threatened” IAW your psycho mind.] I've been the object of his devoted affection ever since. [ß Projecting again/still, Brian?] By the way, Radio Canada International's lawyers have been in touch with Industry Canada about Madera's using their trademarked ID. [ß Sure they were, Brian. That’s why I’m still waiting for their 1st ‘Cease & Desist’ letter, never mind their last.] I think the FCC has all but given up on working with the Victoria Office of Industry Canada because Jim Laursen forgot his brain when he left for work one day, and now he can't remember where it is. [ß Brian’s actually projecting again/referring to ‘Rot’ Riley, who “temporarily” lost his mind, because of low blood supply, after being ‘sucked off’ by Brian for years.]

Brian ‘Riley’s Cock-Sucker’ CROW K3VR in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 4 Dec ‘06

I will gladly go on record here and now and admit that I have often deliberately talked over VE7KFM and I will continue to do so. [ß Underlining in the original.]

Brian ‘Criminal CROW’ K3VR to Jon K1TP on his ATWT website ~30 Dec ‘06

Please visit this website for unaltered and unedited spewing of one of the most hate-filled men of our time:

press— in “Canadian breaking hate speech laws!” 30 Dec ’06 [N.B. verbatim in next]

Here is the PERFECT example of liberal hypocrisy.
Karol Mandera [sic] is a shortwave "ham broadcaster" from Vancouver, BC. He IS a Bush-hating socialist in EVERY aspect of the word!…
Please visit this website for unaltered and unedited spewing of one of the most hate-filled men of our time:
And as a U.S. citizen whose grandparents emigrated from Canada, I am ashamed that this man calls himself "Radio Canada". [ß As a Canadian, I am ashamed to share the North American continent with US mental defectives.]
His rantings are heard worldwide on shortwave "ham" radio on 14.275 MHz upper sideband.
Thank you.
Brian ‘The Wanker CROW’ K3VR playing with his ‘Willie’ in “Liberal Hypocrisy!” on 31 Dec ‘06

Monday, August 9, 2010

I started monitoring VE7KFM in December, 2002. [ß Close, Brian, but no cigar! Hate to correct your gross errors, but it was 2005.]
He had teamed up with K1MAN on 14.275 as his co-host. [ß Glenn K1MAN is a HAMereekan egotist par excellance. He hasn’t a ‘co-anything’ in his life, especially with a Canadian!]
I had been listening for a few days when I heard him physically threaten the US Ambassador. [ß How miraculously fortuitous for you and in just a few days, too! BTW Listen AGAIN to the clip and brush up on the meaning of (1) a “threat” and (2) “physical”, Fool!]
I also heard him ask George Zardecki (N9VTB) to ship him a sniper rifle and to mark it as a musical instrument with no commercial value. [ß As his Ambassador and rifle clips evidence, Brian is a Delusional HAMereekan Idiot.]

I called the State Department and two Special Agents interviewed me and took my affidavit back to Washington with them. The Agents were hoping the Canadians would arrest Madera…. [ß Actually, the two Dimmis were “hoping” that the Royal Canadian Mounted Pansies (RCMP) sometimes also called Pussies—as well as your Condi ‘Douchebag’ RICE—would suck them off.]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR keeping HAMereeka safe in “Canadian PEP Power limits” on 7 Jan ‘07

Karol Madera,

Why are you using George Zardecki's/N9VTB QRZ account to shill your fraudulent wares? [ß You’re Liar, Brian!] Is it because you're banned from posting here Karol [ß You’re a Liar, again, Brian! I did NOT post this, or anything else, EVER. Ergo, I’m NOT banned.] and that's the only way you can hope to get your hateful message out? [ß Hateful? Read Geo.’s posts again, Psycho! Your 30 vitriolic posts in the 18 pages (w/o one retort from me) are a Testament of YOUR obsessive HATE for the entire World to see!]


Everyone knows you can barely speak English, and you sure-as-shooting can't write in English to save your soul. So why are you allowing Karol Madera/VE7KFM to hi-jack your account in order to peddle his very boring and warped viewpoints? [ß Brian is a Liar who presumes much too much!]

Brian ‘Clairvoyant Psycho CROW’ K3VR pissed at Geo. in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 12 Jan ‘07

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Very interesting. I just noticed N9VTB's QRZ bio that had Karol's URL all over it [ß Huhh? One ref. does NOT “all over it” make, Psycho!] earlier has now been cleaned up and locked. [ß Why?]

Let's hope the FCC locks down N9VTB next. [ß Why?] Not much attention has been paid to the lisping lunatic's silly sycophant [sic] but I hope Riley will take out the trash, sooner rather than later. [ß Where is your Riley now, Brian?]

Brian ‘One Hand Clapping’ CROW K3VR in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 12 Jan ‘07

I have a lot of energy when it comes to helping rid our ham bands of frauds, jammers, liars, and scam artists. [ß Jesus Wept!] N9VTB has now been banned from QRZ [ß Why?], like his mentor Karol. Good! That's what happens when you allow someone like VE7KFM to use your posting privileges George. [ß This statement is FALSE. I’ll give anyone $1,000. who can prove it true. GL] Let's see what happens to George's FCC license next... [ß sic]

Brian ‘I Suck Fred’s & Riley’s Cock’ CROW K3VR in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 12 Jan ‘07

· This thread is not about YOU or ME or your half-baked opinions…. I don't care what Tom may or may not have said to whomever. My point was, a complaint does not evidence make. [ß Does that apply to you/yours also?]

Brian ‘Obsessed Psycho’ CROW K3VR’s slap-down of Whitney in his “N1FM” on 17 Jan ‘07
Sometimes law enforcement officials feel compelled to act before a breach of the peace occurs.

Brian ‘Sieg Heil CROW’ K3VR’s incitement/GESTAPO tactics in “VE7KFM is on” on 21 Jan ‘07

· The FCC long ago asked Jim Laursen at Industry Canada to do something about KFM….
I spoke to the petty bureaucrat myself and I believe there's a distinct lack of grey matter between his ears….
Whatever the reason, Industry Canada (Victoria) is useless and FCC concerns have been disregarded.

Brian ‘Snitch CROW’ K3VR reporting that ‘sucking cock’ does NOT work at my IC in “VE7KFM is on” on 23 Jan ‘07

· By the way, is your last name an indication of Polish descent? Madera claims he speaks for all Poles. He also claims he's defending Canada's honor against stupid Americans, and he says he's been commissioned by Canada's government to show the world that Canada has freedom of speech. [ß True, Brian—and much more!]

Brian ‘The FRAUDulent CROW’ K3VR trying to incite/mislead Kyle VE6WTF in “VE7KFM is on” on 24 Jan ‘07

· Talk over him… that's the order of the day!

Brian ‘FCC Snitch CROW’ K3VR passing “Riley’s Order” to his mental defectives in “VE7KFM is on” on 27 Jan ‘07

· KKKarol was talking with Brandon Duke, KC0UWS on 20 meters. I looked up Duke's call and found he's a Tech and not even licensed for 20 meter operation….
Next, I, along with others, deliberately talked over Brandon Duke's conversation with Madera because the entire communication between KKKarol and Brandon was patently illegal. The usual jammers were also present.
Yet, typically, both Brandon and KKKarol complained that they were leaving 20 meters "due to malicious interference by K3VR and others." [ß What did you expect me to do, ask you for a ‘Blow Job’, Psycho?]

Brian ‘Radio COP’ K3VR GESTAPO jamming/QRM’ing, with “usual” others, in “VE7KFM is on” on 30 Jan ‘07

Thursday, August 5, 2010

UWL, I've refrained from commenting on most of your posts because, #1 they have no merit, and #2, I wanted to spare your feelings.

Let me spell something out for you in plain English since you've ignored several broad hints from others, and because this is the second time you've directed your amateur-pop-psychology in my direction.

A. You haven't heard the subject of this thread, [ß This has never stopped 9/10 of your sycophants, Brian.]
B. You're not licensed to talk on 20 meters. [ß So? This was ‘QeerZ’ not 20m or even amateur radio.]
C. You've been told you don't have a dog in this fight. [ß But the World now knows that you do!]
D. Your complete lack of experience and knowledge regarding the topic-at-hand are painfully obvious.
E. The State Department thanked me for my participation and interest. [ß This amply proves its competence!]
F. RAC thanked me. [ß FYI RAC represents a tiny fraction of Canadian amateurs—much smaller than your ARRL.]
G. FCC thanked me. [ß You actually mean Riley, at the Gettysburg bath-house, don’t you?]
H. RCMP thanked me. [ß Brian, most clear-thinking Canadians would send condolences, if you weren’t a Psycho!]
I. Radio Canada International thanked me. [ß I know that “Radio Canada” did NOT thank you, HI.]
J. Most of the information available about this idiot was amassed, arranged, and presented by me and my team.
K. I'll thank you, if you'll only promise to shut up and go away. [ß Take your own advice, Brian.]

Your attempts to "weigh-in" while saying absolutely nothing of significance are very tiresome. Someone told you to go check out a thread about building a better rubber-duckie and I REALLY hope you take his advice.

Thank You!

Can I get an Amen?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

· Every time he's gotten on the air lately, I've heard death threats issued by anonymous stations.

Brian ‘Radio COP’ K3VR hearing death threats and doing nothing about them, in “VE7KFM is on” on 1 Feb ‘07

· Last night he was complaining (as usual) about being maliciously jammed and something about someone saying nasty things about his mother. Was he hallucinating? [ß That “someone” was you Brian, you Psycho!]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR lying through his teeth, as usual, in “VE7KFM is on” on 2 Feb ‘07

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I like Brit's hair. She reminds me of a boy I used to date. I tried to quit drinking and doing drugs several times but it's hard. Good luck to you Ms. Spears. [Susannah, again, take note!]

Brian ‘The Closet Faggot CROW’ K3VR posting as “Karol Madera” on “Britney goes to rehab in the ‘bu” 21 Feb ‘07

It's going to be tough to get a conviction regarding KKKarol… if no one can get clean tape. Someone needs to sit in front of his shack in Saanich, BC with the RF gain turned down so a clean recording can be obtained - but the real problem is, the Industry Canada office 2 miles away from KKKarol's QTH really doesn't give a rat's behind about KKKarol. [“clean tape” = FRAUDulent recording w/o ‘the other hand (QRM+) clapping’. Bravo, Psycho!]

Brian ‘The Radio COP’ K3VR showing his fundamentally FRAUDulent nature/MO in “VE7KFM is on” on 9 Mar ‘07

· >>complete intolerance for anyone 'different', That's actually a trait of the left. Hitler was a Socialist and hated Jews. For more left wing hate speech, visit: KKKarol [Brian doesn’t know his history.]

Brian posting as “KKKarol” in “Schwarzenegger Calls Rush Limbaugh Irrelevant” on 20 Mar ‘07

If I had Muslim radicals hunting me, I'd probably say I was in Victoria too. [ß But, he says I’m ~Al Qaeda, below!]

Brian ‘Fucktard CROW’ K3VR irreconcilably contradicting/compromising his thesis in “VE7KFM is on” on 20 Mar ‘07

· KKKarol… often declared his allegiance to al Qaeda…. [ß Compare this to immediately above and note the dates!]

Brian ‘Fucktard CROW’ K3VR irreconcilably contradicting/compromising his thesis in “VE7KFM is on” on 21 Mar ‘07

Lately, there have been several complaints made to members of Parliament, IC, and RCMP about KKKarol. There is also a petition originating in Canada going to IC, RCMP, and Parliament. It's being written right now. The Saanich PD warned him and he calmed down quite a bit. [ß Sure they/I did, Brian! But, did they thank you?]

Brian CROW K3VR still ‘making the wish the father of his psychotic thought’ in “VE7KFM is on” on 25 Mar ‘07

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Slander, libel, malicious interference, threats of mutilation, threats of rectal penetration, obscenity, racism, ethnic intimidation, anti-semitism... I know what the penalties are here. Are there penalties for those things in Canada? [Short answer, Brian: NO. Reason? We employ Lobotomies, Eugenics and Euthanasia on Psychos like you.]

Brian ‘180 Degree Phase-Reversed’ CROW K3VR ‘projecting’ again/still in “VE7KFM is on” on 26 Mar ‘07

So listen and learn Junior, clean up that messy room, grow up, and shut up….

Brian ‘The Model Amateur’ K3VR ‘projecting’ to/instructing a newbie in “VE7KFM is on” on 30 Mar ‘07

I can't tell you what's in store for Karol, but rest assured it's attention he won't enjoy.

Brian ‘Snitch/Radio COP’ CROW K3VR subtle threats in “VE7KFM is on” on 31 Mar ‘07

We all know you're disturbed, now run along and play Junior. You're dismissed.

Brian CROW K3VR typical ‘projection’, snide comments and arrogance in “VE7KFM is on” on 31 Mar ‘07

Apparently Tolassi objects to a website where I host recordings of an anti-American Canadian (Karol Madera)….

Recently, witnesses reported to me that Mr. Tolassi made threats against my life….
Last Friday, Tolassi contacted two psychologists who are colleagues of mine in Pennsylvania….
Yesterday, Tolassi said, “I am going to mail Brian Crow a box of spiders.”
Most of my friends know that I am highly allergic to insect/spider bites.
He also said, “I am going to hack into Brian Crow’s website” causing it to crash.
According to my friends in the police department, this kind of speech constitutes terroristic threats. [ß And Jesus wept!!!]

Tolassi is apparently doing this in defense of someone named Karol Madera…. [ß Sic]

Brian ‘Psycho’ CROW K3VR trying to snooker the Barre, VT Police Chief [Cc Riley] 30 Apr ‘07

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Riley,

Could you also add malicious libel to my complaint against David Tolassi?

Brian Crow, K3VR

Brian ‘Chief Libeler’ CROW trying to ‘wind up’ feeble-minded Riley against David WA1BHV 4 May ‘07

Dear Chief,

Pursuant to my previous email, David J. Tolassi has contacted a female Psychologist in my office suite… making disparaging, harassing comments about me. In addition, Tolassi is using a public internet forum for the purpose of harassment and defamation. So far, he’s been recorded using the radio in his home, saying he intends to crash my website; hire hit men to take care of me; mail me a box of spiders; finally, Tolassi writes that I have a mental illness and that I’m on heavy medication. At a minimum this behavior seems to constitute disturbing the peace. [ß Is that anything like your “shit disturbing”, Brian?]

Brian ‘Pot/Kettle/Black’ K3VR to Barre PD titled “ATTENTION CHIEF – Complaint #2” [Cc Riley] 5 May ‘07

Karol Madera, at approximately 5:30 EST, in conversation with Tolassi, said he would like to impale me (rectally) with a roughly sharpened pole. He told Tolassi that he needed to make Crow pie. Failing that, Madera said he was going to turn “anti-American.” Tolassi referred to Madera as his Oracle. The conversation was highly threatening, as usual. [ß Of course it was, Brian.]

Brian ‘Snitch’ K3VR ‘sucking’ e-mail to Riley titled “Tolassi Report #3” [Cc Barre Chief of Police] 7 May ‘07

Ed, You have about 30 seconds to remove your comment from qrz calling me a liar and a fraud and to make a complete and unreserved apology or I'm going to slap you with the biggest defamation per se lawsuit you ever saw. You'll be giving me your paychecks for years. I put up with Karol's crap because he has nothing of interest and he's in a foreign jurisdiction, but you are in my jurisdiction. This is a good lesson for your 'journalism career.' The smartest thing you could do would be to forget my name and callsign from now on. [Take your own advice, Brian, you Psycho.]
Brian K3VR’s 1st threatening e-mail to Ed KB3JGU 25 Jun ‘07

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why don't you check with Riley if you think I was 'making it up' you moron. You know nothing about the enforcement situation and you're only making it worse in your defense of Madera and your criticism of the FCC and OO's on qrz. Grow the fuck up already!

Brian’s continuing ‘terms of endearment’ to Ed 25 Jun ’07 [Pot/kettle: Grow the fuck up yourself already, Brian!]

· As predicted Junior. This puts the icing on the cake. You're going to pay me for this one too. Hope it was worth it. Ask Karol if he'll loan you the $$ for a good attorney. See what he says. [Karol says: Go pound sand; piss up a rope; go suck off Riley!]

Brian’s continuing tirade to Ed [after his QRZ comments were re-published here] 25 Jun ‘07

Junior, here's another one you need to remove. The defamatory statement(s) on qrz and republished at are defamatory and will result in a civil suit of defamation per se if not removed and an apology published on by 5PM tomorrow. [ß Nothing heard/seen, OVER.]

Brian’s continuing threats to Ed [after Ed’s report of previous threats on QRZ, above, was published here] 25 Jun ‘07

Question: what can/should be done regarding this dude? Choices: more complaints; letters; jamming. [Brian’s “poll” after his signature “Check out” URL. Are you still advocating jamming, Brian???]

Brian K3VR posting as “US Patriot” [ß yeah, right!] in “ANTI-AMERICAN BROADCASTS” on 28 Jun ‘07

· For all who might have listened to the station EA1AET/W4 operating on 14275 from the Florida Keys; he says his name is Joe. He is using an illegal licence to talk with Karol Madera, VE7KFM…. The real EA1AET is an XYL…. So be careful who you talk with! Latest up date shows that EA1AET/W4 has also been using the call N9PH. Is THAT his real call, or has he stolen another one?

Very odd ‘Bio’ [surreptitiously put up by Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR] for EA1AET on as of 10 Aug ‘07

I've only heard him once above S-5 at my PA location, and he has an awful signal -- the worst sounding signal on 20 meters. [s-5 is better than the previous s4…. Press for Brian’s 3rd report. LIAR!]

Brian ‘The Fraudulent CROW’ K3VR lying as usual in “K1MAN and N9OGL…” on 21 Aug ‘07

Friday, July 23, 2010

Actually, we should thank Karol because he attracts all the worst hams to the same frequency….

Brian CROW K3VR in “Threads About Infamous Amateurs…” on 22 Aug ’07

Having said that, don't mistake my advice to you. I don't really believe that anyone cares about your opinion one way or the other Charlie.

A sarcastic Brian ‘The Fraudulent Saint’ K3VR in “Ever Wonder??” on 27 Aug ‘07

Charlie… I hope you'll consider my advice to stop belittling newcomers…. Picking on others even in jest is no way to build cameraderie [sic] in the service. Likewise, sabotaging other people's interests and discussions is no way to make friends, here, or on the air. [Hypocrite!!!]

Brian ‘Psycho’ K3VR in “Ever Wonder??” on 27 Aug ’07 [but see the next—‘do as I say, not as I do’ and note the date]

Junior, why don't you crawl back down to the cellar and write another email to your Unkle [sic] Karol?

Brian K3VR belittling Ed a ~‘newbie’, after he posted only ~20 innocuous words in “Ever Wonder??” on 27 Aug ‘07

Dating from 2002, there are sixty different open topics mentioning VE7KFM.
I started four of the sixty topics; [ß Not true. Also, false modesty does not become Brian. FRAUD does….]

one of VE7KFM's friends (now banned) posted one; and N9PH [ß since also banned] posted several more.

As of today, the open topics have been viewed over 200,000 times. [ß Nice round, if still very suspect number….]

One-hundred-thirty-one open topics mention K1MAN.

I stopped counting the number of times those topics were viewed when I reached 500,000. [Ditto, above.]

K1MAN was discussed extensively in AA7BQ's nine page thread, which was viewed 36,860 times. [ß A mere trifle! In “VE7KFM is on” I was discussed in 24 pages—and ~100 times by Brian personally, without any retort! Bravo!]

Brian ‘The Obsessed CROW’ K3VR in “The Official VE7KFM and K1MAN Thread” on 28 Aug ‘07

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I called the FCC and asked them to pinpoint my beacon, which they did in under 2 minutes….

Brian K3VR in “Trash on 14.275” on 30 Aug ’07 [so why the 6+ years w/o results re: the jammers on 14.275 ?]

I don't hear much on 275 either, until Karol Madera gets on. Then I generally hear him blaming his critics for jamming him. [ß Whom would you have me blame? My correspondents? FUCKTARD!]

Brian ‘Fucktard CROW’ K3VR is the “Trash on 14.275” on 30 Aug ’07

The very next time you accuse me of threatening you, or otherwise attempt to defame me, for any reason, or, if any of this crap you spewed tonight is republished in Canada, you will hear from my attorney. [ß It was republished….]
“Brian C” e-mail to Gordon N6WK 30 Aug ‘07

· Y_A_W_N
Stop squeaking you little mouse. It's not a threat Gordy, I'll sue you for libel and I'll own every thing in your miserable hovel. Trust me.

“Brian C” e-mail to Gordon N6WK [after his simple note to Brian not to threaten or e-mail him again] 30 Aug ‘07

I tried to warn you that you were treading on thin ice! Now, your beloved thread has been deleted! From this point on, any emails from you will be forwarded directly to my friend Karol just for your pleasure! Do not ever email me again. If you do I will report it as harassment or stalking! I am a subscriber and you are cheap scum. I will have you tossed off and I will post about you every day for your discomfort! You have been warned and the ball is in your court.

Gordon’s purported e-mail to Brian 30 Aug ’07 as FRAUDulently altered by Brian CROW K3VR, JPG undated

Monday, July 19, 2010

That's the kind of BS I'd expect to hear from a fruitcake eating CBer, or a newbie who lives in his grandma's basement. [Bravo “Darkhorse” (ß Brian’s instructive CB ‘handle’) with his ‘trademark’ snide remarks.]

Brian ‘The Model Amateur’ K3VR taking another swipe at Ed KB3JGU in “bad freq? 14.275” on 21 Oct ’07

Ed, you need to find an elmer other than VE7KFM. [ß Brian mimicking Charlie AG4YO’s quip to Calvin K0DXC.]

Brian ‘The Helpful HAM’ K3VR’s sarcastic comment in Ed’s “Who has trouble with the 15m trap” on 21 Oct ’07

Yes, I'd like very much to help Ed with his problems. From antenna issues, to rules interpretation... and, well, you name it. My door is always open to anyone with a sincere desire for self-improvement.

Brian ‘The Hypocrite’ K3VR’s irrational/off-topic comments in “Who has trouble with the 15m trap” on 21 Oct ’07

You see, once a group of complainants becomes known as 'problem children' or hypocrites or falsifiers of evidence…the [Authorities] will ignore their complaints. You can't use a witness who has been proven to have no credibility in a Federal [or any other] case. Even MY grandmother knows that!

Brian CROW K3VR subliminally commenting about himself and Ed’s G-Ma in “FCC’s Riley Hollingsworth to Retire” 25 Oct ‘07

This is why "Mothers Against Canada" exists. Some Canadian ham with the call ve7kfm and a really tabloid web site is claiming that the FCC has threatened Todd with loss of license and loss of freedom for illegal short wave broadcasting. There is no corroborating evidence on either the FCC or the ARRL web sites (yet), but ve7kfm either has a scoop at or else has set himself up for a nasty libel suit. [Huhh??? Actually, Psycho’s “New Brunswick” ‘spoof’/droll self-promotion/180 degree phase-shift, stirring shit, again.]

“DeLorean” [~‘PsyOps’ Brian K3VR] in “N9OGL to lose his license and go to prison?” on 30 Oct ‘07

I believe I've convinced Riley Hollingsworth to hang around a bit longer. We need him to deal with a few remaining high profile problems in amateur radio. He's going to be around for a long time to come... sorry, Karol. [ß I don’t consider 8 mo. a “long time”, Brian.]

Brian ‘Riley’s FRAUDulent Snitch’ CROW K3VR wishful thinking in DXLD 2 Nov ‘07

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Daugherty should be avoided like the plague….
Want to hear Todd Daugherty (N9OGL/Omega Radio) in action, listen to this (A complete meltdown on the air)
You will cringe when you hear it. There are vulgarities. Rants against the FCC. The clip is 2.5 minutes long. Everyone should be warned about this loose cannon.
More information about N9OGL by those who had to deal with him can be found here: ….
I see he's also a friend of an al qaeda supporter. What a suprise [sic]….
He's not being targeted because he's a pirate. No one cares. He's being targeted because he's a creep and a moron. [ß So why were you posting here? Also, being “a creep and a moron” (IYNSHO) is worse than being a “friend of qaeda”? Thanks, Brian!]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR anonymously on “The PiratesWeek Podcast” 4 Nov ‘07

As usual, Karol Madera and his band of militant leftist homosexuals prance about the internet defaming innocents. [Brian & Co. are many things, but certainly NOT “innocents”. Note also the typical hyper homo-sexual diction.]

Brian ‘The Innocent CROW’ K3VR posing as “Sophie” [my Mother’s name] on Rolville USA ~20 Nov ’07

Mr. Crow's busy safeguarding our nation from enemies foreign and domestic, which is one reason he's being attacked by an affiliate of al Qaeda. [ß I hope Al Qaeda drives your teeth out your asshole, Brian.]

Brian ‘Psycho’ K3VR ‘Crowing’ about himself & “enemies” fictitious & contrived on Rolville USA 13 Dec ‘07

Now take your head out of your ass and go piss up your own rope. [ß Lovely, Brian.]
You’re dismissed [ß N.B. Brian’s SOP diction when he’s losing.] and any further mail into this box will be considered unsolicited and will be dealt with via the appropriate isps. [ß N.B. Only Brian is allowed to SPAM, apparently.]
Now pass that along to your buddy.

Brian ‘I Squat to Pee’ CROW K3VR from threatening Gordon/Tom 16 Dec ‘07

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The FCC has shown zero interest in those jamming the Canadian's transmissions, and I think I know why…. I doubt very much that any US jury would sanction a US citizen for jamming the dweeb, even if the FCC cared, which, obviously, they do not.

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR confirming the obvious in “What's 14.275 Mhz all about???” on 10 Mar ‘08

Whitney: Stop calling the Canadian… and engaging him on 14.275. He's invariably jammed, which inevitably leads to him using the crudest, most God awful vulgarities…. [ß Brian: Stop jamming me. Instead, go suck off Riley.]

Brian ‘Radio COP’ K3VR the Anti-Democratic Neo-CON in “Is 14.275 Mhz normal amateur radio?” on 4 Apr ‘08

I do my best, quietly, and humbly…. [ß Yeah, right!]
I hope you'll forgive me if I point out that you continue to demonstrate poor judgement [sic] by engaging the Canadian….
Your refusal to cooperate is noted and logged. [ß Ja Wohl! Sieg Heil!]

Brian ‘Radio COP’ K3VR’s hubris and threats to Whitney N3ZV in “Is 14.275 Mhz normal amateur radio?” on 4 Apr ‘08

Gordon Benjamin, N6WK, made several odious deposits which were immediately flushed from the forum. [ß A pity I obviously did not catch all of them, HI. See his posts on 6 Apr ’08 above.] One of Benjamin's remarks even hinted at a dark conspiracy piloted by an administrator of the site. [ß Coprophiliacs of/on ‘QeerZ’, Unite?]

Brian ‘Shit Disturber CROW’ K3VR ‘droppings’ about Gordon’s ‘QeerZ’ posts, on his FRAUDulent site ‘as if mine’ 7 Apr ‘08

The only authorized information concerning suckK3VRoff can be found by visiting
Thank You!

Brian ‘Circle Jerk CROW’ K3VR as usual [the earlier CMSPIRG imprimatur refers] inter alia on 9 Apr ‘08

Whether it’s… playing music or rebroadcasting… there is no place in ham radio for deliberate qrm. [ß LIAR!]

Brian ‘Two-Faced CROW’ K3VR to Steve [what about your “Talk over him… that's the order of the day!” earlier?] 14 Apr ‘08

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Never heard of Strom…. [ß sic]
I've never seen any child porn on the computer….
I don't visit sites where child porn might be present.
I don't follow whatever the neo-Nazi movement is up to either, so I have to confess to a lack of familiarity with both child porn and the Nazi movement.
Was Strom very active in ham radio and how often did he get on the air?

Brian K3VR ‘doth protest too much’—too soon—or was that too late [see below] in “Ham headed for jail” on 27 Apr ‘08

Really Brian, you must have a lapse of memory....

K3VR 01-14-2007, 11:31 PM

ABC NEWS Jan. 4, 2007 — A leader of the white supremacist movement was arraigned today on charges of possession of child pornography and witness tampering after being arrested by FBI agents Thursday night at his home in Charlottesville, Va.

Story continues at link below: Ham Busted for Possession of Kiddy Porn (
The Whole Original Post on QRZ

hope you get your memory fixed [ß Do you mean like by a lobotomy, Todd?]

Todd N9OGL aide-memoire to Brian ‘Forgetful CROW’ K3VR [see deja vu below] in “Ham headed for jail” on 27 Apr ‘08

Friday, July 9, 2010

We have your photo on our web site. Keep calling us dumb, and we will post a picture of you nude that we have. [] always wins in the end. Always. [ß Brian’s Childishness, Hubris & Obsession!]

Brian ‘Juvenile’ CROW K3VR a.k.a. “Manager” to Todd N9OGL in “More Threats…” on The Voice of Amateur Radio 10 May ‘08

Write Parliament, write to RAC, and to Industry Canada, and demand that they remove this malicious blight which gives a black eye to the otherwise proud and distinguished Canadian Amateur Radio esprit de corps.

Brian ‘L’imbécile CROW’ K3VR failing miserably to ‘gild his lily’ en Français on his FRAUDulent website ‘as if mine’ 4 Jun ‘08

I had the extreme pleasure of dismantling that group due to hate speech, libel, illegal activities, and numerous other violations of Yahoo's terms of service. You were part of that group Bill.

Brian ‘Stazi’ CROW K3VR ‘pleasuring himself’, as usual, in “14.275 MHz” on 26 Jul ‘08

You're wrong about illegal jamming. The illegal jamming is the music, sound effects, and unidentified transmissions you hear. Not the people using their callsigns and enjoying their radio privileges. You should try to bone up on the facts Dave, before putting your foot in it.

Write the FCC and ask if they intend to prosecute people who talk over/ignore the static from Canada. The FCC considers his transmissions to be no more than "harmful interference."… as you know, it's impossible to interfere with static….

NO ONE who ignores his signal and talks over him… has been, or will be, prosecuted for rules violations….

Brian ‘Riley’s FRAUDulent Snitch’ CROW K3VR in “14.275 MHz” on 29 Jul ‘08

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We have your photo on our web site. Keep calling us dumb, and we will post a picture of you nude that we have. [] always wins in the end. Always. [ß Brian’s Childishness, Hubris & Obsession!]

Brian ‘Juvenile’ CROW K3VR a.k.a. “Manager” to Todd N9OGL in “More Threats…” on The Voice of Amateur Radio 10 May ‘08

Write Parliament, write to RAC, and to Industry Canada, and demand that they remove this malicious blight which gives a black eye to the otherwise proud and distinguished Canadian Amateur Radio esprit de corps.

Brian ‘L’imbécile CROW’ K3VR failing miserably to ‘gild his lily’ en Français on his FRAUDulent website ‘as if mine’ 4 Jun ‘08

I had the extreme pleasure of dismantling that group due to hate speech, libel, illegal activities, and numerous other violations of Yahoo's terms of service. You were part of that group Bill.

Brian ‘Stazi’ CROW K3VR ‘pleasuring himself’, as usual, in “14.275 MHz” on 26 Jul ‘08

You're wrong about illegal jamming. The illegal jamming is the music, sound effects, and unidentified transmissions you hear. Not the people using their callsigns and enjoying their radio privileges. You should try to bone up on the facts Dave, before putting your foot in it.

Write the FCC and ask if they intend to prosecute people who talk over/ignore the static from Canada. The FCC considers his transmissions to be no more than "harmful interference."… as you know, it's impossible to interfere with static….

NO ONE who ignores his signal and talks over him… has been, or will be, prosecuted for rules violations….

Brian ‘Riley’s FRAUDulent Snitch’ CROW K3VR in “14.275 MHz” on 29 Jul ‘08

Monday, July 5, 2010

Apparently you failed to read/comprehend my last post Dave. The FCC has informed me that KFM's transmissions are classified as HARMFUL INTERFERENCE in this country. Go back and re-read what I wrote. In a nutshell, it's not illegal to talk over and ignore harmful interference.

Brian ‘FRAUDulent CROW’ K3VR’s slights-of-hand in “14.275 MHz” on 29 Jul ‘08

The FCC has never sent as much as an inquiry letter to ANYONE who talked over/ignored the nut from Canada.

Brian ‘FCC Mouthpiece’ CROW K3VR in “14.275 MHz” on 29 Jul ‘08

Believe it or not, people are defending this human garbage in the other thread about him!

Brian ‘Multiple Thread’ K3VR in “VE7KFM makes terroristic threats to america” on 29 Jul ‘08

I have noticed that VE7KFM's correspondents seem to be looked at more closely than others, by the FCC, FBI, and other federal agencies….

Brian ‘Alphabet Soup’ K3VR’s typical threatening hyperbole in “14.275 MHz” on 30 Jul ‘08

Dave, what you'd like and what you'll get are two different things. You're old enough to realize that….

If you can't accurately process known facts, read the tea leaves and govern yourself accordingly.

Brian ‘Psychic’ CROW K3VR reduced to reading tea leaves in “14.275 MHz” on 30 Jul ‘08

I don't respond to immature personal attacks by people who parrot the fruitcake's juvenile rhetoric. Welcome to my ignore list, and enjoy your stay. [ß Going “fishing” again so soon, Brian?]

Brian ‘Pot/Kettle/Black’ CROW K3VR looking in a mirror in “14.275 MHz” on 30 Jul ‘08

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wrong. What I wrote is that the FCC regards his transmissions as "harmful interference" under 47CFR97.3(23) and it is impossible to interfere with harmful interference because it has the same status as static. Don't put words in my mouth or try to interpret what I wrote.

Brian ‘Hyperbolic Interpreter’ CROW K3VR to Dave in “14.275 MHz” on 31 Jul ‘08

IC has not done anything because the head of IC Victoria is afraid KFM will sue over IC trying to restrain his freedom of speech. [ß But… but… Glenn K1MAN in Dec ‘05 said Canada has no Freedoms, Brian. Remember?]

Brian ‘Psychic’ CROW K3VR in “14.275 MHz” on 31 Jul ‘08

No Bill that's not what I said or what I'm saying. Focus on the actual words instead of your interpretation of the words…. I do not believe Karol is worth one more dime of US taxpayer money…. [ß Wait for it, Brian. The chickens are yet to come home to roost.]

[B]ased on responses from the FCC, our FCC administrators could care less about Karol and anyone jamming him on 14275. Isn't that self-evident? [ß Show us the beef, Brian.]

Brian ‘Trust Me—I won’t cum in your mouth’ CROW K3VR in “14.275 MHz” on 31 Jul ‘08

Hitler was a big fan of sterilization, eugenics, euthanasia, infanticide, racial extermination, extermination of homosexuals, the mentally impaired, and the physically defective, all principles ultimately embraced by the Nazis. [ß FLASH… These principles are daily embraced by your Fat Mikee KZ8O and your other Neo-NAZIs on 14.275 MHz, Brian.]

Brian ‘Neo-NAZI Organizer/Manager’ CROW K3VR in “14.275 MHz” on 31 Jul ‘08

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dave sounded a lot like the previously banned N9PH to me, or one of the other previously banned defenders of the fruitcake. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find "Dave" was not actually KB2SQP. Oh well, he was on my ignore list anyway, along with a couple of others who need to buy a clue. [ß Sure he was, Brian. Is that why you vitriolically posted nearly 3 dozen times, over 30 pp (so far) and went “fishing”, a.k.a. stalking him, at least twice?]

Brian ‘Obsessed Stalker’ CROW K3VR lying in the face of his own writings, in “14.275 MHz” on 31 Jul ‘08

I was talking to friends at the FBI the other day about the 'cult of personality' certain folks represent. Apparently they develop this delusional following of a few supporters who believe whatever they say.

The followers are robotic and they repeatedly parrot whatever the cult master promotes. They don't seem to realize the majority around them regard them as delusional and sad followers of an unbalanced, controlling personality.

Usually the followers have a very serious lack of self esteem and they crave an authority figure (daddy) who will tell them what to think and how to behave. They'll ignore all reason as well as objective reality in pursuit of praise from the controlling personality.

‘Psycho Brian’ K3VR “projecting”/describing himself & his Puppets to a “T” in “14.275 MHz” on 1 Aug ‘08

Fred sends me a check for $200/month in thanks for keeping his site interesting. Thank you for asking.

“Brian” [name contains a directly executable link to] on Todd N9OGL’s Blog 1 Aug ‘08

Why are some people… scumbags, liars, and identity thieves?

Brian K3VR looking in the mirror, in “VE7KFM makes terroristic threats to america” on 7 Aug ‘08

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brian Crow won; I lost. I owe the FCC 21,000 Big Ones…

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR FRAUDulently about Glenn K1MAN on <23 Aug ‘08

I often assist the FCC and other federal agencies in the apprehension of radio pirates, sane and otherwise. [ß No wonder the FCC/Excited States of HAMereeka is in such un-Holy mess!]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR proving that ~‘it takes a thief to catch a thief’, from one of his Bios <23 Aug ‘08

John Winthrop, Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, was the son of Adam Winthrop, son of Adam, (my wife's grandfather) Lord of Groton Manor.
My grandfather, Reverend Nathan Mason and his wife Experience Lewis left Swansea Massachusetts in 1763.
Hezekiah Mason, also my grandfather and a descendent of Reverend Nathan Mason….

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR ‘foreshortens time’ on command, from one of his Bios <23 Aug ‘08

After I received my Bachelor's degree [ß in basket-weaving, “with an emphasis in Sociology”], I immediately went to work for General Electric (GE)… in their Defense Systems division…. Logistics Management Training Program… in what my manager called 'an effort to bring literacy to the management ranks.'… [ß i.e. Brian taught remedial American English to future warehousemen.]

In a short time I had invented and fielded a computerized database [ß in his off-hours presumably, using his B.A. “with an emphasis in Sociology”, HI] for maintaining major equipment modules…. I was in charge of the tools and test equipment provisioning system and site support…. [ß i.e. Brian was a glorified warehouse stock-man/geek with a DB.]

I had an attack of conscience [ß the one and only in his life, HI] as I realized that my daily routine consisted of perfecting weapons systems [ß read: keeping track of $1,000 “gold-plated” wrenches in the test tool-crib] which might conceivably bring about the loss of life of hundreds of thousands of people in a single moment. Now I realize the value of deterrence, but at 30 I decided that I wanted to devote my life to improving the human condition. [ß For the results of Brian’s “noble experiment”, carefully re-read this entire page—and weep!]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR ‘waxing’ about himself, from one of his Bios <23 Aug ‘08

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've worked in a private school for emotionally disturbed children; at an agency for [delinquent] Latino immigrant youth; in a community mental health center for severely disturbed adults; in a University program [ß was this “at” the ‘Banquet Facility’ or “under the auspices of” the University?] for young adults referred for alcohol abuse; at an inpatient facility for drug and alcohol addicts…. [ß What happened to the work you supposedly did for the ‘rag-heads’ at the Moronville Center for Human in-Dignity (CHD)?]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR knows about ‘Crazies’ because he is one, from one of his Bios <23 Aug ‘08

Hard to believe Summer is over and it's time to prepare for the upcoming holidays!

Brian ‘Life is a box of chocolates’ CROW K3VR just off his Summer holidays preparing for Saturnalia 1 Sep ‘08

I was on the production team as a DoD contractor liaison to the Navy, for GE Ordnance/Defense Systems, back in 1987 when GE (Pittsfield) was named as a 2nd source provider for the Phalanx, Close-in Weapons System (CIWS)….

We called it 'Christ it Won't Shoot' at first because, it was VERY complex, tons of moving parts, and it broke down quite a bit until design changes remedied most of the problems [ß The system worked ~well, at sea, for ~10 years by then. Some GE “production team”!]. Later we called it the 'Sea-Whiz.' [ß No you didn’t, Brian! The acronym CIWS/its vernacular ‘sounding’ obviously pre-dated its deployment to the Fleet.]

Brian ‘I worked in/for/had-coffee-on-contract-with DoD’ CROW K3VR on Jon K1TP’s ATWT ~17 Oct ‘08

Friday, June 25, 2010

Many [ß Better than your usual “lots”, Brian.]
Canadian amateurs have made numerous [ß Ditto! But still hyperbolic. Do I hear your 1001 ’QeerZ’ re Glenn K1MAN fashion?]
complaints to Industry Canada regarding Karol Madera's misuse of the airwaves [ß Read Contra Preferentum, SVP.].
All complainants [ß Are you sure, Brian? If so, surprise, surprise, you’re involved in a Criminal Conspiracy!]
have discussed Jim Laursen's lackadaisical performance and attitude [ß Bravo! Brian. Marginally better than “What Does Baxter Think”, but still ‘no cigar’.]
regarding their legitimate concerns [ß “All” of their “concerns”, or just some of them? And, who decides their legitimacy? Both are rhetorical, Brian. We know….].
A petition [ß Bravo again, Brian! Just what we need: another Petition!]
to have Laursen removed and/or sued for failure to perform is said to be presently in the works [ß Sure it is, Brian. But, what happened to the ones you started against me?].
We will have more news as events proceed [ß Events don’t proceed, they unfold, Fucktard!].

Brian ‘Fucktard’ CROW K3VR in “RAC TAKING AIM AT VE7KFM” [yeah, right] on Rambo’s Blog 18 Nov ‘08

Industry Canada receives complaints [ß a.k.a. Brian’s “put up jobs”], and they react cordially (most of the time) [ß except when they hang up on Brian, HI] but there has been absolutely no concrete and effective action taken [ß Bravo, Jimbo] regarding Canada's worst amateur radio operator [ß thanks for the left-handed accolade]. For some reason Jim Laursen, at IC, in Victoria, has utterly failed to effectively address the problem. Karol Madera, VE7KFM, resides… a mere 2 miles from Laursen's office…. [ß hint, hint, Fucktard]

We believe that one license revocation in CANADA, would immediately relieve 99% of the problems on the 20 meter band, throughout North America. [ß Do I hear the World, Psycho? Obviously, sucking Riley’s cock for ~5 years was injurious to Brian’s mental health.]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR on his [thanks for the ‘heads up’ Jimbo] ~20 Nov ‘08

Diversity is what makes ham radio interesting. [ß Yeah, right! Just read his own words, on this page alone!]

Brian ‘Biggest Radio Hypocrite’ CROW K3VR in “Doofs on 3.885” on 25 Jan ‘09
Ms. Laura contacted me and introduced herself today. We had a great chat. Talked for about an hour, to an hour and a half, about family [ß Family? Ohh, I forgot: you’re “The Family Guy”.], and her work at the FCC, and some of her philosophy of enforcement, etc.

I found her to be extremely pleasant, and fun, with a great sense of humor, and a good, hopeful perspective about the future of the service.

She asked for my assistance [ß And Jesus wept!] and listened patiently to my (many and varied) opinions on enforcement and ham radio. It was almost like chatting with an old friend. [ß Or at least a ‘friend of a friend’, since ‘Rot’ Riley may have sent her….]

She says she has the full support of her superiors at the Commission, and although she has a backlog of 6 months of enforcement issues to catch up on, I got the impression that she'll be up to speed in no time at all.

I wish her all the luck in the world and I can already tell she's very fair minded [ß Unlike you, Brian, I’ll wait for her results] and she'll able [sic] to sort the wheat from the chaff in no time at all. [ß I hope so, Brian, because then you’ll be relegated to the dustbin of amateur radio history, where you so patently belong.]

My only concern is that government resources aren't all they could be, in terms of support for her position, but that's not a problem limited to the Commission right now. All agencies will have to allocate monies and prioritize accordingly. [ß But, but, only two sentences earlier, above, you state that “she has the full support of her superiors at the Commission”. So which is it? Does she or does she not have “full support”? Or are these your psychoses/multiple personae ‘discordantly opining’ as usual?]

Overall, I was very favorably impressed [ß I’m so glad you were “very” impressed, Brian.] and I think she'll be a valuable addition to the Enforcement Bureau and to the Amateur radio service.

Good Luck Laura! [ß I could not have said it better myself!]

Brian ‘Inconsistent CROW’ K3VR trying to snooker “Laura L. Smith Successor to RH” on 29 Jan ‘09