Friday, August 27, 2010

It hurts the proud reputation of Amateur Radio, it lessens the enjoyment of brothers and sisters in the service, it leaves a negative perception in the minds of the public and the media, and foreign hams are astounded by the rudeness and lack of grace they hear emanating from our country. [ß Hey, Brian, how about your Fat Mikee ND8V/kz8o ?]

Brian ‘Hypocrite CROW’ K3VR preaching in his “Petition to Deny Renewal to K1MAN” on 16 Jun ‘05

The best way to support the petition to deny license renewal to K1MAN is for US and foreign hams to send me a QSL card, or a postcard, saying:

"Based on K1MAN's FCC NAL, I do not believe his license renewal is in the public interest." [ß Based on your FRAUDulently inspired ‘circle jerk’? Give your head a shake, Dimmi—the other head!]

SIGNED, JOHN Q HAM (callsign)

Send me a card and I'll make sure the FCC gets your message!

73, K3VR

Brian ‘Apparent’ CROW K3VR in his “Petition to Deny Renewal to K1MAN” on 17 Jun ‘05

Brian L. Crow (K3VR) is an educational consultant and an amateur radio operator. He has been repeatedly injured within the context of K1MAN’s transmitted bulletin, on Baxter's website, in Baxter’s AARA newsletter, and in email distributed by Baxter. The FCC has also documented Baxter’s interference to Mr. Crow’s communications. [ß What about your repeated admissions in writing, further below, that you/yours routinely/repeatedly interfere with Karol VE7KFM? Does that count, Psycho?]

Brian ‘Educational Insultant’ CROW K3VR in his FCC “PETITION TO DENY” 25 Jul ‘05

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