Thursday, March 31, 2011

* Really? “we don't want your opinions here”

Given the mis-stated title here, this discussion is incredibly entertaining.

The original poster [ß Fred AA7BQ] confused his intent in the title, tried to correct his intent while "annoyed" with anyone who questions it and THEN the discussion degenerates to include a statement by someone [ß Bill W0LPQ] who says he "seldom" posts here while showing over 3000 posts [ß Actually, Don is being kind. It was virtually 4000.] next to his callsign and someone else [ß Al WR5AW] who apparently thinks a State Police enforced a non-existent Federal statute. [ß And Jesus wept!]

Thanks. Great site.

Don K1VSK [a former Administrative Law Judge (!)] again subtly amused in “We don’t want your opinions here” on 10 Mar ‘09


Todd N9OGL [no friend of mine] opining on Laura’s Letter, in his “The Truth About” 10 Mar ‘09

* After thinking a bit more I realised [sic] that given KFM's Polish background, if it was Hitler's speeches being played, then it was DEFINATELY NOT KFM. It would have been done by someone else to incite him even more. [ß Garth, a ‘Newfie-Scotian’, too late smart.]

Garth FAULKNER VE1IDX a.k.a. “QRN” on [a CB Forum he administers] 13 Mar ‘09

* Was the dead guy (gay guy) Brian L Crow K3VR?

Jim in “No legal charges in Pittsburgh bath house death” on Pittsburgh Forum 14 Mar ‘09

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

* About ve7kfm and kz8o
Some years ago a gurnsey bull(y) [ß Brian’s KZ8O] gave into the temtation [ß sic] to slide down to 14.272 mhz to harass some Polish speaking amateurs. This has resulted in the mess on 14.275 mhz. and is now requiring the action presently being taken by the FCC.

Dean ‘Born-Again-Bigot’ AC5IU “resurrecting” the year-old “ ????” on 18 Mar ‘09

* I just think it is funny that other hams park at that frequency and continue to talk for 20-30 minutes without identifying. I sat there and listened one night and the only way I found out the guys call was because Karol said it. Seems like if people are trying to shut him up at least they would follow the rules as well. Today I was trying to get in through a pile-up on 14.277 with a Belgium ham and one of the guys parked on 275 came up and said thanks for the QRM I guess you can't hear the QSO we are having down here. No ID of course.. [ß KZ8O of course.]

Michael W2FCP observant about the 14.275 Mafia MO in “ ????” on 18 Mar ‘09

* Finally, Thank God Laura!!!
I’ve been licensed for 50 Years and this W7CPA has ruined our Beautiful Hobby!!
Good Work!!
W6CUP Charles Cupp de Calistoga, Ca.

Chas W6CUP in K3VR W7CPA gets hammered from the FCC on Pittsburgh Forum 18 Mar ‘09

* I have confirmed from TWO sources that this e-mail did come from Ms. Laura Smith. It isn't so much about her language, but her UNPROFESSIONALISM and lack of legal knowledge. [ß This e-mail (apparently written through the ‘key-hole’ of the ubiquitous BlackBerry), was patently an impromptu, INFORMAL “last warning” to Randy BEST W7CPA and the “14.275 Mafia”…. The person LEAKING it (almost certainly Randy) was unethical & UNPROFESSIONAL, not Laura! As to her supposed “lack of legal knowledge”, until you produce YOUR jail-house law degree, Bill, all I can say is: keep on sucking Brian’s cock!]

Bill WA8MEA [again snookered by Psycho Brian’s sophistry] in “Calling Sheriff Laura” on 19 Mar ‘09

* Today I am going to hook the ham gear and give a listen to 14275- the hotbed of poor operating activity. It appears the new sheriff in town is talking a big story- she is not going to put up with that shit on 20 meters. I believe Riley said the same thing and nothing happened. A good start would be to permanently close down the Michigan station [ß KZ8O/nd8v] that has been qrm'ing and playing tapes for years!

Jon K1TP [no friend of mine], knows the K3VR & Co. MO well, on his UN-HAM website ATWT on 23 Mar ‘09

Sunday, March 27, 2011

* Post subject: KZ8O Scammer

Listed 2 new in the box, never used, matched and under warranty Taylor 3-500ZG tubes. One was in fact new however the other was two years old, did not match the serial number on the box and was very used. The lettering was faded so I am uncertain if it is any good. Refuses to answer my emails or phone. MICHAEL E GUERNSEY, SR is listed to this call sign. [ß Paul, check his scamming/rep. on eBay.]

Paul WD8CJN in “KZ8O Scammer” in Feedback Forum on 23 Mar ‘09

* I certainly hope that she doesn't continue Riley's practice of issuing official notices to hams based on Internet chatter, blog entries or slanderous accusations made by participants in a grudge fight. [ß I believe that Fred means the likes of K3VR, N1FM/n1sob, KZ8O/nd8v, W7CPA & Co. certainly on 14.275 MHz.]

If Ms. Smith issues a formal (and published) notice to someone accusing him/her of wrongdoing, the very least we should expect is that she has solid, verifiable evidence for same - not the nebulous "information before the Commission" that Rileygrams always referenced but never elaborated upon.

If said "information" is unverified, a request to the accused party to provide more information is in order but it should be kept confidential until the accused party issues a formal reply to the request and the credibility of the evidence behind the complaint is established. "No credible evidence, no formal publication" should be the rule.

"Lauragrams" (if that is the proper term) should not be made public unless and until the evidence for same is deemed credible. I use the term "credible" in the strict legal sense, not in the Riley sense of "I'm sure it's credible because I know the guy who complained and, besides, I don't like the guy he's complaining about." [ßTouché!]

A number of people who had Rileygrams published in the enforcement actions section of the Commission's website (and in QST) eventually got one-liners from Riley saying, in effect, "We accept your reply and we're dropping the issue." In other words, "The complaint was bogus in the first place (and we knew/should have known this), so to save face we're letting you off the hook and we're not going to do anything to the idiot who filed the false complaint against you."

Or, distilling the foregoing down to street vernacular, "[FUCK] you if you can't take a joke."

Fred K5FH cogent in Tom ‘Mother-Fucker’ N1FM/n1sob’s “I SURE MISS [Sucking Off] RILEY” on 27 Mar ‘09

Friday, March 25, 2011

* I saw this post and just had to make a comment. Congratulations, you've run smack dab into Mad Mikee otherwise known as the Kalamazoo Cuckoo or ex ND8V. This is one of the Psychos from 14.275.
I feel for you man because this guy is a real nut case. …

We really all owe Mikee and Cronies a debt of gratitude for saving us from the evil doers around the world. [ß Especially from the “Canadian Army of One”!]

Jimmy N5IFI about Brian’s “KZ8O Scammer” in Feedback Forum on 13 Apr ‘09

* Occasionally I assist various federal agencies in the apprehension of people at odds with society, and the law. My work with the government has brought me into contact with some very unsavory elements…. [ß We know, Psycho: Riley K4ZDH, Tom N1FM/n1sob, etc.] I have always prevailed against such enemies. You have been warned. [ß HAMereekan HUBRIS… needing ‘heavier metal treatment’ than the traditional but now much too valuable Lithium.]

Brian ‘At Odds With Society’ CROW K3VR delusional in ‘The Truth About‘ 26 Apr ‘09

* We had our own unscrupulous dictator, Riley Hollingsworth, running ham radio enforcement for about 15 years. He made the law up as he went along, just like commie dictators do. [ß Not to mention Riley’s sub-contracted ‘mini-dictators’ & goons like Psycho Brian K3VR & Co.]

Bill W6WBJ a CA attorney, in “Dictators and Amateur Radio” on 27 Apr ‘09

* Torture was authorized by President George W. Bush, VP Dick Cheney, Secretaries Don Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice, and carried out by CIA chief George Tenet and the Pentagon’s secretive Special Operations Command.

Four lickspittle lawyers and two bootlicking attorney generals provided sophistic legal briefs sanctioning torture. All should be disbarred and face an independent judicial commission. Not a whitewash, like the 9/11 Commission, but a real, independent legal body. Better, send the case to the UN International Court in the Hague. [ß I could not have said it better myself—actually, I did—nearly 3 years ago!]

Eric MARGOLIS telling it like it is, in “AMERICA’S SHAME” 27 Apr ‘09

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

* Riley was and always will be nothing more than an arrogant bully that threw his weight around on innocent hams. Good riddance to him.

Susan KB2SFH ARRL Life Member speaking from experience, in Tom’s “MISS RILEY” on 28 Mar ‘09

* Laura Smith is doing a great job

I think that Laura Smith is doing a great job so far, judging by who her detractors are. [ß K3VR, N1FM/n1sob, KZ8O, etc.] She seems to have struck the fear of God into some of the hams that have been creating problems on the bands... [ß K3VR, N1FM/n1sob, KZ8O, W7CPA, KI4LUB, N1GJT, KE9RY, AC5IU, etc.] I was tuning around on 20 meters this morning, and the problem frequencies were quiet -- nobody was trying to chase contesters off of their frequencies. [ß KZ8O’s sub-specialty.]

Bill K3TP cogently observant, as usual, in Tom’s quickly mis-firing “MISS RILEY” on 28 Mar ‘09

* I did speak to him on the phone regarding an accusation against me that was bogus. He was unwilling to hear my side of the situation at hand. Totally amazing how he sided with the other parties and didn't have all the facts. I feel because of his unwillingness to hear my side that he was personal friends with the other party. But I also didn't like his practice of publishing other accused parties’ personal addresses and the accusations against them. Too bad they all didn't band together for a class action lawsuit on him. He needed to be knocked down to his real size. [ß Susan, I understand that Riley has a small penis!]

Susan KB2SFH recounting her experience with Riley to Tom in his “MISS RILEY” on 29 Mar ‘09
* Smith's email of March, 2009 to two Arizona amateur operators exemplifies everything that's wrong with some of the attitudes in the federal government. Not all of the attitudes, mind you. Some federal employees are competent and dedicated public servants. [ß I believe that the latter refers to ‘Rot’ Riley and possibly also to the “3 Douchebags” in the FCC EB being hammered by Bill W6WBJ.]

However, Laura Smith's email, and her complete and utter failure to publicly apologize for her abusive rhetoric, is the kind of mean-spirited, arrogant, big government, holier-than-thou, talking-down-to-the-citizenry, CRAP that President Obama should attempt to completely purge from government, if he really wants to avoid widening the "confidence gap." [ß Congratulations, Laura, for being the 3rd person, in as many years, to be subject to this type of vitriol/‘odd formulary’ [FYI the “publicly apologize” demand was used on K1MAN & VE7KFM before you]. And speaking of “CRAP”, don’t even think of apologizing to a Socio/Psychopath and patent Coprophiliac.]

It's not just the blatant appearance of nepotism involved in Smith's hiring. Her husband and father-in-law both work/ed for the FCC, leading to an appearance of impropriety, at the very least. [ß Nepotism: only if you say so, Psycho. But why didn’t you mention that Laura was hired by your Right Wing punk, Kevin MARTIN, in the waning days of the Bush-wacker Era? Or is this too inconvenient for you?]

It's not the fact that she doesn't qualify for the most basic amateur radio license, yet she's tasked to exhibit expertise about the service. [ß Gentle reader: peruse ‘QeerZ’, which Psycho styles as ‘the most popular amateur radio website in the world’, for the amount of “expertise” exhibited by licensed HAMereekans.]

It's not the fact that she appears to lack subject matter competence when it comes to analyzing the technical matters required to do her job properly. [ß There are precious few “technical matters” on her plate. Arguably, everything Laura needs to discharge her ARS “subject matter competence”, she learned in Grade School.]

It's not even the lack of punishment involved in the Indianapolis Police Department Radio Scandal, that frankly stinks to heaven. [ß Is that anything like the ‘stink’ of your demonstrated anal/fecal obsession and Coprophilia, Brian? But, I agree: Laura should have had the criminals-in-uniform shot at dawn, before breakfast. Come to think of it, she still has a chance to atone for being a slow learner—by summarily “executing” Tom ‘Mother-Fucker’ WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob, YOUR sometime criminal-in-uniform.]

It's not any of those things. [ß OK. So, why the hyperbolic Litany, above?] Rather, it's her smug, condescending, abusive treatment of taxpayers and other FCC stakeholders that makes Laura Smith a DUD in her role as Special Counsel. [ß Nothing terribly wrong with “smug” or even “condescending”, if you’re talking to patent IDIOTS like YOU/yours and have “subject matter expertise” (the “Special Counsel” inter alia refers), unlike your ‘smug & descending’ (that’s “going down” in the vernacular) on your ‘Rot’ Riley in the Gettysburg Bath-House. As for “abusive”, just read your own prose herein and on this page alone, then look at the reflection in your computer monitor and seriously consider taking ‘The Final Exit’, like your sometime BUD ‘Rambo Dan’ did to such good effect recently.]

Laura Smith is ham radio's new poster child for what's wrong with the federal government…. [ß Bravo Laura! Can I have an autographed copy?]

The lack of confidence in government -- the gap many of us see and lament on a daily basis -- can be summed up by pointing frequently to those few insulting sentences written by Laura Smith of the FCC Enforcement Bureau:

"I sure wish we could regulate stupidity -- but it just isn't within the current confines of the rules. If it were, every single one of the actors here would be slapped with a fine just for being stupid/gullible and wasting my time..." [ß Despite his doctored ‘continuous loop’ tapes (used for malicious QRM’ing) incorporating this very formulary, Brian must also have forgotten what ‘Rot’ Riley said at the 2007 Hamvention (patently about HIM and his co-conspirators in the context): “We can’t regulate stupid!”]

I can't imagine why Laura Smith is still on the FCC's payroll. [ß Wait for it…. I can “imagine” her yanking YOUR licence, Psycho and soon.] Maybe it's just to remind us that talk is cheap, and cheap shots made via email are even cheaper. [ß There is nothing cheaper/scuzzier than FRAUDulent, ANONymous, Cloaked DEFAMATION obtusely written in the 3rd person by the likes of a ‘circle jerking’ coward like you, Brian!] By now it should be abundantly clear, that if President Obama's really serious about cutting costs, the FCC has some low-hanging fruit, just ripe for the picking. [ß Brian you Psycho, don’t forget to attribute “low-hanging fruit” to © ToeJoe N9PH.]

‘Psycho Brian’ K3VR continuing ‘circle jerk’/ratcheting up the ugliness against Laura, on his ANON website <28 Apr ‘09

Monday, March 21, 2011

* What has been said, HAS been said (or rather written) and should remain as a matter of record…. But allowing questionable posts to remain can serve as a warning to others of how NOT to behave. Too many times posts disappear, and the subsequent replies make no sense. [ß The biggest troll, baiter and “ghost” editor on QeerZ for the past 5+ years was Brian K3VR, Fred’s “bait-trolling bastard”.]

Larry WA9SVD in FRAUDulent Fred LLOYD AA7BQ’s supposed “Ban on Trolling” on 7 May ‘09

* Even in a public forum, supported by public funds, the concepts of libel and slander legally prevent certain statements from being made without legal consequences; not just for the person issuing the statements, but quite possibly for the media outlet that chooses to publish questionable statements..
While even in public you may call a person vile, repulsive names and accuse them of unspeakable acts (THAT is the right of free speech) you are not protected from the consequences of such speech if it is found untrue or inordinately injurious to another individual.

Larry WA9SVD ‘throwing pearls before swine’ in “Ban on Trolling” on 7 May ‘09

* Brian has sent you a link to a blog:

Now that Laura Smith is on our side, it won't be long until your license is shitcanned. First the CCRAA, next your license.

Brian Coprophiliac CROW K3VR, having snookered Laura, trying to SCARE Mark KB9RQZ 23 May ‘09

Saturday, March 19, 2011

* Does anyone know of any recent enforcement actions against 20 meter operators?

With propagation improving by the week, these bad American operators will soon transition from an American only problem to a full bore international incident.

A few days ago, I heard one of the worst offenders [KZ8O/nd8v] on 20 back to his normal operation of illegal jamming and chasing everyone within 5 kHz off with his generally ignorant and belligerent comments.

I sure hope Laura can cancel a few of these licenses before we all look like idiots to the rest of the world.

ToeJoe N9PH in “Has FCC stopped posting enforcement actions?” on 26 May ‘09

* Jim Laursen at the Victoria office of Industry Canada may or may not respond to postal mail, email, and phone calls. In fact, he may hang up on you. [ß Like he did on you, above, Brian?] He's been utterly useless so far [ßBravo, Jimbo!], but he ought to know the situation has worsened over the past few years with increased threats, interference, broadcasting, and defamation. [ß Only if YOU say so, Brian—but don’t forget to reverse the looking glass.]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR exhorting others to “Complain about Karol…” on his <1 Jun ‘09

* Riley Hollingsworth's erratic 'snitch-centric' enforcement techniques and uneven interpretation of Part 97 did as much damage to Amateur Radio as anything else. [ß He’s talking about YOU and your documented ‘circle jerk’ with Riley, Brian!]

James N4MXZ a Chief Broadcast Engineer in “Enforcement…..” on 4 Jun ‘09

* There is a LOT of unidentified, malicious interference taking place on an almost continuous basis. Some of the people creating these situations are well known [ß K3VR, KZ8O/nd8v, N1FM/n1sob & Co., certainly on 14.275 MHz], and need to be placed behind bars for flagrant violation of the laws. But they go on for years, and seem to only get a slight slap on the wrist…. [ß If that….]

I believe the phrase "ugly Americans" will take on a whole new definition !

Jim AG3Y, a former Chief Broadcast Engineer, telling it like it is, in “Enforcement…..” on 4 Jun ‘09

Thursday, March 17, 2011

* CONSPIRACY To Commit Murder…

There are some misapprehensions abut the law our "friends" hold on their fake website.. that this is conspiracy to murder.. it really is mostly fact and opinions.

One, there are some bad folks in Ham radio. We know who they are. These guys go from target-to-target. They attacked K1MAN and tried to drive him off 14.275 MHz. They seemed to accomplish what they wanted. But, did they go away? No, they moved down a bit and attacked a group of HAMs that occasionally happen to speak Polish. If they finish off that group who/what will be next? Are they going away? I doubt it! Indeed without even finishing off that group (VE7KFM remains), they have gone on to target anyone who feels that they have the right to talk to any other station they like…. They are also trying desperately to provoke other HAMs to help them in their Jihad. If you say no, then you are in turn targeted by the pack….

Two, things are not getting better by themselves. Either the FCC acts, or it does not, in which case things will only get worse. Telling HAMs to behave without backing it up with enforcement action is not helping. RH tried that with his “spin the dial” shtick….

A few bullets would solve or greatly relieve the problem: K3VR, N1fm, Kz8o maybe a couple of others.

Targeting ve7kfm does not help. These folks have proven that with k1man (this discussion ignores who is breaking the rules BTW).

Those “bullets” should be legal ones, or sooner or later the matter will become violent—ask an MD named Tiller about that. If rumour is correct, you could also ask w4nti about it, if the prop will allow a QSO with Hell. [ß W4NTI is a SK]

It is the responsibility of the FCC to act in order to prevent that sort of chaos.

Indeed, perhaps the life I am seeking to save may even be K3VR himself. Sooner or later some one is going to die. Be assured that I will take steps to insure my own death is not the one that happens because of this.

I have shown that I am armed in various ways. I am also prepared to use those arms if it comes to that.

I certainly do not want to, but so be it.

I shall now await the arrival of the COPs...

I expect them on the 12th of never. [ß Never say never, Mark. The Royal Canadian Mounted Pussies (RCMP) kill for much less in Canada.]

Mark KB9RQZ ~cogent on his “ACCOUNTS OF THE KOSHER HAM” 5 Jun ‘09

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

* K3VR has sent you a link to a blog:

As you can see from this post, Dan [W4NTI (SK)] is alive and well and posting, numbnuts. [ß Non sequiturs and worse, again/still Brian?] Your QSO with Dan was not illegal after all, so I'm letting you go this time. [ß Mighty “white” of you, Tonto.] Sooner or later, you'll screw up though, and then I'll nail you. [ß The way you’re going Brian, sooner or later someone is going to “nail you”—to the proverbial cross—or simply put a bullet in your head! Either way, I hope it’s sooner, Psycho.]

Brian ‘FRAUDulent Re-Mailer’ CROW K3VR to Mark on “ACCOUNTS OF THE KOSHER HAM” 9 Jun ‘09

* Riley is not my savior, and he shouldn't be yours.
I have met Riley, and spoken with him on a number of occasions…. I found some of his enforcement tactics to border on the unethical…. To think that one person is going to change the tone of an internet forum merely by being "on the staff" (unless he is going to delete or ban based on his mores) is not only bizarre but potentially counter-productive….

James N4MXZ cogent in “Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH Joins the QRZ Staff” on 14 Jun ‘09

* It's made me LOL as to how some people here automatically paralleled Riley Hollingsworth's new QRZ association with "cleaning up" the forums! Fred couldn't handle it, so he called in Riley! [ß And Riley couldn’t handle his job: cleaning up the freqs!]

HAAAAhahahahaaa! That's rich! [ß Can Brian ‘Riley’s Snitch/Bitch’ be far “behind”, HI?]

Tim W3HR in “Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH Joins the QRZ Staff” on 14 Jun ‘09

* It seems to me that a significant number of hams believe that the Federal Govt. (FCC) should be in the business defining and enforcing mores and actual content on Amateur Radio; above and beyond Part 97, codified law, and the Constitution.
Now it would seem that an equally significant number of forum members feel like the addition Riley Hollingsworth to the staff of QRZ will have the effect of "cleaning up" this forum; above and beyond the stated rules here.
In both cases the root mentality is that of "teaching" people how to think and what to express openly. I am reminded of Orwellian totalitarianism.

I am not sure whether to laugh or be scared. [ß Be scared. Be VERY scared!]

James N4MXZ unwittingly defining Brian’s MO in “Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH…” on 15 Jun ‘09

Sunday, March 13, 2011

* I Do Not Like Riley! He played fast and loose with the law/regulations to favor certain individuals or groups. He was neither fair nor impartial….

I hope I'm not banned from or have the FCC come after me because I disagree.

Philip N6PJB in “Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH Joins the QRZ Staff” on 15 Jun ‘09

* The 'distinguished' Riley Hollingsworth was in my opinion, 'used' by some former officials in a local club to persecute one of our local ham operators. The gentleman endured his license being revoked, Mr. Hollingsworth's demands that he be reexamined by part of the same fanatical group that some of us thought was trying to destroy him and his efforts to be used in the volunteer examiner program, being manipulated. Our local ham not only got a license reissued, but now that Mr. Hollingsworth is gone from the FCC has his old call letters restored. I would have not been so enduring if the same fiasco had happened to me. All this has contributed to a big division in local ham radio. I feel it could have been handled with more input from the rest of the ham community, instead of being engineered by a handful. [ß Obviously, Riley will feel right at home on QeerZ!]
Ham Radio has been a lifelong event for me, but I feel no one should be at the mercy of those who would like to control the rest of us.

Joseph K0IVK in “Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH Joins the QRZ Staff” on 16 Jun ‘09

* This thread… was about a US amateur dropping the f-bomb and the FCC's response under Ms. Smith.

You're the perfect person to post to this thread in that you can contrast your experience with dropping the f-bomb under Riley and this incident with Ms. Smith in charge of enforcement. As I remember, in your 18 minute tirade last year, you hurled the f-bomb once, the MF bomb 7 times, and the anal orifice bomb 11 times.

You've said that you had to work it out with Riley [ß in the Gettysburg Bath-House] but I wonder if you can provide the details. Did Riley have a problem with your profanity? If so, did he cite what paragraph of Part 97 you were in violation of?

It seems to me that under Ms. Smith's interpretation of the rules, you might not have had any problem with the FCC at all.

Please elaborate....this is great stuff for all amateurs to know and fully understand.

ToeJoe N9PH to Tom ‘Mother-Fucker’ N1FM/n1sob in “F-BOMBS AWAY….the FCC says it’s OK” on 25 Jun ‘09

Friday, March 11, 2011

* Tom...

Has it been 3 years already? Wow! It seems like yesterday.

Let me correct you on an important point as you may not have had time to read my earlier posts. I don't care one way or the other about the language used on amateur radio. Actually, if I had any say in it, and I clearly don't, I'd prefer no enforcement over either bad or inconsistent enforcement. Hence the subject of this thread. We're merely trying to figure out what the rules of the game are.

I'm sure that after we figure out what is going on in US Amateur radio enforcement, we can expand the discussion to other countries. However, at this point, we are having enough trouble figuring out US enforcement. Sometimes you have to bound the problem before you can solve it.

That's why your MF-bombing case is so important. Were you contacted by Riley concerning the incident? What paragraphs in Part 97 did Riley say you violated? And what was the punishment for each infraction?

In addition, you might help me out with this question. If you were allowed to hurl the MF-bomb multiple times without any punishment, which your post seems to imply, why on earth do you believe that another amateur [ß In another country at that!] should be punished for the same behavior? To me, that seems to violate the most basic rules of fairness.

Thanks again for your comments. This is great stuff.

ToeJoe N9PH to Tom ‘Mother-Fucker’ N1FM/n1sob in “F-BOMBS AWAY….the FCC says it’s OK” on 26 Jun ‘09

* I'm just wondering how you leaped from QRZ not having someone's address to that amateur being a criminal….

In the end, your post doesn't say anything about the amateur you are attempting to attack, but it does say an awful lot about you.

ToeJoe N9PH to AI6DX in his “Why do some here on the Zed have an unlisted address?” on 26 Jun ‘09

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

* DCW,

Of all the things you can do with amateur radio, you have chosen to be obsessed with one other amateur radio operator. [ß Whom he has never met and whom he has admitted not being able to hear on-air!]

I wish I could convey to you how that makes you look to others, but I won't even try.

ToeJoe N9PH to VE7DCW in “Why do some here on the Zed have an unlisted address?” on 27 Jun ‘09

* Who is nuttier? Karol, or the fat, bloated hams who become enraged by his opinions and post pics of his house and coyly encourage violence? [ß Brian K3VR’s documented MO.] Karol keys down his mic and hundreds of the nerdy misfits that comprise our hobby begin to lose their composure and start spewing hatred in all directions.

Karol is the supreme organ grinder. He turns the handle and the monkeys jump and dance about.

Dance monkeys, dance!

Ed W6IRE to Brian’s Monkeys in “Why do some here on the Zed have an unlisted address?” on 27 Jun ‘09

* The FCC enforcement folks have been notified about law breaking operators for quite a while. Mr. Hollingsworth did little and Mrs. Smith has done little! Both seem to condone this activity as well as other obscene activity on the air.

Whitney N3ZV in “14 year old brutally jammed” on 2 Jul ‘09

* Maybe you're correct and I shouldn't care. But for some reason, I do. I suppose it depends are how you feel about a gang abusing someone. Are you the type to side with the gang or do you have the stones to step in and make a stand.

All of those questions are rhetorical, of course, because it's obvious which position you would take. [ß And if you monitored 14.275 MHz for the past several years, it was patently obvious which position he DID take.]


ToeJoe N9PH to ‘Buffoon Bob’ HARRISON NA4BH in “14 year old brutally jammed” on 2 Jul ‘09

Monday, March 7, 2011

* There is absolutely nothing that the FCC can do about the principal instigator since he is licensed by Canada which, as you should well know, is a completely separate country and the Canadian government does not have to do anything proposed by the FCC. [ß FYI Glen, the 14 year old was in QSO—with ME—when he was jammed! Stay a ‘lert’!]

Glen K9STH—abysmal observer, Idiot and/or FRAUD, take your pick—in “14 year old brutally jammed” on 3 Jul ‘09

* The infamous op from Mich [ß Brian’s KZ8O/nd8v] has been "warned" before and yet the nonsense continues. I don't see any real change coming out of this. His ticket should have been pulled years ago, along with a host of jammers out there still on the air. Just keep sending in the complaints and tapes, etc. All one can do.

Chris W0BKR in “FCC makes major move against jammers…Michigan station warned” on 5 Jul ‘09

* BH, [ß ‘Buffoon Bob’ NA4BH one of “Brian’s Monkeys”.]

You are very, very confused!

My posts are 100% correct. You are reading an email from the FCC related to another jamming incident, and you're only partially correct in your interpretation of that one.

I'm sure you can grasp the concept. There are many jamming incidents being investigated by the FCC each and every day.

But don't let the facts get in the way of attacking me.

As an aside, have you ever thought of taking an anger management class? I might be wrong, but I believe it would improve your posts immensely.


ToeJoe N9PH in “FCC makes major move against jammers…Michigan station warned” 6 Jul ‘09

Saturday, March 5, 2011

* We are now on 14.275 MHz. USB plus or minus QRM and simucast on 3.890 MHz. LSB, plus or minus QRM.

These bulletin are CONTINUOUS to reduce alleged criminal interference by alleged galatic lids (in my both my proessional and amateur opinion) such a KE9RY, KZ8O, K3VR, and several others.

Portion of Glenn K1MAN’s e-mail of CERTIFIED letter to “Ms. Laura L. Shiith [sic], Esq.” 12 Jul ‘09

* I was listening on 20 last night and I heard 3 amateurs talking about how many official letters they had received from FCC enforcement. Two of the amateurs were quite proud that they had never received any letters in many, many years of operation. The third amateur was quite proud of the fact that he had received 10 letters. As a matter of fact, a slight argument occurred when one of the other amateurs said that he was certain it was only 9, instead of the 10.

Now I do understand how people can be proud of the fact that they have a $9,000 Rolex, or a $12,000 Icom, or an $83,000 Mercedes Benz, but I don't quite understand how one can be proud of getting 10 official letters from FCC enforcement.

Any amateur psychologists (or one that plays one on ham radio) [ß Psycho Brian.] care to explain.

ToeJoe N9PH in “Can someone explain this to me?” on 18 Jul ‘09

* Well Joe I have the MP3 which is tagged. And it was Brian and I. And I do have the expensive Icom. And Brian is the psychologists' [ß sic] in the conversation that you are referring to.

Tom ‘Mother-Fucker’ N1FM/n1sob in “Can someone explain this to me?” on 18 Jul ‘09

Thursday, March 3, 2011

* Tom,

I didn't say one of the three in the conversation was a psychologist. Read it again, this time very slowly.

I didn't say one of the three in the conversation owned an expensive Icom. Read it again, this time very slowly.

And for the last time, the conversation I heard was not on that frequency. [ß FYI Tom, “that” freq. is now again CONTINUOUSLY used ~24/7 by K1MAN—see note of 12 Jul ’09 above. So, not only ‘was it not’—IT COULD NOT—have been 14.275 Dimmi.]

Maybe you need a firmware update. [ß TJ, Tom needs a major ‘central processor’ re-set!]

HEHE...sorry, I couldn't resist.

ToeJoe N9PH to Tom, inattentive ex-doughnut-eater, in “Can someone explain this to me?” on 18 Jul ‘09

* Your metaphors are very clear Joe. Many of your threads have been locked because of your obsession with certain people on a certain frequency. You start a thread, relate to a certain frequency, wait for some else to make mention of a certain group, then sit back. The staff and management are very aware of this.

Tom ‘Mother-Fucker’ N1FM/n1sob [Brian’s agent] trying for lock-down in “Can someone explain this to me?” on 18 Jul ‘09

* I call major BS!!!!!

If that is what I'm doing, which I am not, why are you the person making the connection for me?

You're doing exactly what you don't want to have happen. [ß This, because Tom does not know how to spell “hypocrite”.]

That just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. [ß Did I ever tell you that Tom needs a major ‘central processor’ re-set?]

I do enjoy our conversations very much, but I'm too busy having fun with my friends on ham radio.

So I'll let you have the last word. It won't help your case, but I'll let you get in the last one.

ToeJoe N9PH to Tom ‘Hypocrite’ N1FM/n1sob in “Can someone explain this to me?” on 18 Jul ‘09

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

* W4ASX: Brian, ahh, do you want to take it?

K3VR: Ohh, sorry, sorry Bob, I’m talking to my dad on the phone. Go ahead.


‘Miami Boob’ SHERIN W4ASX in a rare, but increasingly delusional round-table w/ Psycho Brian CROW ‘talking to his dad’ on 14.272 MHz on 27 Nov ‘10
* This letter was posted on which is owned by Brian Crow K3VR and Thomas Whatley Jr N1FM....and the FBI WONDERS WHY I FUCKING THREATEN PEOPLE...

Todd N9OGL proving that Psycho Brian is still a FRAUDulent serial snitch, on his Blog 24 Jul ‘09

* Subj: Re: KJ4DVD
Date: 7/24/2009 12:39:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

glen ill do a phone interview If I can explane why the frutecake acts like he does if you will not interfew him and keep deploring him?


Fat Mikee KZ8O/nd8v proving he didn’t finish Grade School & like Brian, also likes ‘shunning’/one-hand-clapping

* To User: Dr Bigg Dyck [ß a.k.a. Brian]

Hey, you've made an article about N9OGL that, unfortunately, doesn't meet our current standards.
We appreciate embellishments, but frown on outright fabrications.
This looks kinda interesting. You should rework it instead of cuntpasting it from

Encyclopedia Dramatica yanking Brian CROW’s “cuntpasting” from his psychotic sub-site about Todd N9OGL 29 Jul ‘09