Sunday, February 27, 2011

* A crow was becoming a minor nuisance to me about a year and a half ago here….

I called in a professional and the issue was quickly resolved. [ß Was he a type of “Bounty Hunter”, HI?]

ToeJoe N9PH on how to deal with ‘nuisance Crow’, in “Crows” on 29 Jul ‘09

* Yes, the one I observed seemed to be about as smart as a chimp, give or take.

Both crows and chimps can be made into pets but have extreme potty training issues.

ToeJoe N9PH pointing out Crow’s potty training issues, again, in “Crows” on 30 Jul ‘09

* I always liked the collective noun for crows: "a murder of crows"…. [ß For some reason, so do I….]

Rich WF7A in “Crows” on 30 Jul ‘09

* This particular crow is not very intelligent. I've located his roost, and will be taking care of him very soon. [ß Take a number/stand in line, HI.]

Robert K0RJR seems to be a quick learner, in “Crows” on 30 Jul ‘09

* Yea! shoot EM!! it's the american way! [ß I couldn’t have said it better myself!]

Martin MW0CND in “Crows” on 30 Jul ‘09

* July, 2009 -- Karol Madera, MIA [ß Tkx for noticing, Brian: been ocean sailing again. But you over-reach/state, as usual.]

Glenn Baxter, K1MAN… has resumed bulletin operations on 14.275 MHz [ß My “Canada Day” present to you/yours, as promised, Brian!]
Numerous, fresh complaints about interference, broadcasting, pecuniary interest, inadequate station control, distorted transmissions, etc., have been sent to the FCC about Baxter's operation. [ß Bravo! Even HAMereekan Fucktards should NOT be surprised!]

Brian CROW K3VR proving that he’s still also obsessed with Glenn on his ~31 Jul ‘0

Friday, February 25, 2011

* Good Operators Abandon 14275

It has become clear that 14275 will not change at any time in the near future. [ß But what about your “Numerous, fresh complaints…” to Laura, above?] Therefore, those interested in maintaining "good amateur practice" have apparently abandoned the frequency…. [ß Curious bit of logic, this. If the “Good Operators” are gone—and by inference, the “bad operators” presumably remain—then why is there relative peace & quiet ~14.275 MHz, K1MAN’s Bulletins and Fat Mikee KZ8O’s occasional splattering/QRM’ing via ‘put up’ FRAUDulent “CQ DX” on freq./in the vicinity notwithstanding? Ohh, never mind, I just figured it out: Psycho Brian is still 180 degree phase reversed. For him Good = Bad, Up = Down, Left = Right, etc.]

Brian’s statement does not even pass the HAMereekan Fucktard test on his ~1 Aug ‘09

* Dear Attorney Smith,

I'm Bob Sherin, W4ASX, the person alluded to in K!MAN's [sic] letter to you that has been made public. There was a time when I was very much a part of the his [sic] Bulletin Service. [ß Actually, he was a Director/on the IARN Executive Committee!] But it didn't take me long to come around to a position against it [ß Ergo: Since he also made a volte face in several other equally egregious circumstances (see), ‘Boob’ is a patently unstable idiot! Either that, or he squats to pee….], when the service started supporting revolutions in far off lands. [ß Reluctantly agreed, ‘Boob’. IARN should instead have started the 2nd revolution in “Stupid Land”!]

The interview Baxter refers to was indeed done, but it was a private endeavor on my part where I paid my own way. Baxter was fortunate to have gotten the material. [ß Your larger point is? And, have you forgotten, assuming you ever knew them, your fiduciary responsibilities as a Director, Dork?]

In no way do I endorse his present activities. Indeed I find him a classical narcissist [ß Bravo, Bi-Polar ‘Boob’!] (he has admitted same) polluting the airwaves. Please feel free to call me; I know a lot about his operation, both operationally and legally. [ß ‘Boob’, do you know what they traditionally do to Traitors?]

Bob Sherin, W4ASX

‘Bi-Polar Boob’ knows squat about fiduciary duty, psychology & law, to ~14 Aug ‘09

* Brian Crow K3VR and Tom Whatley N1FM agitate and harass people, and when those people "threaten" them, they go crying to Law Enforcement, acting innocent.

Todd N9OGL in his “Why Does the FBI Have a LOW IQ???” on his Blog 18 Aug ‘09

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

* RE: Why is Glen Baxter K1MAN back on the air running a broad [ß Interesting! Glenn is “running a broad”? Does she have ‘big tits’?]
by N9GQR on August 19, 2009
I thought someone said he was broadcasting from VE7KFM Karol Madera's station in Canada. Someone could check that out pretty easy I would think. [ß “ I thought”, “someone said…”, “I would think.” It’s obvious that Frank JOHNSON N9GQR CAN’T think!]

Frank ‘Shit-for-Brains’ JOHNSON N9GQR in “Why is Glen Baxter K1MAN back on the air…” on

* I'm down in Arizona.... VE7KFM comes in clear as a bell down here. K1MAN is very faint... barely audible, most of the time. That is consistent with his location in Maine. Who told you that he was using VE7KFM's station? I'd like to know who is spreading nasty rumors.

Bill KE7LFV to N9GQR in “Why is Glen Baxter K1MAN back on the air…” on 23 Aug ‘09

* Mr. Daugherty: You are only going to shit and fall back in it again, just as you have done many, many times before.
The boys at are laughing their asses off at both you and KKKarol. Keep up the phony threats!

Coprophiliac Brian on Todd’s 20 Aug ‘09

* Hate Radio

Ah, we had another train wreck on 3910 last night, some idiot without a call describing in detail how snipers should take down “the liberals” for ruining his country.

This sort of vitriol really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Turn on any AM radio or computer, and you’ll find a non-stop gusher of rote-learning drills teaching the language of marginalization and hatred to an otherwise decent nation [ß Have to respectfully but forcefully disagree on the “decent nation” bit, Rick]. We should all wonder who’s writing the checks to keep this bilge coming! [ß Agreed! For nearly a decade, now….]
Too bad the only ones who fall are the ones who sign their call!


Ranger Rick K1BQT could be talking about Brian’s “14.275 Mafia” on Jon’s ATWT 21 Aug ‘09

Monday, February 21, 2011

* Hi Jon!

Here we go again with another worthless whining article by the Ranger.
If he is so upset about what somebody said about liberals on 3.910 then why didn't he confront that person at the moment?
Instead he cowers from the situation knowing full well he can get his very own hate message against the "right" published on his good buddy Jon's web-site which relieves the Ranger of any liability for what is said. [ß Duhh… NOT so! Ergo, be VERY careful, Gerry….]
How sad and how pathetic is that?


Gerry ‘Whacko’ MEL N1GJT, one of the “14.275 Mafia”, on Jon’s ATWT 24 Aug ‘09

* The fact is, the old Ranger did confront this individual head-on --
with plenty of witnesses (including a Federal Agent) listening on the frequency.
I won't dignify Gerry's nonsense further, except to say that I hope it wasn't him using the airwaves to advocate killing public officials.


Ranger Rick K1BQT replying to Gerry N1GJT, Brian’s ‘Whacko’, on Jon’s ATWT 24 Aug ‘09

* K1MAN does not negotiate with blackmailers or terrorists. Your alleged successful attempt, as a representative of the Woodpecker Net on 40 meters, to blackmail Universal Radio, is noted here with much disgust and interest.

As did the late Walter Cronkite, KB2GSD, Fred Osterman, President of Universal Radio, has caved in on two occasions to this 2nd grade FCC mentality blackmail: "I don't like Billy because Johnny likes Billy and I don't like Johnny." In your case, you threatened to defame Universal Radio if they associate with K1MAN, and Riley Hollingsworth (currently an ARRL Vice Director, understand) apparently did not like Glenn. Hollingsworth is an allegedly fifth rate and corrupt former FCC lawyer who was sick on the day they taught law at law school, in my Amateur and Professional opinion. The alleged anti K1MAN/pro ARRL faction threatened Cronkite with "..If you are associated with K1MAN (he did an ID for the K1MAN Bulletin Service) then we will accuse you of being a child molester....." Cronkite folded like a cheap suit…. [ß This threatening/blackmailing MO smells like our Psycho Brian K3VR.]

Glenn K1MAN open e-mail to K5TER Cc on Jon K1TP’s ATWT 28 Aug ‘09

Saturday, February 19, 2011

* Dear Jon,

The letter you published today (copied below) allegedly from Mr. Glenn A. Baxter, P.E., (Maine PE Number 4645) apparently accuses Mr. Donald Smith of being a terrorist and a blackmailer. [ß Brian, why did you reverse the order of “terrorist” and “blackmailer”? Ohh, never mind… I just figured it out…. And, if you read Glenn’s 1st para attentively, he stated that Don was an alleged blackmailer, simpliciter. Pay attention to the ‘song’, not just the words, Dimmi!]

As a former member of the Society of Logistics Engineers [ß Actually, in view of Brian’s Coprophilia, the “Society of Sanitary Engineers”, at best, HI.], I must say, this apparent, public, ad-hominem attack [ß Psycho Brian’s patent specialty.], coming from Mr. Baxter, while using his Maine P.E. designation, does not reflect well on the profession of Engineering, in general, not to mention the reflection it casts on amateur radio. [ß Gentle reader—for the true “reflection” a.k.a. Brian’s psychotic “projection”—simply re-read this entire page—and weep.]

I believe the elements of Mr. Baxter's 2006 FCC Forfeiture and his history with the FCC, and others, reflects the reality of the situation.

Like you and many others, I also wonder when Mr. Baxter will get his day in court, and why Mr. Baxter still uses his P.E. designation, for non P.E. related matters, after he was instructed to cease this practice. [ß But, but… Brian. What about you using made-up designations in even more non-related matters, as here?]

Best Regards,

Brian Crow, M.Ed., P.C. [ß Does Brian not realize the irony in what he does/writes?]

Brian ‘P.C.= Psychotic Cunt’ K3VR “projecting” on Glenn on Jon’s ATWT website 28 Aug ‘09

* Yes, SOLE [ß Society of Logistics Engineers] has absolutely no educational requirements.
You merely have to be "interested in the field of logistics". [ß Without necessarily being logical, HI?]
Psycho apparently satisfied that stringent requirement at some point in time.



“TJ” commenting on Todd N9OGL’s Blog about Psycho Brian’s SOLE association by K3VR 29 Aug ‘09
* I'm active on 1.8 MHz through 2.4 GHz…. [ß 2.4 GHz = your microwave oven and/or portable phone?]
I also enjoy SSB and wholesome AM…. [ß Brian: “wholesome” in this context is the mark of an unsound mind….]
I use various beams, verticals, and wave guides…. [ß Non sequitur, Dimmi.]

Brian ‘Disordered CROW’ K3VR trying to burnish his tattered image, ex-Bio on QeerZ ~1 Sep ‘09

* This operator is often found on 14.275, Jamming the frequency, rebroadcasting recorded messages, and uses profane language, not identifying his station etc. He seems to be at war with VE7KFM but violates many FCC rules and regulations. This gentleman [sic] should not be allowed to operate on the Citizen Band much less the Ham bands.

Farrell W5EZI about Fat Mikee KZ8O [Brian’s Brown Shirt] in “Wall of Shame” ~19 Oct ‘09

* The grant of an Amateur Radio operator/primary station license and callsign is actually a Federal Fingerprint and Federal Identity that is unique to one, and only one, individual person or club entity, using the same principle as assignment of unique Federal Social Security numbers. Any unauthorized use or Identity Theft of a person’s Social Security number is rightfully a Federal crime.
Any misrepresentation or unauthorized use of a Federal Communication Commission licensee’s unique callsign identity, whether made over the public airwaves, Internet packet cluster system postings, cellular or non-cellular telephone connections, electronic based communications or print media formats of any other nature, shall be considered a form of Federal Identity Theft and a Federal crime.


* I guess slander is free speech too? The FCC SHOULD be involved because THEY are the ones who authorized the callsign to the individual in the first place.

Paul K3STX cogent in “Dumbest Request For Rulemaking Ever?” [NOT] on 8 Nov ‘08

* If you are pursuing your passion, you are a "winner". If you aren't, you are a loser.
My opinion about people who stir up QRZ with "troll" posts is that they are in the "loser" category.

Bill K3TP referring to Brian, the biggest “bait-trolling bastard” in “Young Hams…” on 13 Nov ‘09

Thursday, February 17, 2011

* For years it was 14.313. Then a bunch of them moved down to 14.275 to bother K1MAN. Then when K1MAN vanished for a while, new fighting started with VE7KFM. Now K1MAN is back, just about 25/7 on 14.275 and the trouble makers have moved down to 14.272.5.

Bill W8MEA [no friend of mine] re Brian’s FUCKTARDS in “The worst ham frequency ???” on 20 Dec ‘09


My name is Karol Madera [CDN amateur call-sign VE7KFM] and I did NOT post the above comment....

FYI This combination of the unusually-spelled 1st name [Polish in origin] & surname [Spanish in origin], is EXTREMELY rare....

I have every reason to believe that this was posted by my Stalker, a Cyberpath by the name of Brian Crow [US CB/HAM call-sign K3VR] and/or one of his gang, sowing dis-info. on the WWW.

It may be the thin-edge-of-the-wedge to facilitate future mischief, as has happened before and as such, I request that you delete the comment.

For more on Brian & Co.'s mischief & criminality on-air, on the WWW and elsewhere, see:

and follow the links....

Or, contact me via

BTW I am giving you this 'heads up' here, because your "Report" function is NOT working.

Karol Madera

Karol MADERA in “iPhone App Review – i Heart Radio” on ~Jan ‘10

Sunday, February 13, 2011

* 14.270 has become a magnet of sorts for an on air saga, a very sad saga at that. It's the hang out for KZ8O, Mike an operator who seems to feel that he is the sole owner of this frequency…. as I listened I began to hear things that were disturbing.

Foul language, comments about operators sexual preferences and lewd remarks about wanting to have sexual relations with operators daughters and wives have been heard coming from this operator…. Even during Field Day the lewdness continued with KZ8O calling for FD contacts and then offering a report of 44DD an obvious reference to the bust size of a woman. [ß Actually, the size of HIS breasts!]

I was reluctant to post about this… but, fact is fact, he swears and makes nasty remarks about women on the band and pushes anyone off who is on 14.270. [ß Actually 14.270-.275 and sometimes more] Last I checked the amateur frequencies are not for sale nor are they the possession of any one included would be KZ8O hence the pic of the dunce cap. Because, lets face it only a dunce would do this stuff.

Cliff VA2UTC a blind radio-amateur “sees” the situation w/ Brian’s ‘brown-shirt’ remarkably well, in his 30 Jun ‘10

* I'm looking for BIG MEN in the Forth Worth FL area.... Do you have something worth CROWING about??? If so, drop me a line.....

I like to JAM because I like to be JAMMED in the rear......... I love a BIG MAN......

Read more:

* ** CANADA. VE7KFM ---

A short video showing Karol Madera's Canadian radio shack and including some of his more 'memorable' statements regarding threats to the US Ambassador to Canada and statements regarding sniper rifles and roadside bombs (Brian Crow, K3VR, Aug 10, DX LISTENING DIGEST) [ß Merely “statements regarding threats” now? Not long ago—and for years—you wrote that they supposedly were ‘direct physical threats’! What gives, HAMereekan Psycho?]

YouTube: “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.” ‘Psycho Brian’ K3VR a.k.a. “nemodorry” ‘circle jerk’ finally misfired, again 12 Aug ‘10

Friday, February 11, 2011

4781 North Congress Avenue, Suite 262
Boynton Beach, FL 33426


4781 North Congress Avenue, Suite 262
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

[Call-signs/names/addresses verifiable via]

We're looking for Suite 262, I believe, HI….

Here it is:

It is a fucking mail stop place that rents postal boxes!

The scam in this is they just give you a box number, like 262.

People trying to look like they have a real physical address put Suite 262 in the address.

The place knows the “Suite” is just marketing BS and stick it in box 262.

It's a PO box is Boynton Beach! There are other "businesses" doing the same scam, to appear legit.

Interesting, this place is next to a Publix supermarket, big in Florida, across from... wait for it....

Dunkin' Donuts.... Oh the Humanity....

You can't make this shit up.

Rubicon-1 e-mail about the ‘Three HAMereekan Stooges’, hiding in the same PO Box, a.k.a. Suite, in Flo-RI-DUH 9 Sep ‘10

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

* Yes, I missed it also. I kept looking for an office building.

It's the new way of doing business to fool the ‘tards:

GO to mail stop and get a $10/mo box.
GET prepaid cell phone at one of 10 places.

You're in BIZNITZ.

SCAM a few people, walk away from both.

RentaCop has so-called “Digital Forensics Group”, his ham license, and his campaign address there.
Psycho has his and his wife's ham license there.
Nina's RE license is probably out of it also.

RentaCop also has his property tax records hidden, but not very well….

And you thought that I was paranoid.

Rubicon-2 e-mail about the FUCKTARDS’ SCAM 10 Sep ‘10

* You can still find Mr Congeniality on or about 14.272 .... obnoxiosness [sic] still knows no bounds ....but then it's just an old story is'nt [sic] it? [ß FUUUUCK, Gerry…. Two spelling mistakes in one broken down sentence? Are you sure that you’re not a DUMB-FUCK HAMereekan?]

Gerry SAELENS VE7DCW Psycho Brian’s surrogate Vancouver Is. stalker just can’t let go—in only his 3rd post on eHAM—in “VE7KFM” 31 Jul ‘10

* We're still waiting to send the thank you note to IC for dealing with the infamous unmentionable problem child, on that unmentionable 20 meter frequency ..... [ß Keep waiting, you obese FUCKTARD!]

Gerry VE7DCW still can’t let go, posting off-topic in “Industry Canada authorizes commercial activity on two amateur radio bands” 9 Sep ‘10

Saturday, February 5, 2011

* I've witnessed how little IC has done to enforce your rules and regulations as well. [ß Pot/Kettle/Black] The unmentionable out in BC on 20M is a glaring example. [ß And will be, until you/Laura/the FCC at least learn Right from Wrong—or Al Qaeda ‘delivers’ the lesson….]

Lee W6EM/4 knows better, but still shills ‘Psycho’ Brian & Co.’s mindless mantra/shit in “Industry Canada authorizes…” 12 Sep ‘10

* Perhaps you are uneducated to the fact that there are 1000's of hams located here in the U.S. that are from Canada like myself?

That's right, I was a Canadian taxpayer. I have both an SSN and I still have a Canadian SIN number.

Yup, as an "American" I can request why the Canadian goverment [sic] has done what they are doing and as a "Canadian" I can even hold them accountable for thier [sic] actions. The government of Canada MUST respond to such inquiries made by any member of the public as mandated and required by Canadian laws. Any government official's failure to respond to any public inquiries made by any member of the Canadian public is strictly not allowed to occur in Canada.

...Pretty neat how that works huh? [ß Take your pills, Chas and the world will seem ‘rosier’ still….]

I wouldn't underestimate the abilities and capabilities of us "Americans" ...You can take that fact to the bank and cash it!!

Chas ‘Delusional’ KC8VWM one of Psycho Brian’s long-time frenetically-posting QeerZ maggots, in “Industry Canada authorizes…” 13 Sep ‘10

* The "unmentionable" lives across town from me... and is one of the 6 x hams in town, that's on HF. The other 1150 hams in town are vhf/uhf types.… IC in this town does NOT support hams installing towers, never did, never will, and will side with city hall every time. City hall here does an 'end run' around the regs by demanding exorbitant fees for building permits for ham towers.

The "unmentionable" phones the local IC office… and asks... 'what is the standard for diction on ham radio?’ and was told… "the SAME as broadcast TV" [ß Not strictly true—the standard is LOWER—but ~close enough for amateur work, HI.]…. "Unmentionable" insists that local IC office buy a 20M RX… so they can listen to him. They did just that. "Unmentionable" also E-mails and phones the local IC office... 5 mins prior to him going on the air.… and suggests they listen to the action. [He does this everyday, since folks have recorded him… and play back the recordings, while he is away on holidays.]

Jimbo VE7RF telling it ~like it is w/ the famous CDN “unmentionable” on QeerZ—and his servants at IC—in “Industry Canada authorizes…” 13 Sep ‘10

Thursday, February 3, 2011

* Below, you'll find excerpts by Jim Thomson, VE7RF, as he discusses incompetence at Industry Canada. Jimbo refers to Karol Madera as "the Unmentionable." [ß Note how Psycho Brian CROW K3VR twists things out of context…. As evidenced above, the ‘moniker’ was initially coined by Psycho Brian CROW’s bloated toady, Gerry SAELENS VE7DCW on 9 Sep ‘10. It was then picked up by Psycho Brian’s sometime mindless follower, Lee W6EM/4 on 12 Sep ‘10. And it was only on 13 Sep ’10 that Jimbo VE7RF simply used the same ‘formulary’—in appropriately off-setting quotation marks, for reference—in his self-explanatory comment, immediately above. Yet Psycho would disingenuously imply that Jimbo used the phrase, in a negative context, ab initio, against me…. Did I ever tell you that “K3VR is a bait-trolling bastard”, likely to get shot, hopefully soon?]

Psycho Brian CROW typical ‘sleight of hand’ on his 16 Sep ‘10

* I am posting this to let Todd Daugherty know that the libel posted at [] has cost my husband jobs and clients and has therefore done real and measurable financial damage to us.

Last week, we retained a law firm which is now having subpoenas served on the privacy protection service for []. The subpoenas demand that the domain registrar release the identities of all owners. Pending the results of the subpoenas, our lawyer has filed a John Doe suit against the people at [] which demands $1 million in punitive and compensatory damages.

At long last, we are going to drag those monsters into court and make them stand before a judge. Their time has come.

“Anonymous” firing a shot across Psycho Brian CROW K3VR’s bows on N9OGL WORLD 18 Sep ‘10

* He's gone hyperbolic on that shit website of his.

Whatever you may have done to him, please keep it up.

Private e-mail from a ‘bird-dogger’ opining about Brian’s latest Psychopathy on his 21 Sep ‘10

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is in reference to the article on the Front Page of your website which I found this morning:
entitled: "Brandon Duke scheduled to enter a plea Aug. 20.....controversial ham radio operator"
a true copy of which is reprinted below my signature block.

By modifying/republishing the article as you did, you possibly breached John AGUILAR/Boulder Daily Camera (c) [but it's his/their intellectual property, so I'll let them deal with it]....

More importantly/personally, you AGAIN defamed me thereby....

I'm referring peripherally to the change of the title and most importantly to me, to the embedded LINK in John AGUILAR's last phrase: "history of enmity toward officers generally.” -- which LINK is NOT in the original, for which see:

Most importantly from my perspective, this LINK to an ANONymous, unattributed, cloaked and fundamentally FRAUDulent website -- whose ONLY identifiable feature is MY Industry Canada uniquely licenced call-sign -- is DEFAMATORY via innuendo and otherwise and is AGAIN seriously against my interest by supposed association, etc....

Also, from the changed title/link MO and otherwise, I AGAIN have reason to believe that you are AGAIN co-operating with Brian CROW K3VR who you know/should know by now, is a demonstrated SERIAL STALKER, an adept CYBERPATH, a facile SOCIOPATH and possibly an outright PSYCHOPATH, with all that entails....

More importantly, as you know/should know, several years ago, Brian CROW K3VR also started to STALK Brandon DUKE [who is your fellow American radio-amateur], on-air, on and on the WWW generally, simply because Brandon initially answered my general call [CQ] on-air, apparently out of his band privileges....

I understand that Brian CROW subsequently made substantially FALSE reports about Brandon DUKE to various Authorities [the FCC, Longmont PD, the FBI, etc.].
I later learned that Brandon was then a teen-ager with a troubled background [his father reportedly committed suicide, his mother effectively abandoned him, etc.] -- but his peccadilloes chiefly within the local amateur community notwithstanding -- he was very arguably a 'salvageable' human being....

But, no... your "Hero" Brian CROW [and his amateur and other co-conspirators in CO], who as you know perversely masquerades as an amateur Psychotherapist on-air/on the WWW had to push Brandon's hot 'buttons' all these years and we now have this tragedy....

As a fellow radio amateur -- or even notionally as a human being who knows/should know better -- you should be ashamed of yourself, Jon!

Irrespective, this is a DEMAND that you FORTHWITH remove the LINK to the FRAUDulent website 'as if mine'!!!

Time is of the essence.


Dipl(s) ULE, Hons B.A.(RMC), LL.B., M.P.A.
Captain [Ret'd] A.D.C.

Karol VE7KFM e-mail to Jon K1TP: “FORMAL LETTER of DEMAND -- Remove the LINK to the FRAUDulent website, or else...” 14 Jul ‘10