Saturday, February 19, 2011

* I'm active on 1.8 MHz through 2.4 GHz…. [ß 2.4 GHz = your microwave oven and/or portable phone?]
I also enjoy SSB and wholesome AM…. [ß Brian: “wholesome” in this context is the mark of an unsound mind….]
I use various beams, verticals, and wave guides…. [ß Non sequitur, Dimmi.]

Brian ‘Disordered CROW’ K3VR trying to burnish his tattered image, ex-Bio on QeerZ ~1 Sep ‘09

* This operator is often found on 14.275, Jamming the frequency, rebroadcasting recorded messages, and uses profane language, not identifying his station etc. He seems to be at war with VE7KFM but violates many FCC rules and regulations. This gentleman [sic] should not be allowed to operate on the Citizen Band much less the Ham bands.

Farrell W5EZI about Fat Mikee KZ8O [Brian’s Brown Shirt] in “Wall of Shame” ~19 Oct ‘09

* The grant of an Amateur Radio operator/primary station license and callsign is actually a Federal Fingerprint and Federal Identity that is unique to one, and only one, individual person or club entity, using the same principle as assignment of unique Federal Social Security numbers. Any unauthorized use or Identity Theft of a person’s Social Security number is rightfully a Federal crime.
Any misrepresentation or unauthorized use of a Federal Communication Commission licensee’s unique callsign identity, whether made over the public airwaves, Internet packet cluster system postings, cellular or non-cellular telephone connections, electronic based communications or print media formats of any other nature, shall be considered a form of Federal Identity Theft and a Federal crime.


* I guess slander is free speech too? The FCC SHOULD be involved because THEY are the ones who authorized the callsign to the individual in the first place.

Paul K3STX cogent in “Dumbest Request For Rulemaking Ever?” [NOT] on 8 Nov ‘08

* If you are pursuing your passion, you are a "winner". If you aren't, you are a loser.
My opinion about people who stir up QRZ with "troll" posts is that they are in the "loser" category.

Bill K3TP referring to Brian, the biggest “bait-trolling bastard” in “Young Hams…” on 13 Nov ‘09

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