Thursday, February 17, 2011

* For years it was 14.313. Then a bunch of them moved down to 14.275 to bother K1MAN. Then when K1MAN vanished for a while, new fighting started with VE7KFM. Now K1MAN is back, just about 25/7 on 14.275 and the trouble makers have moved down to 14.272.5.

Bill W8MEA [no friend of mine] re Brian’s FUCKTARDS in “The worst ham frequency ???” on 20 Dec ‘09


My name is Karol Madera [CDN amateur call-sign VE7KFM] and I did NOT post the above comment....

FYI This combination of the unusually-spelled 1st name [Polish in origin] & surname [Spanish in origin], is EXTREMELY rare....

I have every reason to believe that this was posted by my Stalker, a Cyberpath by the name of Brian Crow [US CB/HAM call-sign K3VR] and/or one of his gang, sowing dis-info. on the WWW.

It may be the thin-edge-of-the-wedge to facilitate future mischief, as has happened before and as such, I request that you delete the comment.

For more on Brian & Co.'s mischief & criminality on-air, on the WWW and elsewhere, see:

and follow the links....

Or, contact me via

BTW I am giving you this 'heads up' here, because your "Report" function is NOT working.

Karol Madera

Karol MADERA in “iPhone App Review – i Heart Radio” on ~Jan ‘10

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