Wednesday, February 9, 2011

* Yes, I missed it also. I kept looking for an office building.

It's the new way of doing business to fool the ‘tards:

GO to mail stop and get a $10/mo box.
GET prepaid cell phone at one of 10 places.

You're in BIZNITZ.

SCAM a few people, walk away from both.

RentaCop has so-called “Digital Forensics Group”, his ham license, and his campaign address there.
Psycho has his and his wife's ham license there.
Nina's RE license is probably out of it also.

RentaCop also has his property tax records hidden, but not very well….

And you thought that I was paranoid.

Rubicon-2 e-mail about the FUCKTARDS’ SCAM 10 Sep ‘10

* You can still find Mr Congeniality on or about 14.272 .... obnoxiosness [sic] still knows no bounds ....but then it's just an old story is'nt [sic] it? [ß FUUUUCK, Gerry…. Two spelling mistakes in one broken down sentence? Are you sure that you’re not a DUMB-FUCK HAMereekan?]

Gerry SAELENS VE7DCW Psycho Brian’s surrogate Vancouver Is. stalker just can’t let go—in only his 3rd post on eHAM—in “VE7KFM” 31 Jul ‘10

* We're still waiting to send the thank you note to IC for dealing with the infamous unmentionable problem child, on that unmentionable 20 meter frequency ..... [ß Keep waiting, you obese FUCKTARD!]

Gerry VE7DCW still can’t let go, posting off-topic in “Industry Canada authorizes commercial activity on two amateur radio bands” 9 Sep ‘10

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