Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Reader,
Does ND8V occasionally lose it on the air? Yep. Is he likely to grace the cover of QST as 2003's most courteous operator? Nope. Does that mean VE7KFM's whiny tale of woe and QRM is true? Not at all. [ß non sequiturs…]
Karol (VE7KFM) Madera's phone number is [deleted], in case you'd like to call him about the libelous and defamatory article he posted here…. [Note ‘Psycho’s characteristic populist MO and STALKING (the number refers).]

Brian ‘The FRAUDulent CROW’ K3VR masquerading as OFFICIALOBSERVER [!] in “The Life of Riley” on eHAM.net 4 Oct ‘03

Should have mentioned in the previous thread, I gave up ham radio due to the bickering and backstabbing of some hams. A hobby should be enjoyable! [ß Yeah, right! See Ed in his “Ruining the Hobby for me…” and related.]

Brian FRAUDulently posting as VE9PMI in “The Life of Riley” on eHAM.net 14 Oct ‘03

As I mentioned in the post prior to the one above...

I_gave_up_ham_radio. I guess that's why my old call doesn't show up in the database anymore. Let me write it again so even the dumbest polak can understand it. I_gave_up_ham_radio.

I do like to listen though. I mostly gave it up due to horses asses like George and Karol. I understand they are both Polish, but to me that's still no excuse for the incredible display of stupidity I've seen displayed here and heard on the air. [Assuming, for the sake of argument: Is “stupidity” illegal?]

One of the members of the group on 14.275 was good enough to send me an audio file with the VE7 station saying "America Deserved 9/11!"

It was particularly disgusting to hear it repeated on tape. [ß OK Lying Bastard(s) Brian/Joe: Lets hear the tape!!!]

I still say he ought to be horse whipped!

Joe McGuire
67 Central Ave
Grand Bay, Westfield NB E5K 2N1
Canada [Then the entire “The Life of Riley” thread went ‘POOF’….]
Dave sounded a lot like the previously banned N9PH to me, or one of the other previously banned defenders of the fruitcake. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find "Dave" was not actually KB2SQP. Oh well, he was on my ignore list anyway, along with a couple of others who need to buy a clue. [ß Sure he was, Brian. Is that why you vitriolically posted nearly 3 dozen times, over 30 pp (so far) and went “fishing”, a.k.a. stalking him, at least twice?]

Brian ‘Obsessed Stalker’ CROW K3VR lying in the face of his own writings, in “14.275 MHz” on QRZ.com 31 Jul ‘08

I was talking to friends at the FBI the other day about the 'cult of personality' certain folks represent. Apparently they develop this delusional following of a few supporters who believe whatever they say.

The followers are robotic and they repeatedly parrot whatever the cult master promotes. They don't seem to realize the majority around them regard them as delusional and sad followers of an unbalanced, controlling personality.

Usually the followers have a very serious lack of self esteem and they crave an authority figure (daddy) who will tell them what to think and how to behave. They'll ignore all reason as well as objective reality in pursuit of praise from the controlling personality.

‘Psycho Brian’ K3VR “projecting”/describing himself & his Puppets to a “T” in “14.275 MHz” on QRZ.com 1 Aug ‘08

Fred sends me a check for $200/month in thanks for keeping his site interesting. Thank you for asking.

“Brian” [name contains a directly executable link to www.suckK3VRoff.com] on Todd N9OGL’s Blog 1 Aug ‘08

Why are some people… scumbags, liars, and identity thieves?

Brian K3VR looking in the mirror, in “VE7KFM makes terroristic threats to america” on QRZ.com 7 Aug ‘08

corw on crow are the quotes here soon