Thursday, December 15, 2011

* I’m a very attractive man.”

Brian K3VR to his ‘butt buddy’ Randy W7CPA as monitored on 14.272.5 MHz @ 0618 PST 25 Feb ‘10

* I did hear [Brian CROW K3VR] once on 40 AM, maybe a year ago, but the person he was talking to asked him something about the situation on 14275 and he clearly got very nervous. He went into that extreme monotone voice as he got very careful with his answers.

I find it humorous that he still gets questions over the air about the Florida address on QRZ, and he still goes into the lie about places in Maine, Florida, and PA. Yeah right. He can afford to live anywhere but picks Shithole, PA. [ß a.k.a. Irwin, PA] Give me a fucking break.

I heard him say once he was in PA because of his wife's family, but her parents are dead and her two brothers blew out of there years ago. But I must remember there is no rule about having to tell the truth on amateur radio.

Humorous private e-mail from Brian’s ~neighbour on Memorial Day 2010

* Published reports indicate Madera [ß That’s Karol VE7KFM (or “Sir”) to you, Puke!] is transmitting falsehoods and threats to anyone who will listen. [ß Brian/Glenn HAUSER’s HAMereekan FUCKTARDS eagerly listening to “falsehoods” and “threats”? Go figure!]

‘Psycho’ Brian CROW K3VR--knows the incendiary words, but NOT the ‘song’--in his so-called DX LD report 29 Apr ‘10

* Tom,

Congratulations on helping bust the criminals associated with that Canadian who’s been threatening U.S. public officials. He’s a very bad actor and I understand there’s even a web page [] about him and his fellow criminals.

Lindsay B. [ß This calumny/macabre impersonation was bad Karma and the beginning of the end of Tom’s School Board campaign! Bravo, Brian!]

Psycho Brian CROW K3VR—Tom WHATLEY’s “Educational Insultant”—posting as murdered Lindsay BUZIAK on 2 Jun ‘10

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

* Todd,

Let's say for a minute we believe you. We don't, but let's say we do, and in this little fantasy, Brian's now the owner of ...

And for laughs, let's also say we believe that Brian's some kind of bad-ass hacker who got you thrown off ISP's, put in jail, on probation, hosted a site using your call sign, got your blogs taken down, got you warned 2x by the FCC, had you visited by the [FBI], and let's say we also believe he ruined your life by making you a retarded cart pusher who loves kiddy pr0n.

Ok, are you listening? We all believe you.


WTF are you gonna do about it, you 4 eyed pedophile motherfucker?

You live with your parents, you got a gut the size of Manhattan, and you chow down on Mickey D's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Do you even own a car, you pathetic pile of blubbering bullshit?

Get a life son.

You ain't gonna do NOTHIN' but shit and fall back in it. [ß Check above on this page for this almost verbatim formulary by the Coprophiliac.]

Now fuck off and cry to your mama, cuz we don't give a fuck, you slack jawed, stick armed, faggot! a.k.a. Brian CROW K3VR—demonstrating that he’s a Sociopath—NOT a psychiatrist, psychologist or even psychotherapist—on NIMbusters 15 Nov ‘10

Thursday, September 1, 2011

* Author: Brian
Subject: Well this shit hole hasn’t changed a bit over the past several years so it’s time to move on.

Mark you have been marginalized in that the only sandbox you play in is here and on your blogs [ß Reader: Change Mark to Brian, who is “projecting” again.] that nobody reads! That fully suits my purposes and besides there are enough others here posting as someone else [ß 9/10 = Brian in his various ANONymous/PSEUDOnymous/FRAUDulent disguises.] that you will remain engaged for years to come.

I am off to help fry some serious offenders and you won’t see much of me here anymore. [ß Brian the FRAUDulent informant will “fry” in Hell, but dimes-to-doughnuts, his OCD won’t allow him to stay away from “this shit hole”.] Stay out of the big leagues Mark and you will be fine. Start jumping through hoops for Karol and there will be trouble. [ß Brian has repeatedly called Mark a “retard”. Consequently, Mark should have trouble jumping through his own/HAMereekan “hoops”, never mind Karol’s!] Just some friendly advice, not a warning…. [ß Of course not…. Especially after Brian re-defines “threat”, “trouble”, “warning”, etc. IAW his Psychotic Dick-tionary, HI.]

Psycho Brian CROW suddenly supposedly ‘moving on’, after only “several years” of wallowing in the “shit hole” on NIMbusters 17 Nov ‘10

Friday, July 1, 2011

* Kind of ironic that Crow has the listing changed, only to trip himself up in the process.
Crow never lived in Irwin, eh? [ß]
Time for Crow to eat crow.

Psycho Brian forgot this related search result, giving the same “CROW’s Nest” info.: 19 Nov ‘10

* Sorry. Too late. Lots of us saw that listing before it was deleted. Consider yourself a proven liar. [ß Tell us something about Psycho Brian we don’t already know!] 19 Nov ‘10

Sunday, May 1, 2011

* Subject: Ping: ALL Re: Todd Threaten the Chief of Police

The real question one needs to ask is why was Brian Crow, The former chief of police and Riley Hollingworth of the FCC communicating back and forth back in 2008 about Todd E Daugherty. That of course was also the same year Todd got one of his two warning letters from the FCC. Local police and the State of Illinois has no jurisdiction over INTERSTATE COMMUNICATIONS only the FCC does. BTW the ONLY one who claims Daugherty threatened the new police chief DAVE HERPSTREITH is a rat bastard liar named BRIAN CROW K3VR. Daugherty only threatened the former police chief because like the ASSHOLE State's Attorney FINK he seems to be listening to Brian Crow. That's why the police chief at the time refused to talk to Todd because he had already made his mind up about Todd based on what Brian Crow said, thus depriving Todd his first amendment right (the right to file grievances) and his right to due process. This can BTW be all proven through a Freedom of Information Act request from the FCC. TOO bad the State of Illinois is to stupid to see what's going on...unlike the FBI who's [now, after reading this website] ignores Brian Crow bullshit lies.

Hey Brian remember this:

Dear Mr. Daugherty,

Consolidated Communications takes strong exception to the libelous statements on this blog in re the intelligence quotient of our employees and representatives. If the statements are not removed by Jan 1, 2010, our Legal Department will file a law suit against Mr. Todd Daugherty, as well as his legal guardians in Taylorville, IL.

If it were left up to me, I would do the same thing to Mr. Daugherty that he has threatened to do to Federal officers; namely, cut his balls off and let him bleed to death.

Since I'm law abiding, a law suit will have to suffice.

Very truly yours,

Laura ZuHone
Corporate Communications
121 S. 17th Street
Mattoon, IL 61938

Too bad the state of Illinois doesn't or is to stupid to figure it out that YOU Brian Crow, who was the one that provoked Daugherty to threaten Consolidated Communication. ONLY YOU had the grudge over Daugherty threaten Riley by wanting to cut his nuts off, and only YOU who would add that to a comment on his Blog. It was YOU BRIAN CROW, that is still PISSED off because the FBI investigated it and claim it is all done and over with...YOU Brian can't get over that fact, that Daugherty got away with it. It is YOU Brian Crow that can't let stuff go, instead you lie and provoke Daugherty and then complain when YOU do it. It was YOU Brian Crow that claimed to the FAA that Daugherty only wanted a pilots license so he can fly his plane into the FCC building, and YOU know Daugherty didn't say that. Finally it was YOU Brian Crow who admitted on this website that this court case was just the beginning to what you have plan for Daugherty, proving that you want to make Todd's life hell. After all that why Daugherty put that $5,000 bounty on your head, because you stalk, harass and try to make his life hell for your own enjoyment. You get on here and on [] with the enjoyment that your going to get someone sent to jail and get your pleasure that the person (Daugherty) might get anal rape. To think, the state of Illinois thinks Daugherty has a mental problem...when they should be looking at the person sending them all this information. Too bad their too dumb to see what's really going on

"Daugherty doesn't deserve to be on the internet, and he defiantly doesn't deserve to have a ham license."

Is that why BRIAN CROW your waiting for the trial to end so you can go to the FCC and have Laura Smith remove Daugherty Ham license? And wasn't it YOU Brian Crow that hoped that Daugherty couldn't get on the web, and when you found out he was on, that you called for everyone to complaint to FINK because he was in violating of his bond agreement. After all that what it really about isn't Daugherty "CONTEMPT FOR THE FCC" that YOU don't like. The Idea that he questions and BAD MOUTHS the FCC. Your using the STATE of ILLINOIS to shut him up.

To bad the STATE OF ILLINOIS and the TAYLORVILLE POLICE are too STUPID to see what YOU are doing.

“A note to the FUCKTARD Brian Crow and Consolidated shit heads” 19 Nov ‘10

Sunday, April 3, 2011

* Laura L. Smith, FCC Enforcement Bureau [ß Published as a parody of her Bio.]

In early 2009, Laura Smith… took over Riley Hollingsworth's position at the FCC.

One positive development is an email written by Ms. Smith… stating her belief that the FCC has no intention of regulating the Internet. This is good news for FCC licensees who may have feared they would be penalized for speaking frankly on the Internet. [ß This should be “good news” especially—but pro tem only—to Brian CROW K3VR whose ~anonymous specialty on the WWW is Criminal Libel/Defamation.]

In one such case, the email referenced above was immediately seized upon by William F. Crowell, W6WBJ. According to a motion by Crowell, the FCC has apparently stated their intention to examine his "character" based on the content of his Internet postings, which is something Crowell has objected to. [ß As might you, Psycho, otherwise, you’re not only going to lose your licence, but arguably will land in Jail.] His motion, is apparently an attempt to use Ms. Smith’s email as prima facie evidence that the FCC does not regulate the content of Internet posts. [ß Psycho Brian would now dictate, to an Attorney, in his own case, whether and how he can ‘seize good news’. Has Brian’s HAMereekan Hubris no bounds?]

Ms. Smith came under fire in February and March, regarding what some called her 'shoot from both hips' approach to enforcement….

Madera is often jammed by unidentified stations [ß Incited by Psycho Brian, in his own words, as this page amply evidences.] who play music and noise effects in order to drown out his transmissions. There is no proof that any station Madera has ever named has taken part in the jamming…. [ß How does Brian know this? Ohh, never mind, I know: he’s Psychotic!]

In March, a potentially embarassing [ß sic] email, written by Ms. Smith, was sent to two FCC licensees, concerning official Commission business. [ß Nothing wrong with/embarrassing about that, even if exactly true.] The email quickly surfaced on the Internet, at blogs operated by Mark Morgan and Todd Daugherty. [ß Plenty wrong with that, especially if the e-mail was leaked by Randy ‘Racist’ BEST W7CPA, as is most likely and was 1st “surfaced” on the WWW by you, Psycho.] Online repartee referred to Ms. Smith's communication as a "1,000 word rant" that one reader described as “PMS on Steroids.” [ß That “repartee”, “rant” and PMS slur were not only YOURS but were and are on YOUR FRAUDulent website where the current subject piece of shit also resides, Psycho!]

According to our tips line [ß Is that anything like the 1-800-264-5980 number you FRAUDulently put up as part of your “International” Distress & FALSE SOS capers in mid-2008 ?], complaints were made to the FCC hierarchy regarding Ms. Smith's email, which has been termed "horrifying" and "abusive" by one present, and one former FCC employee, who both asked to remain anonymous. [ß Sure it was, if you/Riley say so. But, who is your mole at the FCC, Psycho?]

Conversations we have monitored on-air, have referred to the email as 'The Laura Doctrine' and many are hailing it as "a victory for free speech." Her remark about Karol Madera's diatribes, "Nothing I have heard thus far rises to the level of an actionable complaint" is now being interpreted as "anything goes" where speech over amateur radio is concerned…. [ß If you have the balls, Brian, which I doubt, put your silly interpretation to the test. GL in the KKKontest!]

In fact… according to Ms. Smith, although Madera's speech is "obnoxious," … it "does not necessarily rise to the level of obscene speech."….

Laura Smith, who has visited this website, and heard our audio recordings, had this to say about Mr. Madera:

"Indeed, were Karol an American, his speech would fall squarely under the 1st Amendment -- you know that thing many of our forefathers fought and died for (not to mention our troops overseas right now). When you call yourself patriotic, built within that statement is the acceptance of the Constitution and all it entails -- free speech is one of the cornerstones of that fine document. It doesn't mean only the speech YOU agree with; or only the speech that the majority of folks agree with; or even only speech that isn't offensive to most mature, rational adults. It means ALL speech -- the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly (as Karol is quite often want [SIC] to spout)…. [ß If you’re going to shamelessly imitate me, at least do it correctly, sic and w/o e-shouting, Dimmi.]

We agree that 1st Amendment issues should be carefully guarded, indeed they should be sacrosanct…. [ß Is that your Royal “We” and what part of “sacrosanct” don’t you understand, Fucktard?] Ms. Smith's email has left us all shaking our heads and wondering. [ß You and Riley shaking your ‘little heads’ in this contrived ‘circle jerk’, ogled by Kris the ‘voyeuress’, does not count.] We wonder too if Julius Genachowski, Michael Copps, and the Full Commission, will agree with Ms. Smith…. [ß Wait for it, Psycho. Your reign of terror is coming to an end.]

Brian ‘Obsessive CROW’ K3VR ratcheting up the ugliness some more, on his anon. website 6 Mar ‘09

Friday, April 1, 2011

* To AA7BQ [ß Fred ‘Hypocrite’ LLOYD owner of ‘QeerZ’ a.k.a.]

How about removing the images that have been [FRAUDulently] posted in the detail info for the callsign VE7KFM.

And while you're at it, REMOVE all POST from K3VR and N1FM concerning 14.275 and VE7KFM.

NOOBIE to Fred AA7BQ in Fred’s “We don’t want your opinions here” [Bravo!] on 8 Mar ‘09

* Yes it is a felony [impersonating a Federal Official] here in the good old USA, BUT if it came from where I think it did, oh lets say ....... Canada,,,,, we know how that works. One bad apple up there who likes to stir the pot makes ALL of us look bad. [ß That’s why they call me “The Canadian Army of One” and Laura styles me the “Master Manipulator”, Dimmi!]

Herr-mann ‘Shit-for-Brains’ N8GAV in “STOP THE PRESS: FCC Chief of Enforcement” on 8 Mar ‘09

* Which part of fix VE7KFM's details in the database did you not understand Fred?

Why haven't you BANNED K3VR? He's the ROOT of the problem on 14.275... You know it, and WE KNOW IT.

Now the FCC KNOWS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOON2BE to Fred AA7BQ in his “We don’t want your opinions here” [Bravo!] on 8 Mar ‘09

* Dear Soon. As you probably did not notice, the original thread which contained your repeated stuff [ß The e-mail from Laura to Randy.] ... was determined by Fred, to be a fraud. [ß Obviously, Fred was looking in the mirror when making that determination.] It was NOT written by the FCC official. [ß Are you SURE? Why don’t you ask HER, not FRAUDulent Fred?] Thus, there is no need to repeat what has been determined to be fradulent statements, written by someone who most likely had already been banned.

The data is totally and completely erroneous. [ß Want to bet the ranch on that Bill? I’ll give you better than 100:1 odds….]

Bill W0LPQ in “We don’t want your opinions here” [Bravo!] on 8 Mar ‘09