Sunday, September 5, 2010

I think the "fuss" over K1MAN is due to what I call the iceberg effect….
It's not just the $21,000 NAL the FCC issued [ß How is their Collection Department doing, Brian?]….
It's much more. We're not talking about one frequency. We're talking about 3890, 3975, and 14275. Quite often, Baxter occupied these frequencies 24 hours at a time. However, there's much more!
There is the constant defamation of other hams [ß We know, Brian, only you are allowed to defame.];
threats of lawsuits against people who have complained to the FCC [ß Ditto, Brian?];
there is his calling Riley Hollingsworth a corrupt and sleazy politician [ß History proved this True and more, Brian.]
(Riley's a good guy and a decent ham) [ß Shouldn’t the English formulary be ‘decent guy’ and ‘good ham’, Dimmi?].
There are the so-called Felony Affidavit Complaints sent to the Justice Department…. [ß Are you complaining because K1MAN didn’t Cc you at the Gettysburg bath-house?]
Maybe the fuss is partly because Baxter published an essay that called over 100 hams members of the Nazi party [ß I know that fairness is NOT your forte, Brian, but it was the “American Amateur Nazi Party” (AANP)].
Maybe people are angry that his transmissions wiped out two different groups of Boy Scouts who were working their Jamboree on the Air [ß Not true, Brian, at least as far as the group on 14.275 MHz was concerned—I know—I tried to warn them, on-air, in real-time, that they were responding to your ‘put up job’, a.k.a. FRAUDulent rebroadcasts of K1MAN.].
It's possible people don't like Baxter [ß Where does it say in your silly Part 97 that you have to be liked?] because he used his IARN "peace corp foundation" to solicit donations from hams, then used those donations to supply radio equipment to someone many have called a terrorist [ß Many?]….
Yes, 10,000 people died, possibly more [ß Do I hear 10,001 ‘QeerZ’ Petition fashion?].
Military analysts have reported that without the radio equipment Baxter supplied [ß Military analysts & CB radios?], the revolution would have been snuffed out in a very short time, with very little loss of life [ß Sure it would, Brian.].
The man was Francis Ona. He died of malaria last summer. [ß How convenient for you, Dimmi.]
He never participated in any peace talks [ß So? And was that with or w/o Condi’s pre-conditions?] and his followers continued to stockpile weapons until he died [ß But, but… stay on the radio topic: did they continue to stockpile K1MAN’s 24 Channel CB’s, Brian?].
He declared himself King of the island and for the last 15 years of his life he remained holed up in the mine [ß Some terrorist! Reminds me of “USAma”, but that came later, right, Brian?].
Maybe the "fuss" is because Baxter donated equipment to a Muslim Warlord in Somalia [ß Would it have been OK if the Warlord was a Protestant?] named Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed. The Colonel was backed by Ethiopean [sic] Communists [ß That’s “Ethiopian”, Brian. Also, check the Historical facts in your paean, Dimmi. Actually, he was backed by your Right Wing Whackos, Brian. HA, Ha, ha.].
The Colonel kept the donated radio equipment [ß He “kept” the CB radios? Send in the Rangers, again!] in his prison where he reportedly used it to broadcast propaganda [ß Is that anything like the loops, etc., continuously heard on 14.275 MHz recently?] and to direct the movement of his "troops," if you can call 15 year old boys with machine guns in pickup trucks, terrorizing the locals, "troops." [ß Brian, but what about your 15 year-old “boys”: Kyle ‘What-The-Fuck’ VE6WTF, etc.; and you directing your “troops”, “terrorizing the locals” on and around 14.275 MHz?]
The Colonel refused to acknowledge legal elections held by Somali elders. Not unusual [ß Brian, ever hear of the 2000 US Presidential Election “stolen” in FL?].
Lots [sic] of folks have declared themselves President for Life [ß Is that like your J. Edgar ‘Faggot’ Hoover: “Director For Life” of the FBI?].
Glenn Baxter was a part of all of that [ß Sure he was, Brian, but only if you say so.]….
The movie BlackHawk Down and the dragging of our dead troops through the streets, all took place in Somalia [ß Close Brian, but no cigar. The troops came 1st, the killing/dragging came a distant 2nd—by your self-same15 year-old “boys”, above—and the movie, which did not ‘take place’ in Somalia, was a very inconsequential 3rd. But the incitement/guilt by distant association and less, was nice, Brian—if irrational.]….
There are many, many hams who don't want K1MAN in our fraternity [ß Don’t TAZE/snitch on me ‘Bro’!].
Judging by the activity in the ULS, I'm going to predict that you'll see a lot [sic] more threads on QRZ celebrating the issuance of a Forfeiture Order for K1MAN [ß But when will the FCC collect on this FRAUD, Brian?].
I'll be one of the guys celebrating, but then... I know the whole story [ß We know that you know everything, Brian—after all, you were present at its FRAUDulent creation, on your knees, sucking off Riley in the Gettysburg bath-house.].
73, K3VR

Psycho Brian “Foreign Policy Brief” to Condi ‘Douchebag’ RICE via Tom N1FM/n1sob ~mid-Jun ‘05
Please read this cc sent also to your isp at
Attached you will find a series of emails which I specifically requested this user NOT to send to me. Apparently, he thinks he is above the law and does not understand the gravity of sending unsolicited mail [ß Does this “law” apply to you too, Brian, or just to others?], particularly when that request has been made to NOT SEND ANY MORE MAIL.
It also appears he is illegally using the address/domain to do so. [ß GL in the Contest!] He is a very bad example of a fire fighter [ß Non sequitur?] but even less of a law “abbider.” I am sure this is not the intnet [sic] of your domain and should be made aware.orwarded Message [ Download File ] X-Apparently-To: via; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 14:32:27 -0800

Brian as “George Orwell”, now Internet COP, posting from pissing/snitching to Tom 16 Dec ‘07

ve7kfm A popular variation of felching and snowballing. A "ve7kfm" is a homosexual practice that originated in the gay bath houses on the outskirts of Victoria, BC, in Canada, near the area adjacent to Tillicum Mall. To participate in a "ve7kfm" one man administers an enema to another man and several men then drink the product of the expulsion. The practice is differentiated from regular felching in that the fluid is sucked from the anus with a straw and (ideally) the fluid should consist of at least 7 ounces of chilled sperm, preferably from multiple African males (gay or straight). The name is derived from the recipe -- a "very easy 7 ounce enema of kind friendly males" shortened to ve7kfm. ToeJoe and Junior shared a ve7kfm with Karol and Gordy and a good time was had by all. Source: Tor Heyerdahl, Elyria, OH [ß Brian ‘Psycho’ CROW in Hyper Homo-Sexual mode.]

‘No More Trolls’, Elyria, OH [a.k.a. Brian] in K3VR TOPIX, linking to this/his vile submission on 29 Dec ‘07

It's time that you [Todd N9OGL] and Mark Morgan, kb9rqz, are both dealt with because of the bad publicity your [sic] each giving to ham radio. You'll go down first, and then we'll take care of kb9rqz. He has been making false reports about hams he doesn't like to law enforcement [ß deja vue Brian?], and mounting denial of service attacks [ß ditto—remember Mark, Todd & Yahoo! Brian?] on usenet groups. Those actions go to character as well as being feloneous [sic] activities. RH is following Mark's activities closely. [Ja Vohl, Mein Fuhrer! Alles in Ordnung! Sieg Heil!]

Brian CROW K3VR’s HAMereekan Hubris in “FCC All For Deployment of Broadband…..NOT!!!!” on N9OGL Forum 23 Jan ‘08

The jammers (albeit illegal) are creative though. I've heard country music, white noise, military marches, even heard the National Anthem once!
The thing that cracks me up the most is the Klown who returns to the same frequency (+/- 3 kHZ) over and over and over again, only to weep and sob that he's being jammed.

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR still slurping on Riley’s Dayton swill in “What's 14.275 Mhz all about???” on 10 Mar ‘08

Friday, September 3, 2010

I happen to believe jamming Canadian Boy Scouts degrades international good will. [ß But, a US Gang jamming a lone Canadian is not only OK, but actually sanctioned by the FCC, for which see Brian’s posts ~Jul ’08 below.]

Brian ‘Hypocrite CROW’ K3VR in “QRZ Criticized Over Refusal to List K1MAN” on 4 Nov ‘04

If you care about the hobby, don't just turn the dial! [But, Riley says “Turn the Big Knob”…. I’m confused….]

“Brian” the ‘Professional FCC Snitch’ NOT in sync with Riley, in “The K1MAN Controversy” on 21 Nov ‘04

Check out if you haven't yet heard K1MAN's apparent violations regarding pecuniary interest and obscenity. I recorded these files personally, and there are lots more where those came from.

Brian ‘Radio COP’ CROW K3VR in “K1MAN: Time for a Startegy” on 9 Dec ‘04

You believe Glenn Baxter?
Tell me Frank, are you from this planet?

Brian ‘Sarcastic CROW’ K3VR [the only comment] in “FCC K1MAN Station Inspection Results” on 10 Dec ‘04

I like Newsline and ARRL Audio News. Unfortunately they're packaged as part of the K1MAN bulletin.
So, I go to the internet to listen to them, and I report the apparent violations I hear in the Glenn Baxter portions, to the FCC.

Brian ‘Stasi/Snitch CROW’ K3VR in “Are K1MAN Bulletins Useful?” on 10 Dec ‘04

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brian K3VR wrote:
Do you guys know anyone who has been severely injured as a result of high voltage? [ß No ‘Brain’, it’s perfectly safe to touch the ‘tit’ on top of the final tube, while energized, preferably with a moist finger.]

Brian ‘Radio Expert CROW’ K3VR in “[AMPS] RE: RF Burns” on ~17 Apr ‘99

In keeping with the Flame War theme of this post….
Maybe we can have a contest and try to find which character fits which persona on the list.
Oh and to keep it relevant, didn’t every Medieval Court have its jester?
Brian ‘Joker De CROW’ K3VR playing with personae & engaging in ‘Flame Wars’ on 11 Feb ‘01

Pretty funny stuff. Grown men bleating like sheep at each other from the safety of their own homes across an international border. When my kids get out of hand I say girls, girls, and make them take a time out in separate chairs in the kitchen. Do we really want Riley to preside over a couple fruits bitch slapping each other over ham radio?? I'd bet he has more important matters to contend with.
My question, "Who Cares?" [ß It’s obvious after 6+ years—see below & elsewhere—that YOU do, Psycho!]
My next question, "Did anyone really read that blowhard's 10,000 word rant?
For those with a sense of humor, check out: