Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brian K3VR wrote:
Do you guys know anyone who has been severely injured as a result of high voltage? [ß No ‘Brain’, it’s perfectly safe to touch the ‘tit’ on top of the final tube, while energized, preferably with a moist finger.]

Brian ‘Radio Expert CROW’ K3VR in “[AMPS] RE: RF Burns” on ~17 Apr ‘99

In keeping with the Flame War theme of this post….
Maybe we can have a contest and try to find which character fits which persona on the list.
Oh and to keep it relevant, didn’t every Medieval Court have its jester?
Brian ‘Joker De CROW’ K3VR playing with personae & engaging in ‘Flame Wars’ on 11 Feb ‘01

Pretty funny stuff. Grown men bleating like sheep at each other from the safety of their own homes across an international border. When my kids get out of hand I say girls, girls, and make them take a time out in separate chairs in the kitchen. Do we really want Riley to preside over a couple fruits bitch slapping each other over ham radio?? I'd bet he has more important matters to contend with.
My question, "Who Cares?" [ß It’s obvious after 6+ years—see below & elsewhere—that YOU do, Psycho!]
My next question, "Did anyone really read that blowhard's 10,000 word rant?
For those with a sense of humor, check out:

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