Sunday, September 5, 2010

Please read this cc sent also to your isp at
Attached you will find a series of emails which I specifically requested this user NOT to send to me. Apparently, he thinks he is above the law and does not understand the gravity of sending unsolicited mail [ß Does this “law” apply to you too, Brian, or just to others?], particularly when that request has been made to NOT SEND ANY MORE MAIL.
It also appears he is illegally using the address/domain to do so. [ß GL in the Contest!] He is a very bad example of a fire fighter [ß Non sequitur?] but even less of a law “abbider.” I am sure this is not the intnet [sic] of your domain and should be made aware.orwarded Message [ Download File ] X-Apparently-To: via; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 14:32:27 -0800

Brian as “George Orwell”, now Internet COP, posting from pissing/snitching to Tom 16 Dec ‘07

ve7kfm A popular variation of felching and snowballing. A "ve7kfm" is a homosexual practice that originated in the gay bath houses on the outskirts of Victoria, BC, in Canada, near the area adjacent to Tillicum Mall. To participate in a "ve7kfm" one man administers an enema to another man and several men then drink the product of the expulsion. The practice is differentiated from regular felching in that the fluid is sucked from the anus with a straw and (ideally) the fluid should consist of at least 7 ounces of chilled sperm, preferably from multiple African males (gay or straight). The name is derived from the recipe -- a "very easy 7 ounce enema of kind friendly males" shortened to ve7kfm. ToeJoe and Junior shared a ve7kfm with Karol and Gordy and a good time was had by all. Source: Tor Heyerdahl, Elyria, OH [ß Brian ‘Psycho’ CROW in Hyper Homo-Sexual mode.]

‘No More Trolls’, Elyria, OH [a.k.a. Brian] in K3VR TOPIX, linking to this/his vile submission on 29 Dec ‘07

It's time that you [Todd N9OGL] and Mark Morgan, kb9rqz, are both dealt with because of the bad publicity your [sic] each giving to ham radio. You'll go down first, and then we'll take care of kb9rqz. He has been making false reports about hams he doesn't like to law enforcement [ß deja vue Brian?], and mounting denial of service attacks [ß ditto—remember Mark, Todd & Yahoo! Brian?] on usenet groups. Those actions go to character as well as being feloneous [sic] activities. RH is following Mark's activities closely. [Ja Vohl, Mein Fuhrer! Alles in Ordnung! Sieg Heil!]

Brian CROW K3VR’s HAMereekan Hubris in “FCC All For Deployment of Broadband…..NOT!!!!” on N9OGL Forum 23 Jan ‘08

The jammers (albeit illegal) are creative though. I've heard country music, white noise, military marches, even heard the National Anthem once!
The thing that cracks me up the most is the Klown who returns to the same frequency (+/- 3 kHZ) over and over and over again, only to weep and sob that he's being jammed.

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR still slurping on Riley’s Dayton swill in “What's 14.275 Mhz all about???” on 10 Mar ‘08

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