Sunday, September 5, 2010

I think the "fuss" over K1MAN is due to what I call the iceberg effect….
It's not just the $21,000 NAL the FCC issued [ß How is their Collection Department doing, Brian?]….
It's much more. We're not talking about one frequency. We're talking about 3890, 3975, and 14275. Quite often, Baxter occupied these frequencies 24 hours at a time. However, there's much more!
There is the constant defamation of other hams [ß We know, Brian, only you are allowed to defame.];
threats of lawsuits against people who have complained to the FCC [ß Ditto, Brian?];
there is his calling Riley Hollingsworth a corrupt and sleazy politician [ß History proved this True and more, Brian.]
(Riley's a good guy and a decent ham) [ß Shouldn’t the English formulary be ‘decent guy’ and ‘good ham’, Dimmi?].
There are the so-called Felony Affidavit Complaints sent to the Justice Department…. [ß Are you complaining because K1MAN didn’t Cc you at the Gettysburg bath-house?]
Maybe the fuss is partly because Baxter published an essay that called over 100 hams members of the Nazi party [ß I know that fairness is NOT your forte, Brian, but it was the “American Amateur Nazi Party” (AANP)].
Maybe people are angry that his transmissions wiped out two different groups of Boy Scouts who were working their Jamboree on the Air [ß Not true, Brian, at least as far as the group on 14.275 MHz was concerned—I know—I tried to warn them, on-air, in real-time, that they were responding to your ‘put up job’, a.k.a. FRAUDulent rebroadcasts of K1MAN.].
It's possible people don't like Baxter [ß Where does it say in your silly Part 97 that you have to be liked?] because he used his IARN "peace corp foundation" to solicit donations from hams, then used those donations to supply radio equipment to someone many have called a terrorist [ß Many?]….
Yes, 10,000 people died, possibly more [ß Do I hear 10,001 ‘QeerZ’ Petition fashion?].
Military analysts have reported that without the radio equipment Baxter supplied [ß Military analysts & CB radios?], the revolution would have been snuffed out in a very short time, with very little loss of life [ß Sure it would, Brian.].
The man was Francis Ona. He died of malaria last summer. [ß How convenient for you, Dimmi.]
He never participated in any peace talks [ß So? And was that with or w/o Condi’s pre-conditions?] and his followers continued to stockpile weapons until he died [ß But, but… stay on the radio topic: did they continue to stockpile K1MAN’s 24 Channel CB’s, Brian?].
He declared himself King of the island and for the last 15 years of his life he remained holed up in the mine [ß Some terrorist! Reminds me of “USAma”, but that came later, right, Brian?].
Maybe the "fuss" is because Baxter donated equipment to a Muslim Warlord in Somalia [ß Would it have been OK if the Warlord was a Protestant?] named Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed. The Colonel was backed by Ethiopean [sic] Communists [ß That’s “Ethiopian”, Brian. Also, check the Historical facts in your paean, Dimmi. Actually, he was backed by your Right Wing Whackos, Brian. HA, Ha, ha.].
The Colonel kept the donated radio equipment [ß He “kept” the CB radios? Send in the Rangers, again!] in his prison where he reportedly used it to broadcast propaganda [ß Is that anything like the loops, etc., continuously heard on 14.275 MHz recently?] and to direct the movement of his "troops," if you can call 15 year old boys with machine guns in pickup trucks, terrorizing the locals, "troops." [ß Brian, but what about your 15 year-old “boys”: Kyle ‘What-The-Fuck’ VE6WTF, etc.; and you directing your “troops”, “terrorizing the locals” on and around 14.275 MHz?]
The Colonel refused to acknowledge legal elections held by Somali elders. Not unusual [ß Brian, ever hear of the 2000 US Presidential Election “stolen” in FL?].
Lots [sic] of folks have declared themselves President for Life [ß Is that like your J. Edgar ‘Faggot’ Hoover: “Director For Life” of the FBI?].
Glenn Baxter was a part of all of that [ß Sure he was, Brian, but only if you say so.]….
The movie BlackHawk Down and the dragging of our dead troops through the streets, all took place in Somalia [ß Close Brian, but no cigar. The troops came 1st, the killing/dragging came a distant 2nd—by your self-same15 year-old “boys”, above—and the movie, which did not ‘take place’ in Somalia, was a very inconsequential 3rd. But the incitement/guilt by distant association and less, was nice, Brian—if irrational.]….
There are many, many hams who don't want K1MAN in our fraternity [ß Don’t TAZE/snitch on me ‘Bro’!].
Judging by the activity in the ULS, I'm going to predict that you'll see a lot [sic] more threads on QRZ celebrating the issuance of a Forfeiture Order for K1MAN [ß But when will the FCC collect on this FRAUD, Brian?].
I'll be one of the guys celebrating, but then... I know the whole story [ß We know that you know everything, Brian—after all, you were present at its FRAUDulent creation, on your knees, sucking off Riley in the Gettysburg bath-house.].
73, K3VR

Psycho Brian “Foreign Policy Brief” to Condi ‘Douchebag’ RICE via Tom N1FM/n1sob ~mid-Jun ‘05

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