Monday, February 21, 2011

* Hi Jon!

Here we go again with another worthless whining article by the Ranger.
If he is so upset about what somebody said about liberals on 3.910 then why didn't he confront that person at the moment?
Instead he cowers from the situation knowing full well he can get his very own hate message against the "right" published on his good buddy Jon's web-site which relieves the Ranger of any liability for what is said. [ß Duhh… NOT so! Ergo, be VERY careful, Gerry….]
How sad and how pathetic is that?


Gerry ‘Whacko’ MEL N1GJT, one of the “14.275 Mafia”, on Jon’s ATWT 24 Aug ‘09

* The fact is, the old Ranger did confront this individual head-on --
with plenty of witnesses (including a Federal Agent) listening on the frequency.
I won't dignify Gerry's nonsense further, except to say that I hope it wasn't him using the airwaves to advocate killing public officials.


Ranger Rick K1BQT replying to Gerry N1GJT, Brian’s ‘Whacko’, on Jon’s ATWT 24 Aug ‘09

* K1MAN does not negotiate with blackmailers or terrorists. Your alleged successful attempt, as a representative of the Woodpecker Net on 40 meters, to blackmail Universal Radio, is noted here with much disgust and interest.

As did the late Walter Cronkite, KB2GSD, Fred Osterman, President of Universal Radio, has caved in on two occasions to this 2nd grade FCC mentality blackmail: "I don't like Billy because Johnny likes Billy and I don't like Johnny." In your case, you threatened to defame Universal Radio if they associate with K1MAN, and Riley Hollingsworth (currently an ARRL Vice Director, understand) apparently did not like Glenn. Hollingsworth is an allegedly fifth rate and corrupt former FCC lawyer who was sick on the day they taught law at law school, in my Amateur and Professional opinion. The alleged anti K1MAN/pro ARRL faction threatened Cronkite with "..If you are associated with K1MAN (he did an ID for the K1MAN Bulletin Service) then we will accuse you of being a child molester....." Cronkite folded like a cheap suit…. [ß This threatening/blackmailing MO smells like our Psycho Brian K3VR.]

Glenn K1MAN open e-mail to K5TER Cc on Jon K1TP’s ATWT 28 Aug ‘09

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