Sunday, February 27, 2011

* A crow was becoming a minor nuisance to me about a year and a half ago here….

I called in a professional and the issue was quickly resolved. [ß Was he a type of “Bounty Hunter”, HI?]

ToeJoe N9PH on how to deal with ‘nuisance Crow’, in “Crows” on 29 Jul ‘09

* Yes, the one I observed seemed to be about as smart as a chimp, give or take.

Both crows and chimps can be made into pets but have extreme potty training issues.

ToeJoe N9PH pointing out Crow’s potty training issues, again, in “Crows” on 30 Jul ‘09

* I always liked the collective noun for crows: "a murder of crows"…. [ß For some reason, so do I….]

Rich WF7A in “Crows” on 30 Jul ‘09

* This particular crow is not very intelligent. I've located his roost, and will be taking care of him very soon. [ß Take a number/stand in line, HI.]

Robert K0RJR seems to be a quick learner, in “Crows” on 30 Jul ‘09

* Yea! shoot EM!! it's the american way! [ß I couldn’t have said it better myself!]

Martin MW0CND in “Crows” on 30 Jul ‘09

* July, 2009 -- Karol Madera, MIA [ß Tkx for noticing, Brian: been ocean sailing again. But you over-reach/state, as usual.]

Glenn Baxter, K1MAN… has resumed bulletin operations on 14.275 MHz [ß My “Canada Day” present to you/yours, as promised, Brian!]
Numerous, fresh complaints about interference, broadcasting, pecuniary interest, inadequate station control, distorted transmissions, etc., have been sent to the FCC about Baxter's operation. [ß Bravo! Even HAMereekan Fucktards should NOT be surprised!]

Brian CROW K3VR proving that he’s still also obsessed with Glenn on his ~31 Jul ‘0

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