Saturday, February 19, 2011

* Dear Jon,

The letter you published today (copied below) allegedly from Mr. Glenn A. Baxter, P.E., (Maine PE Number 4645) apparently accuses Mr. Donald Smith of being a terrorist and a blackmailer. [ß Brian, why did you reverse the order of “terrorist” and “blackmailer”? Ohh, never mind… I just figured it out…. And, if you read Glenn’s 1st para attentively, he stated that Don was an alleged blackmailer, simpliciter. Pay attention to the ‘song’, not just the words, Dimmi!]

As a former member of the Society of Logistics Engineers [ß Actually, in view of Brian’s Coprophilia, the “Society of Sanitary Engineers”, at best, HI.], I must say, this apparent, public, ad-hominem attack [ß Psycho Brian’s patent specialty.], coming from Mr. Baxter, while using his Maine P.E. designation, does not reflect well on the profession of Engineering, in general, not to mention the reflection it casts on amateur radio. [ß Gentle reader—for the true “reflection” a.k.a. Brian’s psychotic “projection”—simply re-read this entire page—and weep.]

I believe the elements of Mr. Baxter's 2006 FCC Forfeiture and his history with the FCC, and others, reflects the reality of the situation.

Like you and many others, I also wonder when Mr. Baxter will get his day in court, and why Mr. Baxter still uses his P.E. designation, for non P.E. related matters, after he was instructed to cease this practice. [ß But, but… Brian. What about you using made-up designations in even more non-related matters, as here?]

Best Regards,

Brian Crow, M.Ed., P.C. [ß Does Brian not realize the irony in what he does/writes?]

Brian ‘P.C.= Psychotic Cunt’ K3VR “projecting” on Glenn on Jon’s ATWT website 28 Aug ‘09

* Yes, SOLE [ß Society of Logistics Engineers] has absolutely no educational requirements.
You merely have to be "interested in the field of logistics". [ß Without necessarily being logical, HI?]
Psycho apparently satisfied that stringent requirement at some point in time.



“TJ” commenting on Todd N9OGL’s Blog about Psycho Brian’s SOLE association by K3VR 29 Aug ‘09

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