Saturday, February 5, 2011

* I've witnessed how little IC has done to enforce your rules and regulations as well. [ß Pot/Kettle/Black] The unmentionable out in BC on 20M is a glaring example. [ß And will be, until you/Laura/the FCC at least learn Right from Wrong—or Al Qaeda ‘delivers’ the lesson….]

Lee W6EM/4 knows better, but still shills ‘Psycho’ Brian & Co.’s mindless mantra/shit in “Industry Canada authorizes…” 12 Sep ‘10

* Perhaps you are uneducated to the fact that there are 1000's of hams located here in the U.S. that are from Canada like myself?

That's right, I was a Canadian taxpayer. I have both an SSN and I still have a Canadian SIN number.

Yup, as an "American" I can request why the Canadian goverment [sic] has done what they are doing and as a "Canadian" I can even hold them accountable for thier [sic] actions. The government of Canada MUST respond to such inquiries made by any member of the public as mandated and required by Canadian laws. Any government official's failure to respond to any public inquiries made by any member of the Canadian public is strictly not allowed to occur in Canada.

...Pretty neat how that works huh? [ß Take your pills, Chas and the world will seem ‘rosier’ still….]

I wouldn't underestimate the abilities and capabilities of us "Americans" ...You can take that fact to the bank and cash it!!

Chas ‘Delusional’ KC8VWM one of Psycho Brian’s long-time frenetically-posting QeerZ maggots, in “Industry Canada authorizes…” 13 Sep ‘10

* The "unmentionable" lives across town from me... and is one of the 6 x hams in town, that's on HF. The other 1150 hams in town are vhf/uhf types.… IC in this town does NOT support hams installing towers, never did, never will, and will side with city hall every time. City hall here does an 'end run' around the regs by demanding exorbitant fees for building permits for ham towers.

The "unmentionable" phones the local IC office… and asks... 'what is the standard for diction on ham radio?’ and was told… "the SAME as broadcast TV" [ß Not strictly true—the standard is LOWER—but ~close enough for amateur work, HI.]…. "Unmentionable" insists that local IC office buy a 20M RX… so they can listen to him. They did just that. "Unmentionable" also E-mails and phones the local IC office... 5 mins prior to him going on the air.… and suggests they listen to the action. [He does this everyday, since folks have recorded him… and play back the recordings, while he is away on holidays.]

Jimbo VE7RF telling it ~like it is w/ the famous CDN “unmentionable” on QeerZ—and his servants at IC—in “Industry Canada authorizes…” 13 Sep ‘10

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