Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is in reference to the article on the Front Page of your website which I found this morning:
entitled: "Brandon Duke scheduled to enter a plea Aug. 20.....controversial ham radio operator"
a true copy of which is reprinted below my signature block.

By modifying/republishing the article as you did, you possibly breached John AGUILAR/Boulder Daily Camera (c) [but it's his/their intellectual property, so I'll let them deal with it]....

More importantly/personally, you AGAIN defamed me thereby....

I'm referring peripherally to the change of the title and most importantly to me, to the embedded LINK in John AGUILAR's last phrase: "history of enmity toward officers generally.” -- which LINK is NOT in the original, for which see:

Most importantly from my perspective, this LINK to an ANONymous, unattributed, cloaked and fundamentally FRAUDulent website -- whose ONLY identifiable feature is MY Industry Canada uniquely licenced call-sign -- is DEFAMATORY via innuendo and otherwise and is AGAIN seriously against my interest by supposed association, etc....

Also, from the changed title/link MO and otherwise, I AGAIN have reason to believe that you are AGAIN co-operating with Brian CROW K3VR who you know/should know by now, is a demonstrated SERIAL STALKER, an adept CYBERPATH, a facile SOCIOPATH and possibly an outright PSYCHOPATH, with all that entails....

More importantly, as you know/should know, several years ago, Brian CROW K3VR also started to STALK Brandon DUKE [who is your fellow American radio-amateur], on-air, on QRZ.com and on the WWW generally, simply because Brandon initially answered my general call [CQ] on-air, apparently out of his band privileges....

I understand that Brian CROW subsequently made substantially FALSE reports about Brandon DUKE to various Authorities [the FCC, Longmont PD, the FBI, etc.].
I later learned that Brandon was then a teen-ager with a troubled background [his father reportedly committed suicide, his mother effectively abandoned him, etc.] -- but his peccadilloes chiefly within the local amateur community notwithstanding -- he was very arguably a 'salvageable' human being....

But, no... your "Hero" Brian CROW [and his amateur and other co-conspirators in CO], who as you know perversely masquerades as an amateur Psychotherapist on-air/on the WWW had to push Brandon's hot 'buttons' all these years and we now have this tragedy....

As a fellow radio amateur -- or even notionally as a human being who knows/should know better -- you should be ashamed of yourself, Jon!

Irrespective, this is a DEMAND that you FORTHWITH remove the LINK to the FRAUDulent website 'as if mine'!!!

Time is of the essence.


Dipl(s) ULE, Hons B.A.(RMC), LL.B., M.P.A.
Captain [Ret'd] A.D.C.

Karol VE7KFM e-mail to Jon K1TP: “FORMAL LETTER of DEMAND -- Remove the LINK to the FRAUDulent website, or else...” 14 Jul ‘10

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