Monday, January 31, 2011

* Karol,
I wrote this to K1TP. He did not publish it of course.
David J. Tolassi

Subject: Brandon Duke
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 08:44:13 -0400

Concerning the very sad state of affairs of Brandon Duke.
Here is an obviously very troubled young man who faces a long jail sentence .
But how many of us remember the times Brandon was tormented on the air and over the internet for so many years simply because he spoke with the Canadian?
Let us not forget that Brandon was a MINOR who was stalked by an adult.
This adult used his education in psychiatry to frustrate and "push the buttons" of this child for many years, hoping for such an end.
He showed no compassion or understanding of the emotional conflict this child was going through, with such callousness as to mirror the mental state of a serial killer.
Serial killers have no concern or feelings for their victims but continue their rampage of destruction.
Brandon was stalked by an adult, for years by this ham and we should not forget that it takes a sinister personality to do what the PA ham did.
That ham as you know is K3VR.
He has demonstrated over the years that he takes sadistic pleasure in causing anguish to anyone he does not like.
This is an educated man who used the knowledge for evil means without ANY feelings for the victims.
In this case the victim is now a 22 year old man who will spend many years behind bars and probably his life is ruined.
I submit to you and your intelligent readers that K3VR contributed to the loss of human life (spiritually) of Brandon.
K3VR stalked a child both on the air and on the internet, this fact can not be denied, and his actions went way beyond silly "radio wars".
I believe this shows the true nature of the monster who calls himself K3VR, and I believe he is a monster.
Due to many factors a police officer and/or Brandon could have been KILLED and K3VR contributed to the mental distortion that is Brandon Duke.
I know of NO TIME that I have been a ham that this has occurred--to a child no less.
I submit that Crow should be shunned by the ham community, as he has shown his "true colors": he is an evil person, who used his age, talents and education to help cause the destruction of another human being and a fellow ham, and almost the death of 2 people.

David J. Tolassi

Slightly spelling/diction-corrected self-explanatory e-mail from David WA1BHV to Jon K1TP [N.B. Jon’s “reply” to David, next!] 27 Sep ‘10

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