Friday, January 7, 2011

* Author: Brian
Subject: Well this shit hole hasn’t changed a bit over the past several years so it’s time to move on.

Mark you have been marginalized in that the only sandbox you play in is here and on your blogs [ß Reader: Change Mark to Brian, who is “projecting” again.] that nobody reads! That fully suits my purposes and besides there are enough others here posting as someone else [ß 9/10 = Brian in his various ANONymous/PSEUDOnymous/FRAUDulent disguises.] that you will remain engaged for years to come.

I am off to help fry some serious offenders and you won’t see much of me here anymore. [ß Brian the FRAUDulent informant will “fry” in Hell, but dimes-to-doughnuts, his OCD won’t allow him to stay away from “this shit hole”.] Stay out of the big leagues Mark and you will be fine. Start jumping through hoops for Karol and there will be trouble. [ß Brian has repeatedly called Mark a “retard”. Consequently, Mark should have trouble jumping through his own/HAMereekan “hoops”, never mind Karol’s!] Just some friendly advice, not a warning…. [ß Of course not…. Especially after Brian re-defines “threat”, “trouble”, “warning”, etc. IAW his Psychotic Dick-tionary, HI.]

Psycho Brian CROW suddenly supposedly ‘moving on’, after only “several years” of wallowing in the “shit hole” on NIMbusters 17 Nov ‘10

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