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Concerning the very sad state of affairs of Brandon Duke. Here is a very troubled young man who faces a long jail sentence. How many of us remember the times Brandon was encouraged to "Just Shoot Them" by Canadian, Karol Madera?

The Canadian (as Laura Smith calls him) used his education to "push Brandon's buttons" for many years, hoping for such an end. He showed no compassion or understanding of the emotional conflict this child was going through.

Madera manipulated Brandon with the callousness and cunning of a true sociopath and we should not forget that it takes a sinister personality to do what the Canadian did. Madera has demonstrated over the years that he takes sadistic pleasure in causing anguish to anyone he does not like. This is a supposedly educated man who has often used his knowledge for evil means, without ANY apparent feelings for the victims.

In this case, the victim is a 22 year old man who may spend many years behind bars. His life is probably ruined. I submit to you and your intelligent readers that VE7KFM contributed to Brandon's downfall. He manipulated this youngster, both on the air, and on the internet. This fact can not be denied, and his actions went way beyond silly "radio wars." Ultimately Brandon is responsible for his own actions, but this fatherless boy responded to Madera's manipulations with predictable and disturbing consequences.

I believe this shows the true nature of Karol Madera, VE7KFM. Due to many factors, a police officer and/or Brandon could have been KILLED and I believe VE7KFM contributed greatly to Brandon Duke's mental health problems. VE7KFM has done this many times.
Mark Morgan was put in a psychiatric hospital due to the mental torment Madera induced; David Tolassi could have been arrested for stalking and threatening amateurs VE7KFM targeted; Todd Daugherty was arrested and convicted for harassment by electronic means; Whitney Tritch was investigated for illegal computer intrusions. The list goes on.

The foregoing is my considered opinion on the subject, and I stand by it. I submit that Madera should be completely shunned as he has shown his "true colors" time and time again.


Tom Steckbauer, KE9RY

Another vile 180-degree-reversed ‘spoof’ by Brian ‘Psycho Mimic’ CROW K3VR ‘as if’ by Tom KE9RY one of Brian’s Neo-NAZI toadies via Jon K1TP 2 Oct ‘10

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