Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 10:06:28 -0400


I have NO PROBLEM with you reporting K1MAN's predicament.
What I take exception to is you posting from a "Brian C", and the lack of ID of this person which is a pattern of behavior with him.

I find it amazing that "Brian C" seems to have a OBSESSION with certain hams that is, to say the least, representative of a text book psychopath.

By publishing his comments you feed the distorted ego of this nut, which ranks in the realm of a Dennis Rader and the likes.
Someone who cares nothing of the harm he causes others and feels vindicated in his warped mind when you "bend over" for him.

Someday "Brian C." is going to push the wrong buttons of someone as demented as he. [ß And that day can’t come soon enough!]

David J. Tolassi

David WA1BHV to Jon K1TP after Jon took a self-righteous but patently misleading DUMBFUCK side-step, further to David’s earlier quip 3 Nov ‘10

* Mark you do not matter, I am the guy throwing shit in the fan, and you are just the guy standing in front of the fan
if not you someone else would be standing in front of the fan, you do not matter either way
stil fixated on shit [ß This accurate quip by Mark KB9RQZ]
still covered in shit i see

Psycho Brian CROW the most prolific/abusive Coprophiliac on NIMbusters—a forum verging on the insane [Bravo!]—admits to being a ‘shit throwing bastard’ 3 Nov ‘10

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