Sunday, January 9, 2011

* Todd,

Let's say for a minute we believe you. We don't, but let's say we do, and in this little fantasy, Brian's now the owner of ...

And for laughs, let's also say we believe that Brian's some kind of bad-ass hacker who got you thrown off ISP's, put in jail, on probation, hosted a site using your call sign, got your blogs taken down, got you warned 2x by the FCC, had you visited by the [FBI], and let's say we also believe he ruined your life by making you a retarded cart pusher who loves kiddy pr0n.

Ok, are you listening? We all believe you.


WTF are you gonna do about it, you 4 eyed pedophile motherfucker?

You live with your parents, you got a gut the size of Manhattan, and you chow down on Mickey D's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Do you even own a car, you pathetic pile of blubbering bullshit?

Get a life son.

You ain't gonna do NOTHIN' but shit and fall back in it. [ß Check above on this page for this almost verbatim formulary by the Coprophiliac.]

Now fuck off and cry to your mama, cuz we don't give a fuck, you slack jawed, stick armed, faggot! a.k.a. Brian CROW K3VR—demonstrating that he’s a Sociopath—NOT a psychiatrist, psychologist or even psychotherapist—on NIMbusters 15 Nov ‘10

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