Sunday, January 23, 2011

* I think MF should get back on the raging ‘roids.

The last time I saw him, he looked very flabby, and he's just not very entertaining, when sober.

I'd rather hit myself in the forehead with a hammer than listen to him constantly ask his contacts for their names...over and over again.
Do they not have pens or pencils in Flori-DUH?

If he'd ‘roid it up a bit, we could at least hear something interesting, like how he was going to sue George's homeowner's insurance. That was just bizarre, and funny.

How many times can he tell people he has a 7800, or that he has to go yell at the kids to make them mow the lawn?

In the Lisa Macci interview, he told her that before he was a cop, he was a butcher.

That's where he met Nina. He was working at a butcher's shop and she walked in looking for meat. HI HI
I think it was sausage, perhaps Polish sausage. She settled for him instead.

Now he just butchers part time...the English language.

So next time you hear MF’er on the air, please ask him to at least do some type of drug.

He's boring me to tears.

A very funny “request” from a regular “RADIO CANADA” listener about Tom ‘Mother-Fucker’ WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob, Brian’s Rent-a-COP/BULLY e-mail 13 Oct ‘10

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