Monday, January 3, 2011

Subject: Ping: ALL Re: Todd Threaten the Chief of Police

The real question one needs to ask is why was Brian Crow, The former chief of police and Riley Hollingworth of the FCC communicating back and forth back in 2008 about Todd E Daugherty. That of course was also the same year Todd got one of his two warning letters from the FCC. Local police and the State of Illinois has no jurisdiction over INTERSTATE COMMUNICATIONS only the FCC does. BTW the ONLY one who claims Daugherty threatened the new police chief DAVE HERPSTREITH is a rat bastard liar named BRIAN CROW K3VR. Daugherty only threatened the former police chief because like the ASSHOLE State's Attorney FINK he seems to be listening to Brian Crow. That's why the police chief at the time refused to talk to Todd because he had already made his mind up about Todd based on what Brian Crow said, thus depriving Todd his first amendment right (the right to file grievances) and his right to due process. This can BTW be all proven through a Freedom of Information Act request from the FCC. TOO bad the State of Illinois is to stupid to see what's going on...unlike the FBI who's [now, after reading this website] ignores Brian Crow bullshit lies.

Hey Brian remember this:

Dear Mr. Daugherty,

Consolidated Communications takes strong exception to the libelous statements on this blog in re the intelligence quotient of our employees and representatives. If the statements are not removed by Jan 1, 2010, our Legal Department will file a law suit against Mr. Todd Daugherty, as well as his legal guardians in Taylorville, IL.

If it were left up to me, I would do the same thing to Mr. Daugherty that he has threatened to do to Federal officers; namely, cut his balls off and let him bleed to death.

Since I'm law abiding, a law suit will have to suffice.

Very truly yours,

Laura ZuHone
Corporate Communications
121 S. 17th Street
Mattoon, IL 61938

Too bad the state of Illinois doesn't or is to stupid to figure it out that YOU Brian Crow, who was the one that provoked Daugherty to threaten Consolidated Communication. ONLY YOU had the grudge over Daugherty threaten Riley by wanting to cut his nuts off, and only YOU who would add that to a comment on his Blog. It was YOU BRIAN CROW, that is still PISSED off because the FBI investigated it and claim it is all done and over with...YOU Brian can't get over that fact, that Daugherty got away with it. It is YOU Brian Crow that can't let stuff go, instead you lie and provoke Daugherty and then complain when YOU do it. It was YOU Brian Crow that claimed to the FAA that Daugherty only wanted a pilots license so he can fly his plane into the FCC building, and YOU know Daugherty didn't say that. Finally it was YOU Brian Crow who admitted on this website that this court case was just the beginning to what you have plan for Daugherty, proving that you want to make Todd's life hell. After all that why Daugherty put that $5,000 bounty on your head, because you stalk, harass and try to make his life hell for your own enjoyment. You get on here and on [] with the enjoyment that your going to get someone sent to jail and get your pleasure that the person (Daugherty) might get anal rape. To think, the state of Illinois thinks Daugherty has a mental problem...when they should be looking at the person sending them all this information. Too bad their too dumb to see what's really going on

"Daugherty doesn't deserve to be on the internet, and he defiantly doesn't deserve to have a ham license."

Is that why BRIAN CROW your waiting for the trial to end so you can go to the FCC and have Laura Smith remove Daugherty Ham license? And wasn't it YOU Brian Crow that hoped that Daugherty couldn't get on the web, and when you found out he was on, that you called for everyone to complaint to FINK because he was in violating of his bond agreement. After all that what it really about isn't Daugherty "CONTEMPT FOR THE FCC" that YOU don't like. The Idea that he questions and BAD MOUTHS the FCC. Your using the STATE of ILLINOIS to shut him up.

To bad the STATE OF ILLINOIS and the TAYLORVILLE POLICE are too STUPID to see what YOU are doing.

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