Thursday, February 3, 2011

* Below, you'll find excerpts by Jim Thomson, VE7RF, as he discusses incompetence at Industry Canada. Jimbo refers to Karol Madera as "the Unmentionable." [ß Note how Psycho Brian CROW K3VR twists things out of context…. As evidenced above, the ‘moniker’ was initially coined by Psycho Brian CROW’s bloated toady, Gerry SAELENS VE7DCW on 9 Sep ‘10. It was then picked up by Psycho Brian’s sometime mindless follower, Lee W6EM/4 on 12 Sep ‘10. And it was only on 13 Sep ’10 that Jimbo VE7RF simply used the same ‘formulary’—in appropriately off-setting quotation marks, for reference—in his self-explanatory comment, immediately above. Yet Psycho would disingenuously imply that Jimbo used the phrase, in a negative context, ab initio, against me…. Did I ever tell you that “K3VR is a bait-trolling bastard”, likely to get shot, hopefully soon?]

Psycho Brian CROW typical ‘sleight of hand’ on his 16 Sep ‘10

* I am posting this to let Todd Daugherty know that the libel posted at [] has cost my husband jobs and clients and has therefore done real and measurable financial damage to us.

Last week, we retained a law firm which is now having subpoenas served on the privacy protection service for []. The subpoenas demand that the domain registrar release the identities of all owners. Pending the results of the subpoenas, our lawyer has filed a John Doe suit against the people at [] which demands $1 million in punitive and compensatory damages.

At long last, we are going to drag those monsters into court and make them stand before a judge. Their time has come.

“Anonymous” firing a shot across Psycho Brian CROW K3VR’s bows on N9OGL WORLD 18 Sep ‘10

* He's gone hyperbolic on that shit website of his.

Whatever you may have done to him, please keep it up.

Private e-mail from a ‘bird-dogger’ opining about Brian’s latest Psychopathy on his 21 Sep ‘10

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