Friday, February 25, 2011

* Good Operators Abandon 14275

It has become clear that 14275 will not change at any time in the near future. [ß But what about your “Numerous, fresh complaints…” to Laura, above?] Therefore, those interested in maintaining "good amateur practice" have apparently abandoned the frequency…. [ß Curious bit of logic, this. If the “Good Operators” are gone—and by inference, the “bad operators” presumably remain—then why is there relative peace & quiet ~14.275 MHz, K1MAN’s Bulletins and Fat Mikee KZ8O’s occasional splattering/QRM’ing via ‘put up’ FRAUDulent “CQ DX” on freq./in the vicinity notwithstanding? Ohh, never mind, I just figured it out: Psycho Brian is still 180 degree phase reversed. For him Good = Bad, Up = Down, Left = Right, etc.]

Brian’s statement does not even pass the HAMereekan Fucktard test on his ~1 Aug ‘09

* Dear Attorney Smith,

I'm Bob Sherin, W4ASX, the person alluded to in K!MAN's [sic] letter to you that has been made public. There was a time when I was very much a part of the his [sic] Bulletin Service. [ß Actually, he was a Director/on the IARN Executive Committee!] But it didn't take me long to come around to a position against it [ß Ergo: Since he also made a volte face in several other equally egregious circumstances (see), ‘Boob’ is a patently unstable idiot! Either that, or he squats to pee….], when the service started supporting revolutions in far off lands. [ß Reluctantly agreed, ‘Boob’. IARN should instead have started the 2nd revolution in “Stupid Land”!]

The interview Baxter refers to was indeed done, but it was a private endeavor on my part where I paid my own way. Baxter was fortunate to have gotten the material. [ß Your larger point is? And, have you forgotten, assuming you ever knew them, your fiduciary responsibilities as a Director, Dork?]

In no way do I endorse his present activities. Indeed I find him a classical narcissist [ß Bravo, Bi-Polar ‘Boob’!] (he has admitted same) polluting the airwaves. Please feel free to call me; I know a lot about his operation, both operationally and legally. [ß ‘Boob’, do you know what they traditionally do to Traitors?]

Bob Sherin, W4ASX

‘Bi-Polar Boob’ knows squat about fiduciary duty, psychology & law, to ~14 Aug ‘09

* Brian Crow K3VR and Tom Whatley N1FM agitate and harass people, and when those people "threaten" them, they go crying to Law Enforcement, acting innocent.

Todd N9OGL in his “Why Does the FBI Have a LOW IQ???” on his Blog 18 Aug ‘09

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