Wednesday, February 23, 2011

* RE: Why is Glen Baxter K1MAN back on the air running a broad [ß Interesting! Glenn is “running a broad”? Does she have ‘big tits’?]
by N9GQR on August 19, 2009
I thought someone said he was broadcasting from VE7KFM Karol Madera's station in Canada. Someone could check that out pretty easy I would think. [ß “ I thought”, “someone said…”, “I would think.” It’s obvious that Frank JOHNSON N9GQR CAN’T think!]

Frank ‘Shit-for-Brains’ JOHNSON N9GQR in “Why is Glen Baxter K1MAN back on the air…” on

* I'm down in Arizona.... VE7KFM comes in clear as a bell down here. K1MAN is very faint... barely audible, most of the time. That is consistent with his location in Maine. Who told you that he was using VE7KFM's station? I'd like to know who is spreading nasty rumors.

Bill KE7LFV to N9GQR in “Why is Glen Baxter K1MAN back on the air…” on 23 Aug ‘09

* Mr. Daugherty: You are only going to shit and fall back in it again, just as you have done many, many times before.
The boys at are laughing their asses off at both you and KKKarol. Keep up the phony threats!

Coprophiliac Brian on Todd’s 20 Aug ‘09

* Hate Radio

Ah, we had another train wreck on 3910 last night, some idiot without a call describing in detail how snipers should take down “the liberals” for ruining his country.

This sort of vitriol really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Turn on any AM radio or computer, and you’ll find a non-stop gusher of rote-learning drills teaching the language of marginalization and hatred to an otherwise decent nation [ß Have to respectfully but forcefully disagree on the “decent nation” bit, Rick]. We should all wonder who’s writing the checks to keep this bilge coming! [ß Agreed! For nearly a decade, now….]
Too bad the only ones who fall are the ones who sign their call!


Ranger Rick K1BQT could be talking about Brian’s “14.275 Mafia” on Jon’s ATWT 21 Aug ‘09

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