Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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As you can see from this post, Dan [W4NTI (SK)] is alive and well and posting, numbnuts. [ß Non sequiturs and worse, again/still Brian?] Your QSO with Dan was not illegal after all, so I'm letting you go this time. [ß Mighty “white” of you, Tonto.] Sooner or later, you'll screw up though, and then I'll nail you. [ß The way you’re going Brian, sooner or later someone is going to “nail you”—to the proverbial cross—or simply put a bullet in your head! Either way, I hope it’s sooner, Psycho.]

Brian ‘FRAUDulent Re-Mailer’ CROW K3VR to Mark on “ACCOUNTS OF THE KOSHER HAM” 9 Jun ‘09

* Riley is not my savior, and he shouldn't be yours.
I have met Riley, and spoken with him on a number of occasions…. I found some of his enforcement tactics to border on the unethical…. To think that one person is going to change the tone of an internet forum merely by being "on the staff" (unless he is going to delete or ban based on his mores) is not only bizarre but potentially counter-productive….

James N4MXZ cogent in “Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH Joins the QRZ Staff” on QRZ.com 14 Jun ‘09

* It's made me LOL as to how some people here automatically paralleled Riley Hollingsworth's new QRZ association with "cleaning up" the forums! Fred couldn't handle it, so he called in Riley! [ß And Riley couldn’t handle his job: cleaning up the freqs!]

HAAAAhahahahaaa! That's rich! [ß Can Brian ‘Riley’s Snitch/Bitch’ be far “behind”, HI?]

Tim W3HR in “Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH Joins the QRZ Staff” on QRZ.com 14 Jun ‘09

* It seems to me that a significant number of hams believe that the Federal Govt. (FCC) should be in the business defining and enforcing mores and actual content on Amateur Radio; above and beyond Part 97, codified law, and the Constitution.
Now it would seem that an equally significant number of forum members feel like the addition Riley Hollingsworth to the staff of QRZ will have the effect of "cleaning up" this forum; above and beyond the stated rules here.
In both cases the root mentality is that of "teaching" people how to think and what to express openly. I am reminded of Orwellian totalitarianism.

I am not sure whether to laugh or be scared. [ß Be scared. Be VERY scared!]

James N4MXZ unwittingly defining Brian’s MO in “Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH…” on QRZ.com 15 Jun ‘09

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