Sunday, March 13, 2011

* I Do Not Like Riley! He played fast and loose with the law/regulations to favor certain individuals or groups. He was neither fair nor impartial….

I hope I'm not banned from or have the FCC come after me because I disagree.

Philip N6PJB in “Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH Joins the QRZ Staff” on 15 Jun ‘09

* The 'distinguished' Riley Hollingsworth was in my opinion, 'used' by some former officials in a local club to persecute one of our local ham operators. The gentleman endured his license being revoked, Mr. Hollingsworth's demands that he be reexamined by part of the same fanatical group that some of us thought was trying to destroy him and his efforts to be used in the volunteer examiner program, being manipulated. Our local ham not only got a license reissued, but now that Mr. Hollingsworth is gone from the FCC has his old call letters restored. I would have not been so enduring if the same fiasco had happened to me. All this has contributed to a big division in local ham radio. I feel it could have been handled with more input from the rest of the ham community, instead of being engineered by a handful. [ß Obviously, Riley will feel right at home on QeerZ!]
Ham Radio has been a lifelong event for me, but I feel no one should be at the mercy of those who would like to control the rest of us.

Joseph K0IVK in “Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH Joins the QRZ Staff” on 16 Jun ‘09

* This thread… was about a US amateur dropping the f-bomb and the FCC's response under Ms. Smith.

You're the perfect person to post to this thread in that you can contrast your experience with dropping the f-bomb under Riley and this incident with Ms. Smith in charge of enforcement. As I remember, in your 18 minute tirade last year, you hurled the f-bomb once, the MF bomb 7 times, and the anal orifice bomb 11 times.

You've said that you had to work it out with Riley [ß in the Gettysburg Bath-House] but I wonder if you can provide the details. Did Riley have a problem with your profanity? If so, did he cite what paragraph of Part 97 you were in violation of?

It seems to me that under Ms. Smith's interpretation of the rules, you might not have had any problem with the FCC at all.

Please elaborate....this is great stuff for all amateurs to know and fully understand.

ToeJoe N9PH to Tom ‘Mother-Fucker’ N1FM/n1sob in “F-BOMBS AWAY….the FCC says it’s OK” on 25 Jun ‘09

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