Monday, March 7, 2011

* There is absolutely nothing that the FCC can do about the principal instigator since he is licensed by Canada which, as you should well know, is a completely separate country and the Canadian government does not have to do anything proposed by the FCC. [ß FYI Glen, the 14 year old was in QSO—with ME—when he was jammed! Stay a ‘lert’!]

Glen K9STH—abysmal observer, Idiot and/or FRAUD, take your pick—in “14 year old brutally jammed” on 3 Jul ‘09

* The infamous op from Mich [ß Brian’s KZ8O/nd8v] has been "warned" before and yet the nonsense continues. I don't see any real change coming out of this. His ticket should have been pulled years ago, along with a host of jammers out there still on the air. Just keep sending in the complaints and tapes, etc. All one can do.

Chris W0BKR in “FCC makes major move against jammers…Michigan station warned” on 5 Jul ‘09

* BH, [ß ‘Buffoon Bob’ NA4BH one of “Brian’s Monkeys”.]

You are very, very confused!

My posts are 100% correct. You are reading an email from the FCC related to another jamming incident, and you're only partially correct in your interpretation of that one.

I'm sure you can grasp the concept. There are many jamming incidents being investigated by the FCC each and every day.

But don't let the facts get in the way of attacking me.

As an aside, have you ever thought of taking an anger management class? I might be wrong, but I believe it would improve your posts immensely.


ToeJoe N9PH in “FCC makes major move against jammers…Michigan station warned” 6 Jul ‘09

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