Thursday, March 17, 2011

* CONSPIRACY To Commit Murder…

There are some misapprehensions abut the law our "friends" hold on their fake website.. that this is conspiracy to murder.. it really is mostly fact and opinions.

One, there are some bad folks in Ham radio. We know who they are. These guys go from target-to-target. They attacked K1MAN and tried to drive him off 14.275 MHz. They seemed to accomplish what they wanted. But, did they go away? No, they moved down a bit and attacked a group of HAMs that occasionally happen to speak Polish. If they finish off that group who/what will be next? Are they going away? I doubt it! Indeed without even finishing off that group (VE7KFM remains), they have gone on to target anyone who feels that they have the right to talk to any other station they like…. They are also trying desperately to provoke other HAMs to help them in their Jihad. If you say no, then you are in turn targeted by the pack….

Two, things are not getting better by themselves. Either the FCC acts, or it does not, in which case things will only get worse. Telling HAMs to behave without backing it up with enforcement action is not helping. RH tried that with his “spin the dial” shtick….

A few bullets would solve or greatly relieve the problem: K3VR, N1fm, Kz8o maybe a couple of others.

Targeting ve7kfm does not help. These folks have proven that with k1man (this discussion ignores who is breaking the rules BTW).

Those “bullets” should be legal ones, or sooner or later the matter will become violent—ask an MD named Tiller about that. If rumour is correct, you could also ask w4nti about it, if the prop will allow a QSO with Hell. [ß W4NTI is a SK]

It is the responsibility of the FCC to act in order to prevent that sort of chaos.

Indeed, perhaps the life I am seeking to save may even be K3VR himself. Sooner or later some one is going to die. Be assured that I will take steps to insure my own death is not the one that happens because of this.

I have shown that I am armed in various ways. I am also prepared to use those arms if it comes to that.

I certainly do not want to, but so be it.

I shall now await the arrival of the COPs...

I expect them on the 12th of never. [ß Never say never, Mark. The Royal Canadian Mounted Pussies (RCMP) kill for much less in Canada.]

Mark KB9RQZ ~cogent on his “ACCOUNTS OF THE KOSHER HAM” 5 Jun ‘09

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