Tuesday, March 29, 2011

* About ve7kfm and kz8o
Some years ago a gurnsey bull(y) [ß Brian’s KZ8O] gave into the temtation [ß sic] to slide down to 14.272 mhz to harass some Polish speaking amateurs. This has resulted in the mess on 14.275 mhz. and is now requiring the action presently being taken by the FCC.

Dean ‘Born-Again-Bigot’ AC5IU “resurrecting” the year-old “ve7kfm.com ????” on QRZ.com 18 Mar ‘09

* I just think it is funny that other hams park at that frequency and continue to talk for 20-30 minutes without identifying. I sat there and listened one night and the only way I found out the guys call was because Karol said it. Seems like if people are trying to shut him up at least they would follow the rules as well. Today I was trying to get in through a pile-up on 14.277 with a Belgium ham and one of the guys parked on 275 came up and said thanks for the QRM I guess you can't hear the QSO we are having down here. No ID of course.. [ß KZ8O of course.]

Michael W2FCP observant about the 14.275 Mafia MO in “ve7kfm.com ????” on QRZ.com 18 Mar ‘09

* Finally, Thank God Laura!!!
I’ve been licensed for 50 Years and this W7CPA has ruined our Beautiful Hobby!!
Good Work!!
W6CUP Charles Cupp de Calistoga, Ca.

Chas W6CUP in K3VR W7CPA gets hammered from the FCC on TOPIX.com Pittsburgh Forum 18 Mar ‘09

* I have confirmed from TWO sources that this e-mail did come from Ms. Laura Smith. It isn't so much about her language, but her UNPROFESSIONALISM and lack of legal knowledge. [ß This e-mail (apparently written through the ‘key-hole’ of the ubiquitous BlackBerry), was patently an impromptu, INFORMAL “last warning” to Randy BEST W7CPA and the “14.275 Mafia”…. The person LEAKING it (almost certainly Randy) was unethical & UNPROFESSIONAL, not Laura! As to her supposed “lack of legal knowledge”, until you produce YOUR jail-house law degree, Bill, all I can say is: keep on sucking Brian’s cock!]

Bill WA8MEA [again snookered by Psycho Brian’s sophistry] in “Calling Sheriff Laura” on eHAM.net 19 Mar ‘09

* Today I am going to hook the ham gear and give a listen to 14275- the hotbed of poor operating activity. It appears the new sheriff in town is talking a big story- she is not going to put up with that shit on 20 meters. I believe Riley said the same thing and nothing happened. A good start would be to permanently close down the Michigan station [ß KZ8O/nd8v] that has been qrm'ing and playing tapes for years!

Jon K1TP [no friend of mine], knows the K3VR & Co. MO well, on his UN-HAM website ATWT on 23 Mar ‘09

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