Saturday, March 5, 2011

* We are now on 14.275 MHz. USB plus or minus QRM and simucast on 3.890 MHz. LSB, plus or minus QRM.

These bulletin are CONTINUOUS to reduce alleged criminal interference by alleged galatic lids (in my both my proessional and amateur opinion) such a KE9RY, KZ8O, K3VR, and several others.

Portion of Glenn K1MAN’s e-mail of CERTIFIED letter to “Ms. Laura L. Shiith [sic], Esq.” 12 Jul ‘09

* I was listening on 20 last night and I heard 3 amateurs talking about how many official letters they had received from FCC enforcement. Two of the amateurs were quite proud that they had never received any letters in many, many years of operation. The third amateur was quite proud of the fact that he had received 10 letters. As a matter of fact, a slight argument occurred when one of the other amateurs said that he was certain it was only 9, instead of the 10.

Now I do understand how people can be proud of the fact that they have a $9,000 Rolex, or a $12,000 Icom, or an $83,000 Mercedes Benz, but I don't quite understand how one can be proud of getting 10 official letters from FCC enforcement.

Any amateur psychologists (or one that plays one on ham radio) [ß Psycho Brian.] care to explain.

ToeJoe N9PH in “Can someone explain this to me?” on 18 Jul ‘09

* Well Joe I have the MP3 which is tagged. And it was Brian and I. And I do have the expensive Icom. And Brian is the psychologists' [ß sic] in the conversation that you are referring to.

Tom ‘Mother-Fucker’ N1FM/n1sob in “Can someone explain this to me?” on 18 Jul ‘09

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