Sunday, March 27, 2011

* Post subject: KZ8O Scammer

Listed 2 new in the box, never used, matched and under warranty Taylor 3-500ZG tubes. One was in fact new however the other was two years old, did not match the serial number on the box and was very used. The lettering was faded so I am uncertain if it is any good. Refuses to answer my emails or phone. MICHAEL E GUERNSEY, SR is listed to this call sign. [ß Paul, check his scamming/rep. on eBay.]

Paul WD8CJN in “KZ8O Scammer” in Feedback Forum on 23 Mar ‘09

* I certainly hope that she doesn't continue Riley's practice of issuing official notices to hams based on Internet chatter, blog entries or slanderous accusations made by participants in a grudge fight. [ß I believe that Fred means the likes of K3VR, N1FM/n1sob, KZ8O/nd8v, W7CPA & Co. certainly on 14.275 MHz.]

If Ms. Smith issues a formal (and published) notice to someone accusing him/her of wrongdoing, the very least we should expect is that she has solid, verifiable evidence for same - not the nebulous "information before the Commission" that Rileygrams always referenced but never elaborated upon.

If said "information" is unverified, a request to the accused party to provide more information is in order but it should be kept confidential until the accused party issues a formal reply to the request and the credibility of the evidence behind the complaint is established. "No credible evidence, no formal publication" should be the rule.

"Lauragrams" (if that is the proper term) should not be made public unless and until the evidence for same is deemed credible. I use the term "credible" in the strict legal sense, not in the Riley sense of "I'm sure it's credible because I know the guy who complained and, besides, I don't like the guy he's complaining about." [ßTouché!]

A number of people who had Rileygrams published in the enforcement actions section of the Commission's website (and in QST) eventually got one-liners from Riley saying, in effect, "We accept your reply and we're dropping the issue." In other words, "The complaint was bogus in the first place (and we knew/should have known this), so to save face we're letting you off the hook and we're not going to do anything to the idiot who filed the false complaint against you."

Or, distilling the foregoing down to street vernacular, "[FUCK] you if you can't take a joke."

Fred K5FH cogent in Tom ‘Mother-Fucker’ N1FM/n1sob’s “I SURE MISS [Sucking Off] RILEY” on 27 Mar ‘09

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