Friday, March 25, 2011

* I saw this post and just had to make a comment. Congratulations, you've run smack dab into Mad Mikee otherwise known as the Kalamazoo Cuckoo or ex ND8V. This is one of the Psychos from 14.275.
I feel for you man because this guy is a real nut case. …

We really all owe Mikee and Cronies a debt of gratitude for saving us from the evil doers around the world. [ß Especially from the “Canadian Army of One”!]

Jimmy N5IFI about Brian’s “KZ8O Scammer” in Feedback Forum on 13 Apr ‘09

* Occasionally I assist various federal agencies in the apprehension of people at odds with society, and the law. My work with the government has brought me into contact with some very unsavory elements…. [ß We know, Psycho: Riley K4ZDH, Tom N1FM/n1sob, etc.] I have always prevailed against such enemies. You have been warned. [ß HAMereekan HUBRIS… needing ‘heavier metal treatment’ than the traditional but now much too valuable Lithium.]

Brian ‘At Odds With Society’ CROW K3VR delusional in ‘The Truth About‘ 26 Apr ‘09

* We had our own unscrupulous dictator, Riley Hollingsworth, running ham radio enforcement for about 15 years. He made the law up as he went along, just like commie dictators do. [ß Not to mention Riley’s sub-contracted ‘mini-dictators’ & goons like Psycho Brian K3VR & Co.]

Bill W6WBJ a CA attorney, in “Dictators and Amateur Radio” on 27 Apr ‘09

* Torture was authorized by President George W. Bush, VP Dick Cheney, Secretaries Don Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice, and carried out by CIA chief George Tenet and the Pentagon’s secretive Special Operations Command.

Four lickspittle lawyers and two bootlicking attorney generals provided sophistic legal briefs sanctioning torture. All should be disbarred and face an independent judicial commission. Not a whitewash, like the 9/11 Commission, but a real, independent legal body. Better, send the case to the UN International Court in the Hague. [ß I could not have said it better myself—actually, I did—nearly 3 years ago!]

Eric MARGOLIS telling it like it is, in “AMERICA’S SHAME” 27 Apr ‘09

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