Wednesday, March 23, 2011

* Riley was and always will be nothing more than an arrogant bully that threw his weight around on innocent hams. Good riddance to him.

Susan KB2SFH ARRL Life Member speaking from experience, in Tom’s “MISS RILEY” on 28 Mar ‘09

* Laura Smith is doing a great job

I think that Laura Smith is doing a great job so far, judging by who her detractors are. [ß K3VR, N1FM/n1sob, KZ8O, etc.] She seems to have struck the fear of God into some of the hams that have been creating problems on the bands... [ß K3VR, N1FM/n1sob, KZ8O, W7CPA, KI4LUB, N1GJT, KE9RY, AC5IU, etc.] I was tuning around on 20 meters this morning, and the problem frequencies were quiet -- nobody was trying to chase contesters off of their frequencies. [ß KZ8O’s sub-specialty.]

Bill K3TP cogently observant, as usual, in Tom’s quickly mis-firing “MISS RILEY” on 28 Mar ‘09

* I did speak to him on the phone regarding an accusation against me that was bogus. He was unwilling to hear my side of the situation at hand. Totally amazing how he sided with the other parties and didn't have all the facts. I feel because of his unwillingness to hear my side that he was personal friends with the other party. But I also didn't like his practice of publishing other accused parties’ personal addresses and the accusations against them. Too bad they all didn't band together for a class action lawsuit on him. He needed to be knocked down to his real size. [ß Susan, I understand that Riley has a small penis!]

Susan KB2SFH recounting her experience with Riley to Tom in his “MISS RILEY” on 29 Mar ‘09

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