Wednesday, March 9, 2011

* DCW,

Of all the things you can do with amateur radio, you have chosen to be obsessed with one other amateur radio operator. [ß Whom he has never met and whom he has admitted not being able to hear on-air!]

I wish I could convey to you how that makes you look to others, but I won't even try.

ToeJoe N9PH to VE7DCW in “Why do some here on the Zed have an unlisted address?” on 27 Jun ‘09

* Who is nuttier? Karol, or the fat, bloated hams who become enraged by his opinions and post pics of his house and coyly encourage violence? [ß Brian K3VR’s documented MO.] Karol keys down his mic and hundreds of the nerdy misfits that comprise our hobby begin to lose their composure and start spewing hatred in all directions.

Karol is the supreme organ grinder. He turns the handle and the monkeys jump and dance about.

Dance monkeys, dance!

Ed W6IRE to Brian’s Monkeys in “Why do some here on the Zed have an unlisted address?” on 27 Jun ‘09

* The FCC enforcement folks have been notified about law breaking operators for quite a while. Mr. Hollingsworth did little and Mrs. Smith has done little! Both seem to condone this activity as well as other obscene activity on the air.

Whitney N3ZV in “14 year old brutally jammed” on 2 Jul ‘09

* Maybe you're correct and I shouldn't care. But for some reason, I do. I suppose it depends are how you feel about a gang abusing someone. Are you the type to side with the gang or do you have the stones to step in and make a stand.

All of those questions are rhetorical, of course, because it's obvious which position you would take. [ß And if you monitored 14.275 MHz for the past several years, it was patently obvious which position he DID take.]


ToeJoe N9PH to ‘Buffoon Bob’ HARRISON NA4BH in “14 year old brutally jammed” on 2 Jul ‘09

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