Monday, March 21, 2011

* What has been said, HAS been said (or rather written) and should remain as a matter of record…. But allowing questionable posts to remain can serve as a warning to others of how NOT to behave. Too many times posts disappear, and the subsequent replies make no sense. [ß The biggest troll, baiter and “ghost” editor on QeerZ for the past 5+ years was Brian K3VR, Fred’s “bait-trolling bastard”.]

Larry WA9SVD in FRAUDulent Fred LLOYD AA7BQ’s supposed “Ban on Trolling” on 7 May ‘09

* Even in a public forum, supported by public funds, the concepts of libel and slander legally prevent certain statements from being made without legal consequences; not just for the person issuing the statements, but quite possibly for the media outlet that chooses to publish questionable statements..
While even in public you may call a person vile, repulsive names and accuse them of unspeakable acts (THAT is the right of free speech) you are not protected from the consequences of such speech if it is found untrue or inordinately injurious to another individual.

Larry WA9SVD ‘throwing pearls before swine’ in “Ban on Trolling” on 7 May ‘09

* Brian has sent you a link to a blog:

Now that Laura Smith is on our side, it won't be long until your license is shitcanned. First the CCRAA, next your license.

Brian Coprophiliac CROW K3VR, having snookered Laura, trying to SCARE Mark KB9RQZ 23 May ‘09

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