Friday, August 13, 2010

This Bond is another dreamy dish I'd like to wrap my arms around and snuggle with. His eyes make me feel all tingly and warm inside!! More, more, more! [Susannah, get tested for STD’s & HIV/Aids.]

Brian ‘The Closet Faggot CROW’ K3VR posting as “Karol Madera” on “Daniel Craig makes his 007 debut…” 18 Nov ‘06

Submitted by Jean Lacroix (Japan) [ß Origin disclosed by Dr. PIPES after he realized that he had been ‘had’ by Brian!]

Bonjour Daniel, [ß Brian’s typical fawning familiarity breeds contempt, Dr. PIPES. You shouldn’t allow it.]
Thank you for bringing light to the matière. [ß Brian: Le propre mot ici est “subjet”, imbécile….]
All the best from France. [ß But, but… you sent it via Japan…. What gives, Brian?]

Jean Gilbert Lacroix [ß ‘Spoof’ on the then Commandant RMC, whence he got a serious rebuff on 17 Nov ’06 [ß NB]
Paris [ß Paris, France—or was that Paris, Ontario—or Paris, Japan?]

Brian ‘Psycho Mimic’ CROW K3VR’s attempted revenge on a General [!] in “Islamophobe” on 18 Nov ’06 [ß NB]

KFM has a report? That's hilarious! Call Riley Hollingsworth and he'll tell you point blank that KFM is the problem on 14.275! [ß Proof that sucking cock is bad for mental health.]

Brian K3VR to Bill N1RIK in “Rampant Rules Violations on 14.275” on 20 Nov ‘06

The worst LIDS from the old 313 days have gravitated to 14.275 in order to help VE7KFM ruin the frequency. [ß Huhh? By QRM’ing HIM?]

Brian ‘180 Degrees Reversed’ CROW K3VR in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 29 Nov ‘06

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