Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am so sick of the BS on 14275 and 14313... it's time for me to do something for this hobby... the wrong hornet's nest has been stirred! A few hams seem to think they own the frequency and have abused it for years... some have already been warned by the FCC but continue to make a mockery of our hobby. It is time for Riley to be flooded with honest reports of who is abusing the rules and regulations of amateur radio. Please start a log of call signs, dates, times, and if you have the capability, record the jamming, harassment, qso's, etc. Please forward your information to me and more importantly, Riley Hollingsworth at the FCC. Enough is enough... let's get rid of the Lids that just don't seem to get it. The Lids that give us all a black eye have to go! If Riley receives enough "honest" information... no need to make anything up, these guys fuck up on a regular basis... something will be done! [ß Jon’s ‘Finest Hour’/Epiphany: “honest reports”… “no need to make anything up”…. Wow, imagine!]

Jon K1TP pissed off/seeing the light, after threats of lawsuits by Brian ‘Psycho’ CROW K3VR & Co., on ATWT 18 Feb ‘06

Brian – K3VR - get info on reporting interference, radio mods, emergency preparedness and much more.

Brian ‘Stazi’ CROW K3VR in “The AM Window: Stuff: AMers on the Web” [ß not to be confused with on-air] < 26 Feb ‘06

Sometimes an ugly, possibly rabid, stray dog comes along and leaves a large package in the middle of a well-traveled trail. The mess draws lots of flies. It's unpleasant, it stinks, it's unsightly, and many unsuspecting joggers inadvertently step in it.

The park represents our ham bands. The miscreants make the mess. The jammers are the flies the mess attracts. [ß Brian subliminally talking about himself and his “miscreants” and “jammers”.]

Brian ‘Coprophiliac’ CROW K3VR in “Glenn Baxter, K1MAN Fined $21,000” on 15 Apr ‘06

I sent you a decision someone sent me from the DC Circuit that was just handed down a couple of weeks ago about the red light rule. Looks like the Commission will be going back to the drawing board (again) to figure out how to collect forfeitures and such.

Brian ‘Jail-House Lawyer’ CROW K3VR in “Glenn Baxter, K1MAN Fined $21,000” on 23 Apr ‘06

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