Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is a true story. [ß We know, Brian. But is the story true?] I corresponded with Senator Schneider about this myself. However, I doubt the Maine Senate will actually do anything about censuring Baxter, or creating a law preventing people from using Legislative sentiments in advertising.

Psycho K3VR in his “Maine Senator Considers Scratching Her Cunt…” on eHAM 18 Nov ‘05

What Does Baxter Think? [ß After my critique that even Glenn may not know, changed to “What Does Baxter Say?” HI.]

Brian ‘Clairvoyant CROW’ K3VR in “Glenn Baxter k1man” on ~mid-Dec ‘05

Madera can often be heard on 14.275 mHz offering anyone and everyone an essay which attempts to explain his various unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. [ß OK…. If they were substantiated, Brian, they would NOT be theories!]

Brian ‘Dimmi CROW’ K3VR in “Glenn Baxter k1man” on ~mid-Dec ‘05

Dear Glenn,
I understand you plan to air your "bulletin" again on a random basis, plus or minus QRM. That's great. I want to let you know that my station, K3VR, is now in experimental beacon mode, and will remain so, twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, for the next several weeks (at least) on 14.275 mHz, USB.
I hope I can trust you to operate a minimum of 3 kHz above or below my experimental beacon which will remain on 14.275 mHz for the forseeable [sic] future. Interference to the beacon would tend to skew research results and would also be a disservice to those interested in the project.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Brian CROW K3VR to Glenn K1MAN on Jon K1TP’s [no friend of mine] As The World Turns website ~6 Feb ‘06

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