Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mr. Crow derives a portion of his income from providing counseling to troubled families. [ß And Jesus wept!]

Brian ‘Compassionate Psycho Counselor’ CROW K3VR in his FCC “PETITION TO DENY” 25 Jul ‘05

It's been really nice tuning into 14275, 3890, 3975 and just listening to others having a nice leisurely qso without suddenly hearing some buffoon rant and rave about corruption in the FCC or the ARRL or having a distorted tape recording stomping on someone elses communications.
I never realized just how nasty and mean-spirited those transmissions were until they were absent for a couple of months.
Baxter hasn't called someone a moron, or a Nazi, or a cheap and corrupt politician on the air in a long time. I sure hope the FCC makes this respite permanent.
73, K3VR
Brian ‘It’s been nice’ K3VR in “FCC Sets aside…K1MAN License…” on 10 Sep ‘05

His "legal position" Ha Ha Ha - now that's a good one! [ß Actually, Brian, it was/is!]
A very interesting page about Baxter's located here: [ß Disclosure SVP, Psycho!] [ß Note & compare end of URL to ripway, below.]
73, K3VR

Glenn’s license is “good” ~forever Psycho, in “FCC Sets aside…K1MAN License…” on 10 Sep ‘05

Baxter's "bulletin" has been notably absent from 75 and 20 meters since early summer. This is reminiscent of 1999 when the FCC was taking an active interest in Baxter's activities. Baxter disappeared for a period of two years, and later resumed his activities after the FCC turned its attention elsewhere. Baxter has claimed he was teaching high school, and he actually sued the FCC, allegedly for suggesting they had something to do with taking him off the air. Baxter lost the suit.
An interesting website documenting Baxter's career in amateur radio can be found here: [ß Disclosure SVP, Psycho!] [ß Note & compare end of URL to picturewizard, above.]

73 and GL de K3VR

Brian CROW K3VR citing his own early ‘circle jerk’ in “Goodbye K1MAN” on 11 Oct ‘05

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