Saturday, August 7, 2010


Very interesting. I just noticed N9VTB's QRZ bio that had Karol's URL all over it [ß Huhh? One ref. does NOT “all over it” make, Psycho!] earlier has now been cleaned up and locked. [ß Why?]

Let's hope the FCC locks down N9VTB next. [ß Why?] Not much attention has been paid to the lisping lunatic's silly sycophant [sic] but I hope Riley will take out the trash, sooner rather than later. [ß Where is your Riley now, Brian?]

Brian ‘One Hand Clapping’ CROW K3VR in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 12 Jan ‘07

I have a lot of energy when it comes to helping rid our ham bands of frauds, jammers, liars, and scam artists. [ß Jesus Wept!] N9VTB has now been banned from QRZ [ß Why?], like his mentor Karol. Good! That's what happens when you allow someone like VE7KFM to use your posting privileges George. [ß This statement is FALSE. I’ll give anyone $1,000. who can prove it true. GL] Let's see what happens to George's FCC license next... [ß sic]

Brian ‘I Suck Fred’s & Riley’s Cock’ CROW K3VR in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 12 Jan ‘07

· This thread is not about YOU or ME or your half-baked opinions…. I don't care what Tom may or may not have said to whomever. My point was, a complaint does not evidence make. [ß Does that apply to you/yours also?]

Brian ‘Obsessed Psycho’ CROW K3VR’s slap-down of Whitney in his “N1FM” on 17 Jan ‘07

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