Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sometimes law enforcement officials feel compelled to act before a breach of the peace occurs.

Brian ‘Sieg Heil CROW’ K3VR’s incitement/GESTAPO tactics in “VE7KFM is on” on 21 Jan ‘07

· The FCC long ago asked Jim Laursen at Industry Canada to do something about KFM….
I spoke to the petty bureaucrat myself and I believe there's a distinct lack of grey matter between his ears….
Whatever the reason, Industry Canada (Victoria) is useless and FCC concerns have been disregarded.

Brian ‘Snitch CROW’ K3VR reporting that ‘sucking cock’ does NOT work at my IC in “VE7KFM is on” on 23 Jan ‘07

· By the way, is your last name an indication of Polish descent? Madera claims he speaks for all Poles. He also claims he's defending Canada's honor against stupid Americans, and he says he's been commissioned by Canada's government to show the world that Canada has freedom of speech. [ß True, Brian—and much more!]

Brian ‘The FRAUDulent CROW’ K3VR trying to incite/mislead Kyle VE6WTF in “VE7KFM is on” on 24 Jan ‘07

· Talk over him… that's the order of the day!

Brian ‘FCC Snitch CROW’ K3VR passing “Riley’s Order” to his mental defectives in “VE7KFM is on” on 27 Jan ‘07

· KKKarol was talking with Brandon Duke, KC0UWS on 20 meters. I looked up Duke's call and found he's a Tech and not even licensed for 20 meter operation….
Next, I, along with others, deliberately talked over Brandon Duke's conversation with Madera because the entire communication between KKKarol and Brandon was patently illegal. The usual jammers were also present.
Yet, typically, both Brandon and KKKarol complained that they were leaving 20 meters "due to malicious interference by K3VR and others." [ß What did you expect me to do, ask you for a ‘Blow Job’, Psycho?]

Brian ‘Radio COP’ K3VR GESTAPO jamming/QRM’ing, with “usual” others, in “VE7KFM is on” on 30 Jan ‘07

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