Monday, August 23, 2010


The beacon transmitter is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and transmits on 14,275 mHz USB. Please report episodes of deliberate interference to the low power beacon to the FCC, Industry Canada, or other appropriate licensing bureau.

Brian ‘Perverse Hypocrite’ CROW K3VR trolling for queers in his “Hap Holly on K1MAN” on eHAM 6 Feb ‘06

Any operation that's legal is ok in my book. [ß That’s mighty “white” of you, Tonto.] What I get peeved about is blatantly illegal operation. [ß Defined by Psycho Brian, of course!] There has been a strategy in place to deal with K1MAN since December 2002. As far as I can tell, it's working just fine. Use your radio legally, and if K1MAN interferes, file a complaint with the Commission…. [ß Can we do that too if you/your goons interfere, Psycho?]
And speaking of illegal operation, there are lots of genuine documents, commentary, and tons of interesting facts and sound clips on the page below... [ß Disclosure SVP, again, Psycho!]
Check it out!!

Psycho Brian CROW K3VR in “K1MAN: Time for a Strategy” on 16 Feb ‘06

I think the Southgate ARC Webmaster commented on the accuracy of that article about Karol. [ß I agree, for a very rare change, Brian!]

Brian in his ‘Maine Senator Considers Scratching Her Cunt’ on 16 Feb ‘06

If you're interested in "thinking" don't ask for a boring and biased article written by an amateur! [ß Why not ask for “THE LIFE of RILEY”? This is amateur radio after all! And, can we apply similar sentiments to you/yours, or in keeping w/ HAMereekan exceptionalism, does it only pertain to your targets/victims?] Why would you want to read a piece of trash authored by someone who identifies as Al Qaeda Control [ß Only if you say so, Brian. And, for the sake of argument, isn’t ID’ing better than not ID’ing at all, as you/yours are wont to do?], or someone who has physically threatened the US Ambassador to Canada? I know I sure wouldn't bother. [ß Until you learn the true definition of “physically”, never mind the legal definition of “threatened”, in the context and/or otherwise, you SHOULD NOT allow your quick fingers to do the “thinking” for you, Psycho.]

Brian K3VR replying to a now deleted post [!] about Bias, in his “Petition to Deny Renewal to K1MAN” on 18 Jan ‘06

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