Thursday, August 19, 2010

Did anyone notice the bogus court case Baxter published on his website? [ß You mean the same one YOU sent to Lee W6EM/4 as “the Truth”, some 44 days earlier, immediately above, Dimmi?] He's been sending it via email also. [ß It looks like Glenn sent it to YOU!] Something about the Red Light Rule being overturned and the FCC attorneys all being sick on the day they taught law, etc.

Brian ‘Eating CROW’ K3VR in “Glenn Baxter, K1MAN Fined $21,000” on 7 Jun ‘06

Minister Maxime Bernier is particularly helpful. [ß Brian, Julie COUILLARD has been much more helpful, HI….]

Brian K3VR ‘dropping names’ [but, like with Kevin STROM, below, now barely knows him] in “Intruders…” on 6 Jul ‘06

Karol F. Madera of [stalking address deleted], threatened the US Ambassador to Canada, wishes Americans roadside bombs, asked for a sniper rifle to be shipped to his residence. He's still at large and still making threats. Why? [ß Because in MY Canada ‘sucking RCMP cock’ is not enough, Brian.]

“nemodorry” a.k.a. ‘Psycho Brian’ K3VR in “Karol Madera Canadian Terrorist?” on YouTUBE 10 Aug ‘06

· Jerry [VE3IKJ],
I have spoken to all Americans who use 14.275 on 20 meters. [sic] [ß Brian obviously is a patent LIAR!]
VE7KFM, N9VTB, and VE2ZAQ are NOT welcome because they promote hatred. [ß Must be, since Brian says so!]
All other Polish people are welcome as friends at all times! [ß Yeah, right! Listen to Mad Mikee’s “Pollack” slurs!]
Any Canadian citizen interested in stopping Karol Madera's hate propaganda should file a complaint with RCMP. [ß Any wonder that they’re shooting Americans around the World?]

Secret, ‘behind the scenes’ e-mail from Brian K3VR to Jerry VE3IKJ—and supposedly 20 other Poles—10 Oct ‘06

· Bogdan,
The ve7 site doesn't belong to me. [ß LIAR!] I asked a lot [sic] of Polish folks if Karol represented Polish hams and you said no. A lot [sic] of people said no. About a hundred, maybe a few more than a hundred. [ß LIAR!]
I forwarded your email to my distribution list of 319 people [ß LIAR!] and what happened next - who knows? [ß LIAR! Liar! Your latex pants are on fire, Brian!]
It's on the ve7 website…. Send email to and ask them to take it off. Unlike Karol, I think they're fair people and they will do what you ask…. [ß LIAR!] I can understand why you don't want to be involved. I don't want to be involved either! [ß LIAR! For ample proof of which, simply read the rest of this page.]

Brian ‘The Fraudulent CROW’ K3VR disingenuously replying to Bogdan’s pitiful Polish plaint 19 Oct ‘06

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