Sunday, August 1, 2010

I like Brit's hair. She reminds me of a boy I used to date. I tried to quit drinking and doing drugs several times but it's hard. Good luck to you Ms. Spears. [Susannah, again, take note!]

Brian ‘The Closet Faggot CROW’ K3VR posting as “Karol Madera” on “Britney goes to rehab in the ‘bu” 21 Feb ‘07

It's going to be tough to get a conviction regarding KKKarol… if no one can get clean tape. Someone needs to sit in front of his shack in Saanich, BC with the RF gain turned down so a clean recording can be obtained - but the real problem is, the Industry Canada office 2 miles away from KKKarol's QTH really doesn't give a rat's behind about KKKarol. [“clean tape” = FRAUDulent recording w/o ‘the other hand (QRM+) clapping’. Bravo, Psycho!]

Brian ‘The Radio COP’ K3VR showing his fundamentally FRAUDulent nature/MO in “VE7KFM is on” on 9 Mar ‘07

· >>complete intolerance for anyone 'different', That's actually a trait of the left. Hitler was a Socialist and hated Jews. For more left wing hate speech, visit: KKKarol [Brian doesn’t know his history.]

Brian posting as “KKKarol” in “Schwarzenegger Calls Rush Limbaugh Irrelevant” on 20 Mar ‘07

If I had Muslim radicals hunting me, I'd probably say I was in Victoria too. [ß But, he says I’m ~Al Qaeda, below!]

Brian ‘Fucktard CROW’ K3VR irreconcilably contradicting/compromising his thesis in “VE7KFM is on” on 20 Mar ‘07

· KKKarol… often declared his allegiance to al Qaeda…. [ß Compare this to immediately above and note the dates!]

Brian ‘Fucktard CROW’ K3VR irreconcilably contradicting/compromising his thesis in “VE7KFM is on” on 21 Mar ‘07

Lately, there have been several complaints made to members of Parliament, IC, and RCMP about KKKarol. There is also a petition originating in Canada going to IC, RCMP, and Parliament. It's being written right now. The Saanich PD warned him and he calmed down quite a bit. [ß Sure they/I did, Brian! But, did they thank you?]

Brian CROW K3VR still ‘making the wish the father of his psychotic thought’ in “VE7KFM is on” on 25 Mar ‘07

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