Sunday, August 29, 2010

We all need to play by the same rules…. if you believe that repeated wilful interference…. are detrimental to the hobby, by all means, drop me a line and include your name, callsign, and signature. [ß Does this apply to you/your thugs too, Brian, or just to your latest targets?]

Brian CROW K3VR posted 23 times [!] in his “Petition to Deny Renewal to K1MAN” on 15 Jun ‘05

K1MAN, by his own actions, has made himself a very public figure. [ß Only if you say so, Brian.] As a public figure, he's been widely discussed [ß Read: Libelled—mainly by Brian.] by his fellow hams here [ß Where he had no access.], on QRZ [ß Where he had no access/was banned.], and elsewhere on the internet, on amateur radio [ß Where he was jammed by Brian & his “14.275 Mafia”.], in court rooms, discussed by his employers [ß Often due to FRAUDulent complaints by Brian.], his neighbors [ß Ditto.], discussed by the FCC [ß Ditto.], at CBS [ß Ditto.], and by the Department of Justice [ß Ditto.].

Brian ‘Snitch’ CROW’ K3VR in his “Petition to Deny Renewal to K1MAN” on 16 Jun ‘05

Come to think of it though, doesn't deliberate interference, broadcasting, pecuniary interest, lack of control, and failure to file required information, hurt the service and therefore all hams in general? [ß “Projecting” again, Brian?]

Imagine if Hams were allowed to retain their licenses after committing all those offenses time and time again. [ß You must be ‘imagining’ your KZ8O/nd8v again.] Imagine if hams who had received 4 NAL's and not changed their operating habits were allowed to retain their licenses. Wouldn't Amateur Enforcement become a joke? [ß Become???]

If Amateur Enforcement begins to be perceived as a joke, and the FCC is considered powerless to enforce the rules, how long would it be before Amateur Radio started to sound like CB radio in the 70's and 80's [ß You/yours have already made it so, Psycho.]

Brian CROW’ K3VR looking in the mirror, in his “Petition to Deny Renewal to K1MAN” on 16 Jun ‘05

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