Thursday, August 5, 2010

UWL, I've refrained from commenting on most of your posts because, #1 they have no merit, and #2, I wanted to spare your feelings.

Let me spell something out for you in plain English since you've ignored several broad hints from others, and because this is the second time you've directed your amateur-pop-psychology in my direction.

A. You haven't heard the subject of this thread, [ß This has never stopped 9/10 of your sycophants, Brian.]
B. You're not licensed to talk on 20 meters. [ß So? This was ‘QeerZ’ not 20m or even amateur radio.]
C. You've been told you don't have a dog in this fight. [ß But the World now knows that you do!]
D. Your complete lack of experience and knowledge regarding the topic-at-hand are painfully obvious.
E. The State Department thanked me for my participation and interest. [ß This amply proves its competence!]
F. RAC thanked me. [ß FYI RAC represents a tiny fraction of Canadian amateurs—much smaller than your ARRL.]
G. FCC thanked me. [ß You actually mean Riley, at the Gettysburg bath-house, don’t you?]
H. RCMP thanked me. [ß Brian, most clear-thinking Canadians would send condolences, if you weren’t a Psycho!]
I. Radio Canada International thanked me. [ß I know that “Radio Canada” did NOT thank you, HI.]
J. Most of the information available about this idiot was amassed, arranged, and presented by me and my team.
K. I'll thank you, if you'll only promise to shut up and go away. [ß Take your own advice, Brian.]

Your attempts to "weigh-in" while saying absolutely nothing of significance are very tiresome. Someone told you to go check out a thread about building a better rubber-duckie and I REALLY hope you take his advice.

Thank You!

Can I get an Amen?

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